"Oh, my God, you guys! Look at this, I can't believe we got scholarships!"

"Wow! Just think about how much it would cost if we actually had to pay to go..."

"Hey, sis, a new place to wreak havoc! Ha-ha-ha!

"I know, it's gonna be so great and exciting!"

"Wowee! Do you think we'll make lotsa friends there?"

"I'm sure we will, don't worry."

"Ohhh, I wonder if this place has any... dark corridors... huahahaha..."

This was each girl's reaction to the fact that they would now be attending the prestigious Ouran High School in Japan. They didn't exactly really care where it was located - all they cared about was that it was somewhere foreign. They also didn't care that one of them had gotten in. They would only go if all seven of them had gotten in. But all seven of them had gotten in, so they needn't worry about that any longer.

Before we go any further, let's introduce our heroines a bit, shall we?

With curly brown hair and green eyes, Chelsea Mayes was the leader of the Hostess Club, which was based in Manhattan, New York. As the self-proclaimed "royalty" of their private academy school, she took it upon herself to designate each of her hostesses' roles. She had named herself the "Princess Peach" of the group. She was sixteen, and attended Aura High School as a sophomore - but would soon be attending Ouran High School with the same rank. She was the type to get excited about things, and this was no exception. She couldn't wait to live a life of "completely glamor", as she called it - being surrounded by the "princes" and "princesses" of Ouran.

Lilee Redding was the club's blonde, blue-eyed treasurer. One wouldn't guess it from looking at her, but her favorite subjects were math and science. The only thing that appeared slightly bookwormish about her was her thin-framed glasses, which she was pushing up every ten minutes, it seemed. Chelsea had given her the title "Four-Eyed Beauty" in the club, but she was more concerned with keeping track of the finances than actually servicing the customers. This was mostly thanks to her inferior social skills, but nobody could say, "I just cannot sell this thing!" after they'd met Lilee. She could sell anything to anyone, a talent she took exceptional pride in. They were careful not to wake her if she was napping, though. She was scariest when she didn't have her glasses on - but that was because she was scariest when someone cruelly interrupted her sleep.

Sasha and Tasha Leonard were the club's resident twins; while their black hair was beautifully unassuming, the fact that they wore red contact lenses to hide their naturally gray eyes showed their true mischievous nature. They cared deeply about each other, and they used that mostly in their act. Chelsea had bestowed upon them the name of "Twincestuous Devils" as far as the club went. As it was virtually impossible to tell them apart when they held their special masks in front of their faces, one of their clients' favorite games to play was "Which One is Sasha?" Nobody could tell them apart, except for the other members of the club. That was, in fact, why they'd joined - Chelsea had been recruiting, and had guessed who was who correctly, identifying that although they looked the exact same with their faces covered (Sasha had freckles, Tasha didn't), their personalities spoke volumes about how different they were.

Kalena Maxim, mostly referred to as Kal by everyone, was a bright young girl with red hair and blue eyes, but those who let her short stature fool them were often the subject of laughs among the club. At eighteen, she was almost ready to graduate - her underdeveloped height was the product of too much coffee before she was even ten. She had two constant companions. The first was her hamster, Hammie, who she usually carried around in her pocket. (If the school ever found out about him, she would probably have to leave him at home.) The other was her cousin, who had taken it upon herself to be Kal's guardian. Undeniably the cutest member of the group, her club nickname was "Little Rascal".

Standing at a slightly taller height than most girls (yet still dwarfed by a lot of guys), Victoria Jones, addressed usually as Tori, was five feet nine inches with shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes. If it hadn't been for their difference in height, one could have argued that Kal and Tori were sisters instead of cousins. Tori had always been protective of her cousin, ever since the girls could walk, but Kal's parents reinforced this harshly. They told her that when they both entered middle school, Tori would be solely responsible for Kal's wellbeing and health. If Kal got hurt or came home sick, Tori would be punished. So Tori had just resolved to not let anything happen to Kal. Tori's package title was "Confident Valentine", though she didn't exactly consider herself confident.

The last member, with dark violet hair and green almond-shaped eyes (giving her the slightest appearance of a cat), looked as if she didn't even belong in the club at all. Angel Mayes, the sister of the club's leader Chelsea, was barely ever in her correct club uniform. She opted to dress all in black with an onyx cape clasped around her shoulders and fastened at her throat. To put it simply, she wasn't a big fan of light, and would hiss and scream if anyone shined a light in her face or dragged her into a brightly lit place without her black clothes. A dark arts otaku, her favorite literary characters were Severus Snape and Erik Destler. She often had to be hunted down for meetings, as she was reluctant to leave her room where she claimed she practiced magic. (Everyone was pretty sure the "magic" was just her sitting in a transmutation circle with a bunch of candles around her, but they didn't voice this, as her curse doll Stormy freaked the hell out of them.)

They were all very different from each other, but that didn't matter. Even though there were arguments among the club, they stuck together. They were all best friends, and they would never abandon each other. To abandon a sister of the Hostess Club was to commit emotional suicide. Over the years they'd been the Hostesses (three for most of them, but only two for Kal and Tori), they had each gradually become a part of each other. Nothing in the world could make them sever the bond they shared.

The final night spent in Manhattan was a night full of bittersweet memories - they were sad to be leaving their home city, but Ouran High School was too tempting and wonderful to resist. They recalled funny pranks they'd pulled and cute boys they'd liked. What was most special and heartfelt for all of them to remember were the laughs and tears they'd all shared since they'd been together as a team.

"Hey, sis, do you remember the time..." Sasha began.

"... When we switched Ricky's underpants with lace panties?" Tasha giggled, nodding.

"Yeah, that!" Sasha laughed, freckles bouncing over her cheeks. "He looked so freaked out!"

"And all the guys were laughing at him!" Tasha agreed.

Both twins burst into peals of laughter. "Man, boys are so dumb!" they cried together, chuckling as they polished off the container of bourbon chicken on the bed.

This was the background as Chelsea looked at pictures of Ouran High and read a biography. "Guys, will you look at this place?" She sighed dreamily, shooting a flirty grin at the computer. "This is not a school - man, it's a castle! It's so beautiful! I bet I can find Prince Charming here! Oh, I can't wait!"

All of a sudden, the twins were arguing again. "Hey, that's mine!" Sasha screeched, grabbing at the last piece of chicken with her chopsticks.

"No it isn't! Why should you get the last of everything just because you're younger?"

"Well, why should you get the last of everything just because you're older?"



"You're a regular Boo Radley!" they screamed at each other. Then they started laughing.

Tasha waved her hand. "Awh, you can have it, Sasha. I'm full anyway."

Chelsea turned around in her seat. "Have you guys seen the pictures of the school?"

"I have," Lilee commented, clicking and typing away on her laptop, probably having hopped onto Chelsea's wireless. "I wonder how much it took to build it? Or how much tuition students spend? It looked expensive..."

Tori was finishing the rest of the fried rice, while Kal was buried somewhere in a pile of fortune cookies. The smaller redhead popped up, a fortune in her outstretched hand. As evidenced by her puffed cheeks, the cookie that had held it was long gone. "Lookit, Victoria! My fortune says, 'You will meet someone who loves the same things you do'!" She grinned, revealing that she hadn't yet swallowed. "D'you think that means I'll meet someone who loves cake and Hammie?"

Tori shrugged, gulping down her last bite of rice. "Anything's possible, Kalena."

"You open one, Victoria!" Kal held out a fortune cookie to her cousin. "You never know what it might saaaaay!"

Tori cracked it open and held the fortune up to her eye level. "'You will be swept off your feet by a tall, handsome stranger'," she read in her normal monotone voice. "Well, I suppose anything's possible..." A small, rare smile shone through. "Maybe I'll meet someone in Japan."

Chelsea grinned as she looked back at her posse. They had always been together, and they always would be.

"This is gonna be our greatest adventure yet!"

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