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A/N: This is set in the time/age group thing that it was for M3. So, it's starting when they pick and put the Ducks into the Junior Goodwill games, with a few changes of course. My fic is going to be way different from the movie of course!

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1 Clipped Wings

Kara slammed the back door of her house shut as she stormed up to her room. She threw down her heavy school bag and got changed to have a swim in her pool. Kara was 14 (the age I'm assuming for the Ducks…I don't think the actual ages were stated…) and had lived in Australia for all of her life. Dispite the fact that there were no ice rinks where she lived, she had became very good at inline hockey, but more than anything, she wanted to play ice hockey instead. "It's just not practical." Her coach had said repeatedly when she asked him why there wasn't any rinks in her town.

Kara surfaced in the ice water, pushing her long sun streaked blonde hair out of her face. She lolled around in the cool water for ages, enjoying the cool instead of the sticky humid air of the Australian summer.

"KARA!" her mother's yelling voice startled her out of her daydream.

"What?" she said climbing out of the pool.

"Phone for you, it sounds important." Her mum held out the phone to her. Kara stood on the polished wood floor in the kitchen, dripping water all over the floor in a daze. She hung up the phone.

"Who was it honey?" her mum wanted to know.

"The American Ice Hockey coach…the junior one…they want me to play in the Goodwill Games for America." Kara said slowly, not believing it. Suddenly she realized. What had truly happened. She was getting to live her dream. She shrieked and bounced up and down "I leave tomorrow night…OH MY GOD!" she screamed again, hysteria taking over.

The next day she was standing at the International Terminal in Brisbane, her suitcases already on the plane, carrying a bag of hockey magazines and a discman. She wore a knee length leather skirt and a blue fitted shirt. Her mum began to cry as her father said goodbye to her.

"Kara," he said solemly "play as well as you can, you haven't skated on ice before, don't be afraid to take a fall."

"All passengers for flight 1297, please board your plane at gate 2." The loudspeaker announced.

"Bye Mum, Bye Dad." Kara said, hugging her parents. "I'll see you soon."

She turned and walked swiftly down the corridor leading to the plane. She was seated in the middle of a row of people, an old man sat to her right and a business man to the left. She turned on her disc man and began to hum along to the music. She had a good voice, so no one asked her to stop. The trip was very long and she fell asleep a fair few times, mainly just dozing. She was startled when the plane began to land.

(A/N: They played the Goodwill games in Florida right?…well it's there now!)

The flight attendant began to speak "Florida International Airport is coming up in a few minutes, please fasten your seat belt and thank you for flying with"- Kara didn't hear the rest, she was too busy getting all her gear ready to get off the plane. Soon they landed and Kara walked off the plane onto the thin boarding ramp. 'This is going to be weird,' she told herself as she walked, her thin frame making a fine shadow on the wall 'this is America, not Australia, and I don't know anyone here.' Kara emerged from the tunnel, surprisingly showing no signs of a very long plane trip, that was one of her odd talents, she never looked rumpled or weary, always neat and perfect.

"Kara Jackson." A male voice stated. She whirled around to face a man with nicely cut light brown hair and a group of kids her age. Kara smiled, knowing instantly who this was. "Coach Bombay, I'm pleased to meet you," she said extending her hand, remembering the manners her mother had drilled into her.

"Pleased to meet you too," he said warmly "meet Team USA," he began to point them out "Guy, Connie, Julie, Dewayne, Charlie, Adam, Aberman, Fulton, Portman, Golberg, Ken, Russ and Luis." Most of them waved politely when their names were said, but one of them, a blonde one, simply stared. Kara sighed, lots of meetings started off like this. She was instantly wishing she had worn something more 'sporty', turning up looking like the cover of a glossy magazine most likely wasn't the best idea. They all boarded a bus after they'd got Kara's gear.

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