Just so that I can make a fairly decent introduction to all readers who probably WON'T EVEN READ THIS Ima go ahead and do it anyway. In this story, Barik is ten years old (and the love interest) and Rivan is twelve (and a comedy back ground cutie) . They are in a three man squad with an old friend named Hecana (you can tell I made up the name, can't you?) I have absolutely no idea how many chapters this is going to be, but I intend to make it a heartfelt and touchingly sad story about Barik and Hecana and slightly a little about the donut eating fisherman Rivan. I've had a majorly large crush on Barik since I started reading NORA so for all of you who love Barik too, have fun. Thank you for reading this and I truly appreciate you're comments.


"Seriously? I got teamed up with… them…?" She mumbled while Barik and Rivan were forced to listen. For a moment, Barik felt like telling the little diva off, but he bit his tongue and waited to get out of there.

"Yup!" Sempai screamed enthusiastically, "And I'm the squad captain!"

For another minute, Barik felt like whispering to Rivan, "Why does she hate us?" but when the cat girl turned, her cheeks were red. Oh. So she wasn't angry or in hatred, she just… didn't want to be paired up with the guys.

The "captain" Ryyuk, kept walking past them, to the door and out it, spiky purple hair flailing as he yelled, "Come on maggots! Let's get to training!"

"Sempai… why must we train so early? I wanted to take a vacation and go… fishing." Rivan yawned, stretching. Even though Rivan was two years older, Barik highly doubted that Rivan's maturity level passed zero. But then again, he'd at LEAST like to go home and research on who this guy was. He was supposedly new in the UOS. (Whatever the heck THAT stands for… I'm off, I know)

"NOPE! We're getting to it right now!"

And so, the three of them dragged their feet into the halls. Three hours in the meeting room, talking to the dark liege while Ryyuk chirped and sang about whipping them into shape, wasn't what the three younglings really wanted at three o'clock in the morning.

They were told to be there though, so clearly, it had served its purpose. Hecana ducked her head down, looking at her shoes timidly. This was odd, because when Barik had (rarely) noticed her in the training halls, she'd been lively. However, they'd separate the females and males before he got to see anything super special.

"You maggots are going to learn a lot from your sempai!" Ryyuk continued to sing as he marched. The man was rather muscular; a true killing machine.

"Sempai, if you don't mind," the sky-haired Rivan popped again, "Can I take a day off?"

"NO RIVAN. No you can't."

"You've really bummed me out man…."

Barik shivered, turning his attention to standing tall and just fighting his way through this.

When they finally arrived at their destination, Ryyuk turned, a huge, goofy smile tainting his face. "OKAY YOU NASY, GOOD FOR NOTHING, MAGGOTS THAT DIG AROUND IN THE MUD ALL FRIGGIN DAY LONG! Get ready for some major pain!"

"Aren't we… in the northern woods?"

Everyone's attention ran to Hecana who had somehow found her soul and was talking, "It looks like it…." She muttered.

Barik and Rivan sweatdropped but still managed to hear Ryyuk yell, "Uh hu! Let's get to training! Listen up maggots, you are all selected by your specialties! Even though at a young age, you are all advanced in Aqua Magia so get ready to be worked down to your limits!"

Even though they tried to hide it, Hecana caught Rivan and Barik staring at her. Yea, so she was a cat girl who used water magic. How bad is that? So what if no other cat person ever used it? Still, she got made fun of every year for it though.

"Doesn't that mean that you-"

"WATER MAGIA: wild water slice!" Ryyuk drew forth two daggers, slicing them at the children.



********************************************************************End of week one
If you're wondering why I'm saying week, it's to get the story to go faster.

"Hey," Barik murmured, stepping forward. Hecana raised her head. "Hello."


What in the world was he thinking when he agreed to come talk to her? I mean, he didn't even know how to talk girls. They were supposedly very moody. But Hecana seemed happy that Barik even had come over to her hiding spot to help her.

"Why is sempai making us sleep outside anyway?" she asked innocently, her ears drooping just a bit. Barik sighed inwardly now that she had decided to speak first.

"He says it's character building… or something like that…"

"I'm… having trouble with my tent… figures." She muttered, throwing the canvas down. Barik sighed, bending down to help. "Y-You don't have to help me with this…." She mumbled, looking back to see Rivan gone.

"Doesn't matter,"

Two tents stood up.

"I've already put his up for him."


"What do you mean why? If Rivan comes back and has to sleep in the rain all night, we'll be in even worse trouble anyway, so there isn't a need for complaining. Plus, we're a team as of now anyways so why not just stand up and man up- urg… girl up?"

She laughed and it sounded like bells tingling in the morning air, causing him to lose touch of reality a split second. Counting that that wasn't like him, he ignored his reeling gut and turned back to work.

"By the way, why hasn't Sempai come back yet?" Hecana's face went dark and she sweatdropped with Barik. He sighed, "Probably because he won't. He's got better things to do anyways, right?"

*******************meanwhile (SOOOO IMPORTANT PEOPLE!)

Ryyuk stood as he was called to, "My liege, we have the teams set up, all of the others just decoys. Hecana is in a group with our soon-to-grow-up-to-be generals. They'll protect her as the target under the impression that she is a comrade until need be to tell them the truth. However, with this… resistance… rising up, we can't take many chances."

"Good job sergeant." The DL coed, popping a chocolate into her mouth, "And where are they now?"

"Northern woods, hopefully Rivan hasn't run off, but if he has, Barik is still there as backup."

"Great! This is all going GREAT!"

************************End of chapter one.

Okay, so this might not seem very romantic, but keep in mind that right now, they are only ten years old and in a three man squad. If you have, thanks for sticking around and reading! It means a lot to me, seriously.