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Clipped Wings- Chapter 2- What you see isn't what you get.

A/N: by the way, it's going to be from Kara's point of view from now on to make it easier for me to write…I hate 2nd person!

I woke up early the next morning, and could barely believe that the day before I had been in Australia at home. Glancing around my hotel room (A/N I'm also assuming that the Ducks are staying in hotel rooms too) I saw just how bare it was. The night before I hadn't even noticed that it only contained my bed and a bathroom. I shrugged, it didn't really matter, this was luxury compared to living at home when the tank was low, at least I'd always be able to have a shower. I pulled open one of my many bags and pulled out my new training uniform, only to discover that the long pants were too short. That happened when you're my height and are pretty thin. People assume you'd be shorter. I put on my closest pair of jeans, unfortunately, they were a black pair with embroidery of red and blue flowers up the outside seams. Oh well, I thought, if they want me to wear something else, they can go and look through my suitcase, I certainly can't find anything else. I put on my team USA top and grabbed my brand new ice skates. It was time to find out if I could ice skate. Quietly, because it was five past four in the morning, I crept down the hallway, I didn't want to be caught going to skate, the last thing I wanted was to have to tell one of my new teammates that I didn't actually know how to ice skate…only rollerblade.

There was a tunnel that went straight from the hotel to the rink, not the one we were going to use for the games of course, but it was still good to train on. I exhaled loudly as I entered the cold icy room. I went over to one of the benches and laced on my skates. This is it, I told myself, if I can't do this, I have to go home. I gingerly walked onto the ice and tried to skate as if I were wearing my blades. It worked. Kind of, in half an hour, I fell over three times, but I was getting more confident.

"Hey Kara what are you doing?" a voice called out to me. I whirled around, ungracefully falling on my butt. The boy got up from where he was sitting on the bench and skated over to me. He held out a hand. "I'm Charlie. Remember?" I ignored the hand, and blushed. The captain of my team knew that I didn't know how to skate. How embarrassing.

"Well, yes, I do remember you." I said when I was standing my full height, which was a little taller than Charlie himself. "You were staring at me last night." I accused.

Charlie shook his head, "No, that wasn't me. That was Adam Banks, and don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone about the skating thing."

"I don't need you to not say anything," I said boldly "I earned my place in this team and you won't take it away." Charlie looked a little taken aback.

"Well, will you let me at least show you how to skate properly?"

"I suppose so," I said grudgingly "don't laugh at me though."

He grinned and grabbed my arm and began towing me around the ice. Soon we were flying around the rink.

"This is great!" I yelled

"I know! But I think we better go to the luncheon room back in the hotel and meet the team for breakfast." Charlie said as he slowed infront of me. I nodded, and my stomach growled almost on key.

"You aren't going to tell anyone anything are you?" I asked him.

He shook his head "Nope, you'll be able to fool anyone into thinking you can skate now."

"Thanks." I said and went to the girls showers to get changed into the clothes I brought with me in a bag.