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So far: Riku is coming with them on the Resistance expedition? What is Hecana thinking? Ryyuk has challenged the younglings to a duel! What new talents have emerged from the once childish cadets? And with the tournament coming up, what stress will bestow them? Find out and read, people!

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Watching the roaring bodies of water dragons shoot at them, something in them (most likely the years of training) snapped.

"Barik? You going first?" Hecana asked, watching as the water drew near to them. Barik scowled and groaned, "Fine. I guess."

She watched, cheeks faintly red as he drew forth his weapon without even concentrating. He was so much more mature . . . so much older.

The spear he held was different as well; instead of just the blade, it had two snakes wrapping around it and bat wings added to the side. She had to admit, they were like him. Her weapon had changed as well, but she wasn't saying anything about it. Her sensei had advised her not to, but she didn't know why.

With a single swish of his hands, the spear sliced through the water dragons. It seemed almost effortless for him to do this, but Hecana knew why, of course. She could see the magical flow pumping through the weapon. It was a gift apparently that she had received. But it was funny because Riku had gained the same gift.

Dismissing this thought, she quickly backed away as he swung the blade to the side. Sighing, he flipped a blue bang out of his face and announced, "How old do you think we are?"

Their old teacher smiled tenderly, "A whole year's worth of missions and you think I'd forget?"

"Bring it on Senpai!" Hecana laughed, pulling out a dark violet glove. It was tight on her skin, the glove part coming just a little underneath her elbow. She cracked her knuckles again.

Barik watched with great curiosity before darting behind his senpai, attacking his senpai with so much speed, Ryyuk almost didn't have time to dodge the attack. Putting both hands forward, Ryyuk caught the blade part and pushed it away from him. But it was harder than that. The magic power was overwhelmingly stubborn. Just like the wielder. It took a moment, but Barik eventually muttered his signature move, "Aqua Magia: Wild Water Slice Attack!" water swirled around him, producing six water discs that shot towards his teacher.

"You're much better than you were," Ryyuk managed to say as the discs cut through his torso and arms. He evaporated as Barik drew back. A decoy? What a pain.

In a flash, the fin-eared boy was back next to the other squad members.

"Who's next?" He asked, irritated. For a moment. No one said anything. Hecana, who was still faintly dazed from the attack's cut and clean moves, didn't say anything. Rivan groaned, "I guess that means me?"

"Sure." Hecana said, shaking out of her trance. Barik was much better than he'd been last time. Did she really improve that much? Or was she just being modest? She doubted the modesty.

Rivan stood with an bored look. "Senpai, where are you?" he asked, his mind trailing off to fishing and talking to Arina and eating donuts and blah-blah-blah.

"Don't think it'll be that easy, maggot." Ryyuk's chipper sneer sounded out. For once, Rivan felt ready for a fight. Maybe he wanted to prove to the others that they shouldn't mess with him when he was in a bad mood. And so, he said, "Aqua Magia: Hydro Cannon Blast!" and a pillar of water shot out at his teacher.

While Ryyuk deflected that, Rivan suddenly transported.

"Rivan?" they all said after a minute of not sensing him anywhere. And just like that, he appeared, walking over to the small pond by their fight. "I'm going to fish some," He decided, "I'll get back to you later."

Ryyuk's forehead produced a vein as Rivan pulled out a fishing rod and sat down. Casting the line, he became relaxed. Their senpai walked over to him, kicking the rod away. It crashed into the water almost silently as Rivan stared. The older man laughed, "You going to fish NOW?" Rivan's eyes closed and his brow furrowed just the faintest. The area around them chilled and for once, Ryyuk shut his mouth and frowned.

"Um," he began, but Rivan was already pissed off so . . .

Ice fell from the sky, pelting the ground. Hecana screamed slightly and Barik grunted, putting a shield around the both of them. Ryyuk pulled forth his weapon, a large hammer like thing with water flowing through the handle and ice for the hammer object, hitting and destroying large parts of the ice.

"Senpai . . . I think you angered the fish."

And just like that, lightening struck down and hit Ryyuk. The man of course fell to the ground, dead. But as soon as Rivan called off the bad weather and calmed himself down a little, Ryyuk's body evaporated as another decoy.

"Hecana, it's your turn." The echo of a Ryyuk's voice floated through the air.

"Oh joy . . ." she moaned as Barik took down the shield.

Ryyuk popped up again in front of them, looking depressed, "I thought this would be a little more fun but really, you kids have grown up a lot . . . almost too much. I'm serious, you guys might actually kill me one day." He almost sang the words as he waved the hammer around in the air.

Hecana smiled, "Don't worry senpai, I'll go easy on you."

"I'd hope that you'd be a little more elaborate?" He asked, a smile tainting his lips. The girl took a stance.

"On your mark," Ryyuk started, "get set . . . GO!" and he was gone again.

Hecana muttered, "You guys are giving me a whiplash."

She sighed, watching Barik back away towards where Rivan sat by the pond. "Well, let's see where your magic is."

She looked around for the blue swirls, waiting to see them. She could see Barik's and Rivan's, circling around their bodies. She murmured, "Where are you?" in a flash, she could see just a small amount of blue magic swirling around a tree. "There, then?" she grunted, dashing towards it.

Barik gaped at her and Rivan stared in a silent way, "What is she thinking? She's running at him in a FRONTAL attack first?"

The girl reared back her fist, focusing all her magic into the knuckles in her fists. The strain on her muscles just about killed her as she did this, pressing the extremely large amount she bore into her fists. The hardest part, ironically, was to let it all out in a slick shot.

She watched as the tree made no move. "Take-THIS!" she growled, pulling her body back and slamming her fist into the massive piece of wood.

Barik, Rivan, and Ryyuk all were paralyzed with shock as her blow almost made the tree implode. Bits of bark and wood flew everywhere as the force behind her attack crushed it. The tree was soon only bits of bark that flew across the land. The wood chips around her seemed to only add to the impact. Ryyuk went flying in the air, blood spewing onto the grass. He landed with a crash, skidding to a stop.

"WHAT WAS THAT CRAP?" Ryyuk's body snarled before evaporating.

"That was . . ." Rivan began but he only ended up shrugging it off and going back to fishing.

Ryyuk appeared leaning against the tree, a disgruntled face on, "Don't say a single thing. Just SHUT UP. Let's get going already . . . Hecana, go get Riku."

Hecana smirked, "Aren't you going to question how strong I am?"

Ryyuk smiled, "I already know. But isn't focusing all your magic in your being into your single fist dangerous?"

Barik stared in awe as the neko said, "Very. But not if you're good at it."


Okay . . . most of you think I'm stealing this from Naruto . . . technically, I didn't realize it until I went back and read Naruto again . . .so Hecana apparently is like Sakura in two ways: strength and healing powers.


Ryyuk simply nodded in dismay and announced, "You guys certainly aren't toddlers anymore. But don't forget that there are some people out there who would and WILL kill you if they are told to. Some don't even need that."

They all three nodded.

"Any bonds," Ryyuk continued, looking solemn, "That you share they will crush. It doesn't matter what displays of affection you show, they'll kill in cold blood and won't lose a wink of sleep over it."

Barik's heart was hammering. A world without Hecana? What would that dark place be like? What would the average day be like? Who would be there that knew who he was?

"Understood Sensei." Barik murmured after his teammates.

Hecana smiled at him, her hand brushing his. It was almost as though she was saying Don't worry Barik-kun. Everything gets better through- out time.

Without really thinking, he intertwined their pinky fingers and watched, embarrassed, as she stared at them. When she looked up and smiled, her eyes closing cutely, he felt a wave of warmth.

However, Rivan was feeling the opposite. Any bonds . . . crushed . . . kill in cold blood . . .

Rivan's flashback~!~


"What is it Ren?"

The boy looked up at Rivan expectantly, holding a fishing pole. "I know you hate to fish, big brother, but can't you at least try it once? For me, please? You've never given it a chance!"

Rivan sighed, ruffled his brother's hair, and said, "Fine, let's go."

As they left the house, Rivan's father sat on the street corner, drunk. The man turned to Rivan and Ren and said, "Fools . . . fishing in weather like this? It's gonna rain."

Rivan gave his father a sour face as Ren looked up to Rivan, saddened by the correct news. "Brother, maybe we shouldn't. What if it gets too rainy?"

"Ren, we're going." Rivan hissed, eyes on his father.

The drunk man stood, wobbling on his feet. With a grunt, he threw the bottle of whisky he held at the boys. Ren squealed even though he bottle was way off mark. Rivan didn't even blink.

"Fine! Leave me just like your mother did! But you watch your back, smart mouth, or I'll kill both of you!"

Rivan shook his head as they watched their father go back inside. "He's got all this money and wealth yet he spends most of it on booze!" Ren watched in caution as Rivan's mood darkened.

"Bubby, do you still want to go?" the sky blue haired younger brother asked, his smile weak.

Rivan snapped to attention. "Of course, don't you?"

"I don't know . . . dad seemed kinda mad that we didn't listen to him."

"Forget him. We'll have fun and you can give me tips!" Rivan smiled softly, a rare thing.

His brother laughed and smiled, "Okay! First you have to be one with the fish . . . "


As rain pelted the ground, Rivan pushed Ren into their mansion of a house. The butler took Rivan's coat and Ren's boots as they laughed and raced into the living room. The fire place was on and for some reason, their father was on the couch, looking into a wine glass thoughtfully.

"Father?" Ren asked, scared.

The blue haired man looked up and smiled evilly, "I've been waiting for you to get here. It's been awhile."

Rivan could smell all the alcohol from where he stood next to his brother. His father stood and pulled out a gun from his back pants pocket. Rivan, being only a young boy with no magical power whatsoever, gasped, standing in the way of Ren.

The smaller boy gaped, "Rivan! What's father doing?"

The older man stumbled a little as Rivan jumped to the side to take the fire magic, throwing Ren to the side.

But the his father, intoxicated, never shot at the correct moment. It was only when his father fell and Ren was five feet away that magic exploded from the grown man's hands, flying right to the younger boy. Rivan's eyes widened, his brow curving as he screamed his brothers name. But Ren just stood there, too slow to move. Time stopped as the sky seemed to darken. But never again would Ren fish with Rivan . . .

Fire consumed the young boy. And so began Rivan's nightmare.


Again, it's really sad . . . poor Rivan. Don't worry, he destroyed his father, joined the UOS, even started to fish a little more.