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Slumped in a chair, Merleawe sighed tiredly. The events following her accepting the Master Wizard position were somewhat a blur to her.

However, she was overjoyed that she could be with all her friends again back in the castle, even if it still felt surreal.

After all the arrangements were made,

Fern was finally returning from his hometown.

Mel couldn't wait to see him; there was no one else she would even consider to be her body double. With him back, it would be like old times, with her and the entire gang together again.

Master Wizard, the word held so much responsibility that Mel hoped that she would be able to live up to it.

Especially now that she was the real deal, not just some imposter or substitute.

Bright and early, Mel woke. She had slept fitfully, but somehow felt quite rested. Smiling, she threw open her window, much like she had six years ago when she had just came to Viegald.

The person who peered outside was very different though. Elegant and lady-like, this Mel, while still retaining her personality, had matured greatly.

Brushing her hair back behind her ears, she dressed, taking care to look professional. For once, her dad's love of buying clothes payed off, as she had plenty of clothes to choose from!

Vaith, waiting outside her door, escorted Mel to breakfast, but not before patting her on the head and exclaiming how grown up she looked. Mel blushed, but ignored him. Vaith was just being Vaith.

She had had a little crush on him while she was younger, but it faded away with time.

The past few years had been way too busy for romance, and Mel (sadly) didn't think these next few years would allow for any either.

While walking down to the breakfast hall Vaith said, "Mel, did you know Fern was coming home today!"

"Of course Vaith. I've been looking forward to it" she replied.

Thinking to herself, Mel wondered if Fern had finally grown taller than her. She quite liked it when she towered over him, and wasn't sure if she would be used to an eighteen year old Fern.

He was like a little brother to her.

This new Fern would certainly take a long time to get used to.

As he dismounted gracefully from his horse, Mel gulped.

The small, snarky Fern had grown into a tall, lithe, and, Mel was taken aback, handsome teenager (although, on a side note, he was still probably snarky).

"Long time no see Mel" he drawled out, walking steadily towards her.

She smiled and hugged him, noting how different his body felt, and then chiding her mind for its weird thoughts.

"Calm down Mel, this is only Fern, your good friend. Not to mention, soon to be body double!" Mentally slapping herself she led him over to the rest of the group.

Vaith, Glenn, and Yue had also come to welcome Fern.

They each greeted him in their own fashion, with Vaith thumping Fern on the back and commenting on how much he had grown, Glenn enveloping him in a gentle hug, and Yue just standing there, looking a bit less stern than usual.

Mel looked at them fondly, dazing off a bit; perhaps she wasn't as well rested as she thought she was, when she heard her name being called.

"Mel! Mel!" Vaith said, looking at her worriedly, "did you hear me?"


"Heheh… Mel, were you being weird again?" Fern interjected. Glaring at him, Mel looked at Vaith and asked him to repeat himself please.

"Isn't it nice how our mini Hahze friend has grown!" Vaith exclaimed. "Before, he was a little shrimp! Are you going to be nervous sharing the suite with him?" He chuckled lecherously and elbowed Fern in the side. "Don't make any moves on our Mel, Fern!"

The two blushed furiously and shot looks of hatred at Vaith.

"Now now Vaith," Glenn said. "Fern has only just got back from his long trip.

Why don't we let him and Mel spend some time together and build up their master-shadow bond?"

Tugging Vaith and Yue, who was taking in the scene with a calculated gaze, away to do something productive, Glenn waved the two younger people away with a wink.

Together, they walked, each as if they knew exactly where the other was going.

Alone with him at last, Mel felt kind of self conscious and awkward. What was she supposed to say to him!

Stopping at her favorite garden on the palace grounds, Mel glanced at Fern out of the corner of her eye.

She noticed he was also looking at her out of his.

They both started cracking up, loosening the tension.

"So Mel, told you I would get taller!"

"Fern! That's the first, er, well third thing you say to me after we haven't seen each other for so long!" Mel said indignantly. Smirking down at her, Fern replied,

"Wow, you've been keeping track? Well, what did you want me to say?"

Blushing, Mel looked away, embarrassed, when she heard him say:

"But seriously Mel, I've missed you."

She smiled inwardly, strangely overjoyed to hear these words, when suddenly, he began to get on one knee.