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After using her puppy dog eyes attack. Merleawe succeeded in getting Fern to wear a costume, although she wasn't allowed to pick for him.
To make matters worse, he refused to tell her what he was going to be. She would just have to wait and see...

The night of the ball, Merleawe locked the protesting Fern out of her room. She wanted to surprise him with her dress. It had taken awhile for the dressmakers to finish it, even with the help of magic, but the dress was magnificent. She only hoped that she could pull it off! After arranging her hair and applying light makeup, Merleawe was finally satisfied with her appearance.

Now to meet up with Fern, who was rather angry at her for locking him out. Fern?

She felt his answering reply in her mind, and unlocked the door separating their conjoined rooms.


She really hoped he hadn't heard that. But honestly, he was looking rather gorgeous. The first thing she really saw were the colors black, red, and of course, the amazing emerald of his eyes. Eyes that were currently wandering over her body appreciatively also (yay!).

Tilting her head to the side, Merleawe tried to guess at what Fern was supposed to be masquerading as. Black shirt (that hugged his lean physique perfectly), black pants (that hung off his hips deliciously) and black shoes (duh).

He also had long black feathers streaking through his hair, giving him a mysterious look.

Well, that didn't give her much to work with.

It wasn't until he pulled out his mask that Merleawe finally understood.

"Princess Seraphia told me what you were going as," he said, slightly embarrassed.

Merleawe smiled to herself. Fern could be mean sometimes, but inside, he was a romantic. They hadn't told their friends that they were "together," but this would probably clue them in.

Fern still couldn't really believe his eyes. His master wizard looked beautiful (the second one obviously, although Sylth wasn't an ugly child, that's for sure).

Dressed in iridescent white, Merleawe shone, especially against his all black ensemble. Her heels clicked against the floor as they made their way to the ball room. Her crimson lips stood out starkly against her alabaster skin and dress and her hair was adorned with pearls.

Her dress hugged her slim body in a way that made Fern salivate, although he tried to keep himself under control. Its high-low hem ended with the high part at her mid-thighs and the low part all the way to the floor. Shimmery white gossamer sleeves trailed all the way to the floor too, giving the impression of wings, and of course there were the feathers.

Magicked feathers shone on her dress, glowing an incandescent white-pink that bounced off her staff and back onto her face. Fern wanted to grab her and tug her back into their room, not letting other see her. But of course, he couldn't.

Merleawe took his held out arm, and together, they made their way to the ball room.

Looking around the room, Merleawe could see most of her friends. They were also bedecked with feathers, mostly because Seraphia forced them to dress up for her party.

Glenn was dressed the peaceful grays of a dove, Vaith in the color-changing blacks of a playful raven, and Yue, looking most annoyed, went as the great gray owl.
The funny thing was, the second Yue saw General Lenolora, who, along with Princess Fia Luka, was also invited to the birthday ball, he brightened up immediately and started to make a fool of himself. Very out of character if Merleawe did say so herself. Yue did care for Lenolora a lot, it seemed.

The princess herself was fashionably late, even to her own party. But when she did arrive, the first thing she did was compliment Merleawe's breathtaking gown.
"Aren't you glad I found that fabric for you Merleawe? You look gorgeous!"
Merleawe had to admit, she did feel beautiful in the dress. It accurately represented her life too.

Growing up, she had been an awkward, unsure ugly duckling. But now, she felt that she had earned the right to be a swan. Glancing over at Fern, she smiled and teasingly replied, "Thanks for telling him what I was going to be Seraphia."

The princess smirked, "Well, I did tell him you were going as a white swan, but I didn't tell him to masquerade as a black one!"
The two young women giggled as Fern's face blushed tomato red.
"Fern, your face matches your hair quite well right now!" Vaith said, smoothly inserting himself into the conversation. Fern glared and didn't reply.

Instead, he tugged Merleawe onto the dance floor. She looked at him questioningly, but he smiled back reassuringly.
Let me guess, you learned how to dance too in your Hahze classes?

He nodded and gracefully dodged her foot that was just about to stomp on his. Merleawe wasn't the best dancer in the world, but she tried her best.

Swaying with Fern together felt wonderful. She leaned her head against his chest as the music died down to a slow song.

I'm really glad you decided to be my body-double.

Fern snorted, "Well, it's not like I really had a choice right?"

Merleawe looked up, "Why not?"
Grinning down at her, Fern replied, "We promised to be friends remember? Even if the distance separated us."
Merleawe smiled back at him, "Of course I remember. I just wasn't sure if you did!"
"Psh! Of course I did! I'm a Hahze, we have excellent memories!"
"Suuurreeee. Then you'd better remember this!" And with that, she stood on her tippy-toes, and gently pressed a kiss to his very soft lips.

Breaking away, she heard a quiet applause begin, mainly from the direction Princess Seraphia was standing. Whoops. She had forgotten that they were in the ballroom, and that everyone was watching them. Oh well.
Leaning in for another kiss, the young couple became beet red as the ballroom filled with whooping noises and cheers.

Well, I guess everyone know we're together now. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Hey Fern, are you hungry? Let's eat!

Fern nodded the affirmative, and together, always together, they happily made their way to the food table.

The End

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