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Tamaki's most diabolical ideas came to him when he was utterly and undeniably bored. One would think that he'd learned enough never to carry out these ideas, after what happened when he stole Kyoya's glasses and then couldn't see for an hour, but evidently not. That little voice in the back of his head that usually yelled, "Don't do it!" was probably tired from all the recent excitement of the Hostess Club.

Speaking of which, that was what his newest dastardly brain child involved - well, their president anyway. He had been trying to find a way to lift the cloud of darkness from Chelsea's mood, but he'd run out of knock-knock jokes and she was still rawly, sorely despondent over her sister's defection. He hadn't been quite sure what to do after that; during study hall, she would just sit there, staring at the wall, clicking her pen absently like something else was on her mind. And he was sure he knew what it was - Angel. She just couldn't believe that her own sister would leave a club they'd been in together for years.

Usually he had something to work on in study hall, to distract himself from being heartbroken over Chelsea's sadness. Something to pay attention to - research, the next chapter of a book to read, a worksheet he'd forgotten to do for a later period the previous evening. But today... nothing. He was caught up on all of his work, he had completed the in-class assignment first period, and now he was staring at Chelsea. There she was, chestnut hair falling in front of her face to shield her eyes, thumb pressing down on the end of her ballpoint every other second, her curtained eyes focused on the pattern of the wall.

Tamaki looked away, pained by his newest friend's agony. He tried to think of something else, but his mind kept drifting back to Chelsea. Poor, poor damsel-in-distress Princess Chelsea, with no one who could make her feel better except her traitorous sister...

He took to doodling in his notebook, even though he was horrible at it. He tried to draw Chelsea, but his artistic style (or lack thereof) didn't do her justice, so he tucked it in the back of his notebook to redo later.

He began to think, trying to come up with an idea of how to make Chelsea feel better. The only thing he'd thought of so far was to talk with Nekozawa and try to convince Angel to return. But he really didn't want to venture into the realm of the dark arts unless he had to...

About a minute before the bell rang, a little idea popped itself into Tamaki's head. Of course! What better way to make someone laugh than to pull a commoners' prank on someone else? But the prank his mind had come up with required Chelsea's help. So why not? Involvement in the prank usually just made it all the more fun!

When the bell rang, Tamaki got up and stood by the door, waiting for Chelsea to gather her things. They went to classes in the same hallway next period, and over the course of the two days the Hostesses had been here, he had been walking with her. Helping her adjust, making sure she wouldn't just burst out crying the moment he left her alone in a class full of people she didn't know.

When she reached him, Tamaki tapped her shoulder, practically dragging along with him to their next classes. "Princess Chelsea! I have an idea that may make you smile."

"Why?" She looked down, clutching her books to her chest. "If a princess's own sister abandons her, she should not smile because she is worthless."

"No, Princess Chelsea, no! You are not worthless, and don't ever think that about yourself. Now, have you ever heard of commoners' pranks?" He beamed at her, not sure of her answer himself.

"Oh... yes, a little bit. Sasha and Tasha used to play them all the time on boys back home."

"What kinds did they play?"

"Oh... sugar in the salt shaker, maple syrup in water balloons... things like that. Oh, and once, during gym class, they also snuck into the locker of a boy they liked and replaced his underwear with a pair of girls' panties."

"Oh my. I'm guessing he didn't like them anymore."

"Well... they only liked him because they could make fun of him. But no, he despised them after that."

"Ah, I see. Well, Princess, what would you say to you and I having a little fun with a commoners' prank? Hmm? Would that make you smile?"

"I..." A faint blush appeared on her cheeks. "W-Well, it might but... what kind of prank are you talking about here, Prince?"

"Oh, it's a glorious prank. The commoners have this day called October Fools, and..."

"Uh, Prince? I do believe that's April Fools..." She rubbed her neck. "And it's the first day of April. We're in the middle of October."

"Well, it ought to still work! So, I was thinking we could mess with the twins' heads a little for this..."

The next day in homeroom, Tamaki and Chelsea were ready to pull their prank. Both sets of twins, Hitachiin and Leonard, sat innocently in their seats, chatting quite animatedly and laughing together. Tamaki and Chelsea could practically feel the moment they were each ready to pull the prank, and it was almost simultaneous.

"Hikaru! Kaoru!" Tamaki called.

"Sasha! Tasha!" Chelsea echoed.

"You two are... fired!"

Both sets of twins looked shocked beyond all belief. "Fired?"

"Hikaru, I don't get it," Kaoru sighed, sitting down at an empty table with his lunch tray. "Why would the boss just kick us out like that?"

"We didn't do anything," Hikaru commented, sitting next to his brother. "I mean, you know... this time."

They both simultaneously took a bite of their rolls, then looked over at each other. "You didn't do anything, right?" they asked at the same time. "No way! How could you even accuse me of something like that?" They clasped hands and pressed their foreheads together. "Oh I know, I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me?"

"Hey Hikaru-kun, Kaoru-kun."

The brothers looked up, drew away from each other, and gestured across the table. "Ah, Sasha-chan, Tasha-chan, please have a seat."

Both girls looked completely depressed. They sat down across from the other set of twins and sighed.

"I'm not even hungry," Tasha remarked lowly.

"Yeah, me either," Sasha echoed in the same dark tone.

"What's the point?" they chimed together, the dreary rasp never leaving.

Hikaru and Kaoru glanced at each other, then focused back on the girls. "What's the matter?"

The two didn't even look up. "Chelsea kicked us out of the Hostess Club."

"You guys got kicked out too?" Hikaru questioned incredulously.

"You mean you got fired?" Sasha gasped.

"Something's fishy here," Kaoru declared. "We're both the same type of package, right? - the fake incest thing. And the boss and Chelsea fire us both on the same day. Doesn't that seem strange?"

"You're right, that's way suspicious," Hikaru agreed, nodding.

"Coupled with how popular we are," Sasha added. "They can't afford to fire us."

"It's all too much to be a coincidence," Tasha decided, fidgeting with a strand of her hair.

"What the hell could they be doing?" Hikaru growled. "Playing mind games?"

They were all quiet a moment, then Sasha and Tasha looked at each other with wide eyes. "Dude, we've been Punk'd!"

Hikaru and Kaoru both raised an eyebrow. "Punk'd?"

Tasha waved her hand. "It's a reality show in America." She slammed both hands down on the table. "The point is, they faked us out!"

"You mean they tricked us?" Kaoru clarified.

"We've been had!" Sasha cried.

"We've been duped!" Hikaru shouted in agreement.

"Double-crossed!" Kaoru put in.

"We've been spazzaderfed!" Tasha practically screamed.

"I'll agree with that even though it's not a word," Hikaru resolved. "What are we going to do about this? We can't just let them get away with making fools of us."

"No double duh," Sasha concurred. "I think this calls for a little revenge. Some eye-for-an-eye, if you will."

"They must feel pain," Tasha giggled darkly.

"Of course." Hikaru beckoned to Kaoru and they formed a huddle, whispering to each other. At last they parted, both wearing equally devious smirks. "I think we have the perfect thing," Hikaru announced.

Both the Host and Hostess Clubs had decided to meet after school. The Host Club was getting ready to open the next day, in Music Room 3, because today had been an off day; meanwhile, Chelsea wanted the Hostess Club (minus Angel) to meet in English Room 2-A, to make sure they all headed home at the same time. If anybody had to guess, they'd say she just didn't want to lose any more of them.

Tamaki had gathered everyone, but was scanning the room frantically. Two were missing. "Has anybody seen Hikaru and Kaoru?" he called.

Nobody answered, and everyone looked at each other. They all shared the same look of confusion.

It was at this time that the door opened, and in strolled the twins - the Leonard twins. Sasha and Tasha were clad in the Hitachiin twins' Ouran uniforms, black hair pinned up and their masks over their faces. They posed and both gave the peace sign. "Which one of us is Sasha?"

Tamaki twitched, and nearly fell over a table, just staring at them. "Wh... What is this?"

"Well, you fired Hikaru-kun and Kaoru-kun... so we figured you need a new set of twins!"

Over in the English room, Chelsea was freaking out. "Nobody's seen Sasha and Tasha?" She was practically hyperventilating. "Where could they be?"

At this point the door swung open, and in sauntered... the Hitachiin twins. While they weren't dressed in the girls' Ouran uniforms, they had changed into Sasha and Tasha's T-shirts and shorts, and also had their green hats on. "Which one is Hikaru?"

Chelsea stumbled backwards, eyes wide. "What are you two...?"

"We heard there was an opening for twins. Poor Sasha-chan and Tasha-chan, getting cut loose like that!"

Screams echoed down the entire hallway system of Ouran - and for once they didn't come from the Black Magic Club's meeting room.



"Come get your twins!"