Vlad's POV

Chapter 7:

She Can Change Her Looks, She's Part Vampire,

But Yet She Claims 'She Can't Dance'

I yawned as the sun started to peek through the curtains. I groaned and fell out of bed, but something soft broke my fall. I crouched down and looked at the dog laying on my floor. It was black and brown, a German Shepard puppy, no more than a few months old, the dog sat up and I saw a white paper in his collar then slipped it out of the space between the black patch of fur and red collar. It was folded multiple times and had dirt spotting it. It took me a few minutes to unfold the paper, cutting my fingers open a few times in the process. They healed quickly but it stung a little bit, leaving blood on the paper. I could barely make out the sloppy handwriting.


Hey, hope you like dogs cuz, I don't have enough

Room to hold this little guy. Hope you can keep him.


I laughed and scratched the dog between his ears, and he licked my hand. "I hope Amenti likes you, I don't wanna hear Nelly yelling at me for you eating her cat." He barked like he knew what I was saying, which I thought was weird for a dog. "Well how about you come downstairs with me?" He barked again then stood up, walking around me in circles waiting for me to open the door. "Don't eat the cat or knock anything over, please." He nodded at me impatiently and pointed at the door with his front paw. "Ok, one second while I find a shirt." I rummaged through the piles of dirty clothes and found a black t-shirt. I slipped it over my head then let him out into the library. Instead of running for the door he headed for a bookshelf then pulled a large book off it, dropping it on the carpeted floor. I cussed as he opened it in his mouth, and ran over, but instead of tearing the book up he had his paw on the page. "What the hell?" I crouched down and looked at the word he was pointing at. "Is your name Hades?" He nodded then shut the book with his nose. As I picked up the book I thought I was going crazy. A dog that can read, smart, and non-destructive? Well it sure seemed like I was. We walked out of the library and he ran into the kitchen.

I could hear Nell yell at me, "Vlad!" I groaned and ran into the kitchen, where Hades was sitting at Nelly's feet. "Would you like to explain this?" She was pointing at the German Shepard.

"I guess he's a gift from Mac," I said. "He's very smart apparently. He even knows his name, and can point it out in a book." She looked at me with a 'do you really expect me to believe that' look on her face. "I'm not joking, wait for Amenti to come through here." And as soon as I said that the fat, black cat walked into the kitchen. She padded over to the dog and started to sniff him, but Hades sat perfectly still, while any other dog would attempt to eat her. "See any other dog would have tried to eat her, Hades won't, one, because I told him not to, two, he's smart. Amenti smacked Hades' brown muzzle with her front paw and I let out a small laugh. "Can I keep him?"

Nelly looked at Hades as he laid down on the floor, rolled over, then laid his head on his paws looking at Nelly with the puppy dog eyes that little kids use to get what they want. "Fine, but the first time he ruins something, eats something he's not suppose to, or attacks Amenti, he's out. You'll have to train him too, and buy everything he'll need, so I suggest getting a job."

I hugged her, "Thanks Nelly." I walked over to the freezer and pulled a blood bag out of it, setting it on the granite counter top. Then I grabbed a coffee mug from the cupboard, and poured the blood into the mug. Hades stared at me while I did this, like he was expecting to drink some blood. I set it in the microwave. I started to pet Hades while waiting for the O positive to warm up, he licked my face a few times and I wiped the slobber off of my face.

"Vlad, I'm going to work, make sure that dog doesn't destroy anything," Nelly said.

"OK!" I yelled as I heard the front door slam. The microwave beeped once and I pulled the steaming cup of blood out. Hades looked at the cup, his eyes looked a little hungry. "What do you want?" He pointed at the cup. "You can't have this, this is human blood." The dog looked at me. "Hades how about you go turn on the TV?" He padded into the living room and I heard the TV start. "Damn this dog is smart. I'll have to ask Mac how she trained him." I grabbed a granola bar from the cabinet then walked into the living room, where Hades was laying on the couch, watching TV. "Ok if you can type up my school papers you will be the best dog ever." He looked at me then jumped down from the tan couch. He grabbed one of the game controllers and looked at me, his tail wagging. "Let me guess you can play video games too." Hades nodded and waited for me to grab the other controller. "Man, I must be going crazy." I turned on the game system and Hades set the controller on the floor, his paws ready.

About half an hour later, I felt really bad. Getting beat by Mac, a girl, was bad enough, now my dog? Really. "Man I got to tell Henry about this." I walked back into the kitchen with the mug of blood in my hand and picked up the phone. I dialed Henry's number and sipped the blood while waiting for him to pick up. I heard the line click on the other end.

"Hey," Henry's voice answered on the other end of the line.

"Henry you'll never believe this, my dog is awesome at video games," I said.

Henry laughed on the other end of the line, "Vlad, are you sure you don't just suck at video games, and when did you get a dog?"

"Mac gave him to me, and if you don't believe me, come over here and play against him," I said.

"OK, I'll be over in ten minutes," Henry said with disbelief in his voice. The phone made another click and I put it back in the receiver.

"Boy, Henry's gonna love this," I laughed. "A dog that could possibly beat him in video games." I gulped down the rest of the blood and set it in the stainless steal sink. Amenti jumped up on the counter and rubbed against my hand. I heard a knock at the front door; I stared at the clock, confused. Henry couldn't be this early, so I walked over and open the door. Standing on the porch dressed in black and red, which made me even more confused, was the girl I had liked since 3rd grade, Meredith Brookstone. "Meredith?" I asked her.

"Hello Vlad," she said in a strange voice. It sounded like hers only lower. "Can I come in?"

I shook my head shaking off the trance I was in, "Sure Meredith." I stepped to the side and let her in. "What happened to you?" She turned to look at me confused, her pink lips almost in a frown.

"What are you talking about Vlad?" She asked me, her eyes defiantly not normal. She had brown eyes, not pitch black eyes with a glint of humor, thievery, and other qualities I wouldn't pin on this girl, who should be wearing pink.

I looked at her, "Well to the fact, you're not wearing pink, and your eyes are brown, not black."

"Damn, I knew I didn't get the eyes right," she hissed. "Well guess the gig's up." She started to grow taller, her hair becoming black, her skin getting tanner every second. Within a minute she had turned from Meredith Bookstone to Maci Black. "Hey Vlad." Her hand was giving me the peace sign.

"What the hell?" I asked her, confused. "How did you do that?" Hades ran up and Mac scratched him under his chin, making his foot beat the ground repeatedly.

"I'm a vampire," she replied looking up at me. I tried to find the joke in her voice, but it wasn't there, she was dead serious. I went into shock when she said vampire. There was another vampire living in Bathory, and she was standing in front of me. "Half vampire actually." I went even more into shock.

"Did you say half vampire?" I asked her my voice quavering. She nodded as she walked towards the freezer. Hades followed her hungrily. She opened it and searched through the blood bags, sniffing each one as she went through. "So that's how you knew I was a vampire." She nodded as she grabbed a mug out of the cabinet.

She poured the blood into the mug then bent over and poured a tiny bit on the floor, which Hades licked up. "Well, I knew you were half vampire too."

I nodded, "Yeah, I could tell when your brother threatened me." She drank some of the blood and looked at me.

"Yeah sorry about that," She said with a guilty grin on her face. "I smacked him a few times when I heard about that." I laughed then stared at her sipping the blood. "Henry coming over?" I nodded then I heard the front door open again. "Hey Henry."

"Hey Mac, Vlad," He said looking at her. "What's up with this video game playing dog of yours?" Mac laughed then scratched Hades on the head.

"Hades it's time to show Henry what you're made of," she said walking into the living room with Hades on her tail. Henry and I followed her, then Henry and Hades sat down on the floor and grabbed the two controllers.

One hour and 30 minutes later Henry had lost to Hades, more than I've lost to him and Mac combined. "Damn, you're right, the dog's a master at video games." Both Mac and I laughed then I looked at her cup of blood, hungry.

"Hey Mac you want anything?" I asked her. "A soda, granola bar, blood?" Henry looked at me as he shut off the Xbox. "Shit."

"He already knew," Mac said looking at me. "He can tell, let me guess, drudge?" Henry nodded and looked at her. "Yeah a granola bar sounds good, so does a nice frozen blood bag." I nodded and got up, taking the cup from her. Henry followed me into the kitchen.

I looked at him. "Why didn't you tell me about Mac?" I asked him setting the glass in the sink.

"She wouldn't let me dude," my drudge said looking into the living room. "Plus I didn't have the chance, Joss was around too much." I nodded as I pulled out two frozen bags of AB negative. "Hey would you get a granola bar and give it to Mac?" Henry was already into the box, scarfing down as many as he could get in his mouth. I swear it's a miracle that he isn't fat, with how much he eats, he should be huge. "Henry for the love of Glob, please do not eat all of my breakfast for the rest of next week." He took the last granola bar and walked into the living room. I followed him after throwing the empty box away, then handed the bag to Mac, she bit into it, sucking it dry in two seconds. "Henry, she's worst than you. I can't wait to see her on Taco Tuesday at school."

"Tacos?" She asked looking up from the dog.

"Yeah, she'll probably eat more tacos for me," Henry laughed looking at her. "So you going to Matt's party tomorrow?"

"You know I have to," Mac told him. "And when it comes to my costume, you'll get the gag in it." Her fangs slipped out of her gums. They were purely white, against her slightly yellow teeth, which Henry told me came from smoking, and probably drinking. She reached into her black hoodie and took out a large bottle of Monster. "That's for you Henry, make up from last Thursday night." She tossed it to him and he opened it, then chugged it down.

I smelled blood but I shrugged it off as Mac's breath, though it didn't smell like human blood. "What happened Thursdays night?" I asked them.

They looked at each other like they were talking, nodding a couple times, then Mac started to talk, "I was hungry, Henry was out hunting and we both were hunting the same deer, I got it first." I believed her, since she seemed to be telling the truth. "So do you have your mark, Vlad?"

I turned my wrist around, reveling the black tattoo, which was itching a lot. "What about you?" She looked at Henry then moved a number of bracelets from her wrist, staring at it. Then she slowly turned it around, showing the big bold black lines that looked like my tattoo, only it was different, to the fact we didn't have the same name. "What in the love of Glob?"

She cocked her head and made a strange face, "Glob? Isn't that the thing that tried to eat everything?"

"You should know by now that Nelly doesn't say God, unlike you who cusses your ass off, say multiple gods names, and doesn't know the meaning of restraint," Henry replied, with a very stupid grin on his face. "Well I got to go, mom didn't want me coming over today, well I'll see you two tonight." He walked into the kitchen and I heard the door shut.

"Henry is an interesting person," Mac laughed. "Though at times he still is a douche." I smiled as I looked at her. I bit into the blood bag and gulped it down.

"So when do I get to see your house?" I asked her, sitting next to her on the couch. "And meet your family? The only brothers I've met are the ones that I've met at school."

"You've met Rhett, I think that's good enough," She sighed putting her head on my lap. "Only decent one in my family besides Adam, the neat freak." She looked upset for some reason.

I looked out the window, noticing that I woke up pretty early in the day, then leaned my head back on the couch, "So you never told me about your parents." I knew she was going to ask me about mine after that, I was ready to tell her about them.

She sighed, it sounded almost painful, "I live with my uncle, but that's only because my dad can't move here, then my mom, I don't know who she is, I never met her, never knew anything about her, she just disappeared after she got knocked up, then we showed up, that happened, what, five times, then that's really it, and apparently I'm the only child of my mom and my dad, the others, they have a different dad." I looked at her as she shifted, into a different position. "So what about you?"

"My parents died a few years ago," I whispered. She must have heard me because she nodded, then we sat in silence for several minutes.

Mac put her head on the right arm of the couch and passed out. I slipped off the couch, walking to the kitchen grabbing some paper and a pen then sat down at the table. I started to write.

Dear Uncle Otis,

I'm ok, haven't had the time to write lately, school, friends, ect. And I'm apparently not the only half-vampire kid in the world. There's a new girl, her name's Maci Black and she's half vampire too, though she's not extremely pale like I am, in fact she looks like an Indian, is that normal? And Amenti talked to me, like Nelly would talk to you and me.

Yours for Eternity,


I folded up the paper and put it into a envelope with Otis address. I licked it shut then walked back into the living room, sitting down on the couch. I heard Nelly's car pull into the driveway. The front door opened and Nelly walked in, "Vladimir I'm home!" She walked into the living room and looked at us. "When did Maci get here?"

"Couple hours ago," I told her. "Hey Nelly, you know how I'm a vampire?" She nodded. "Well, Mac's one too, well she's half vampire too." Nelly stared at Maci, laying on the couch, snoring like a bull, mumbling something about random shirtless guys, who don't have to work out anymore. "I'm gonna go to bed if you don't mind, I'm sure you won't mind if Mac stays?"

"Sure, just don't do anything," She said.

I looked at her annoyed, "Yes Nelly, we're really gonna do something, in our sleep." I picked Mac up in my arms, using my vampiric strength was unnecessary, since she was less than 80 pounds, then I carried her up to my room. Then I realized something, she'd have to sleep on the bed. Hades looked at the bed, then rolled his eyes. "Mac taught you a lot of things didn't she?" The dog nodded as I set her down on my bed. "Well what should I do?" He looked at me. "I'm sorry but I do not speak dog." He barked once and Amenti ran in, jumping onto my dresser, which was an impressive jump for that small, fat cat.

Hades barked at her a few times then she did the strangest thing, which topped my day of weird. "Vlad just sleep in the bed with her, it's not going to be strange. Hades told me that when he lived with her, she would sleep in the same bed with her guy friends, all the time, even when she was dating someone else," Amenti told me, in a clear, human-ish, voice. "No, Vladimir, you are not going crazy, I am really talking to you." I stared at her.

"I'm just going to go to bed," I said taking my shirt off then climbing into the bed next to Mac. I determined that I was incredibly crazy as I fell asleep.

I large, furry body jumped onto my bed, waking both me and Mac up, "Really Hades? It's only..." I looked at my alarm clock. "Damn, it's almost nine, how did I sleep that long?"

"You slept next to me," Mac yawned as she rolled out of my bed and onto my floor. "Ow, I landed on something small and fat."

"I am not fat, I'm pudgy!" I heard Amenti's muffled yell from under Mac. "And would you get off of me!"

"Sorry, sorry," Mac growled at the cat. She stood up and then the furry black mass jumped onto my bed. "Jeez, how do you live with this Vlad?"

"Um, she didn't start talking to me until last night," I said getting out of bed. "You can understand her?" Mac nodded with her bangs in her face. "How?"

"Vampire thing," she replied. "Shouldn't we be getting ready for the party?" I grinned and grabbed a t-shirt, slipping it over my head. Then I grabbed a pair of black pants and put them on.

I looked at her, "You need anything for your costume?" Mac shook her head then walked out of my room. I sighed and grabbed the black robe, slipping it over my head. "Well I hope someone has a worst costume then I do." Mac walked back in with bright blue ears showing, over what should have been, human ears, her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, then her fangs were fully elongated. She was dressed in the same clothes she came here in, and there was a tail that matched the ears hanging down the back of her black skinny jeans. She tossed me two blood bags, I caught them in mid-air."What the hell?" I asked her staring at her. Hades looked like he was stiffening a laugh back, well if he could laugh. I bit into the bags and sucked them dry, satisfied for the night.

"Werepire, half werewolf, half-vampire," She laughed. "It was a running gag in Farmington, because a lot of the guys knew about the half-vampire." I laughed then grabbed the plastic scythe that was leaning against a wall. She was laughing her ass off now. "Henry and Joss in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." The door bell rang downstairs and I just looked at her. She ran out of the room, her tail flapping behind her, and I followed her, only slightly annoyed. When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear Henry's annoying laugh at the bottom of the stairs. "Yep, I knew this would happen," Mac's voice groaned.

I slid down the railing and landed a few inches from Henry's now red face. "I think Henry's having a spasm," I said to his cousin Joss, pointing at Henry, laying on the floor. Parts of Henry's face, of what I hoped was his costume, were falling off. "So what the hell are you Joss?"

He looked at me, "Anthropologist." Mac stared at Joss annoyed. "What?"

"Really, the one day of the year, were most people go all out, you dress up as an anthropologist," She hissed. "How are you related to Henry? At all? Which reminds me, Henry stop spasing out for ten seconds and tell me what Greg said."

Henry calmed down, a little bit, then looked at Mac, attempting to hold back laughter. "Rhett has not been suspended from trying out for basketball," Henry laughed. "Hey we should go."

"Be back at 11!" Nelly yelled from the kitchen.

"Come on Nelly, I'll make sure they get home safely!" Mac yelled back at her. "Please make it midnight!"

There was a silence for about two minutes, "Fine!" We walked out the door, Henry still laughing, but I guess it wasn't that bad, compared to last time.

Mac looked at us, "I should warn you guys a head of time, I can not dance to save my life, unless it's slow dancing." We all stopped in our tracks and looked at her. "What? I can't, it looks like Henry, when he has a spasm." Joss laughed then all of us continued walking towards Matt's house, the strangest group of people ever. Mac's eyes got wide and she took off running, then I saw who she was hugging. Her legs were wrapped around Tim's waist, and she was too hyper. Joss and Henry looked at each other and laughed, which confused me.

Mac led him over to us, "Tim, this is Vlad Tod, Henry and Joss McMillan, Vlad, Henry, Joss, this is Tim Walker, my best friend, ex-boyfriend, and Henry, Vlad you know what I'm talking about when I say he's my d-word." We both nodded and looked at them, both of them, extremely hyper.

"So you're the famous Vlad Tod, Mace talks about you ALL the time," Tim said, over enunciating the word all. Mac punched him, and he fell down in the grass, then jumped right back up. "What?"

"You say anything, I will throw you over a freaking cliff," Mac hissed at him. "Guys how about you go ahead, while I kill him." Henry nodded and started to walk towards Matt's house, Joss and me following. I was worried about Tim, I don't know why, but I kinda was.

"Well, I think Tim's gonna be dead," Henry said reaching the porch. "But then again I don't think she'd kill him, well you know." Joss looked at us, then walked into the house. "I'll meet up with you later." Henry disappeared into the house, then I looked back at Mac and Tim, who were yelling at each other.

I walked into the house then into the basement, where there was a heavy beat blasting. I wasn't in the mood to do anything really, and I didn't know why. Then I saw a reddish pink walk by me, a plastic pitchfork in her hand, which I could only guess was Meredith, I smiled then heard two people coming down the stairs, Mac and Tim. They were joking around now, like nothing had happened. "Dude you're extremely bipolar. I've never seen someone that crazy," Tim laughed. The two stumbled onto the dance floor, like they were half drunk. I didn't pay attention, but I knew for a fact that Mac lied about not being able to dance. I walked out the back door, after shoving through the crowd of people and up the crowd that was collecting on the stairs.

"Hey Eddie," I said as I walked towards the picnic table.

Eddie barely lifted head to look at me, "Hi Vlad."

He wasn't wearing a costume, and I defiantly knew what it was like to be the person didn't give a fuck about, plus it felt like I was dying of heat stroke in this thing, so I took off the robe and set the sickle on the table. "Want this?"

"Sure, but why are you being nice to me?" He asked putting the robe on over his head.

I laughed, "Nice to you? You'd be doing me a favor. I was dying in that thing." Eddie took the sickle in his hand, walking towards the house.

Then he turned around, "Thanks Vlad."

My wrist was really itching now, so I scratched it, "No problem."

Eddie looked absolutely terrified, though I didn't know why, I ignored it, until he whispered three words, I never wanted to hear in my life, "W-what are you?"

My mind started to race, I ran my tongue over my teeth, my fangs were still in my gums. "What are you talking about?"

"You're not human are you?" His voice was quivering.

"No human? Man Eddie, are they putting crap in the punch?" I laughed, though I was absolutely terrified.

"You're some kind of monster, aren't you? My parents say monsters aren't real. But I saw one last year, and now... now I'm seeing another one aren't I?"

My heart was beating against my chest. "What are you talking about dude?"

"Your eyes turned purple, it's not normal. What are you?" He asked.

I saw Tim standing behind him, "Eddie, I suggest you leave Vlad here alone, because Mac's very protective, you could almost say she's like a guard dog. If she knows something's wrong, she'll hurt you, and hurt you bad." Eddie turned around and fled as he saw Tim.

"Thanks Tim," I said sitting down on the bench. "Guess drudges are loyal to other vampires, too." He shook his head.

"Had to leave, heard Eddie, thought I'd save your ass, well make sure Mace gets home alright, ok?" He said, his legs not staying in one place.

"I will," I said laying down on the bench. I heard Tim running down the street, as I stared at the full moon, my mind wondered to Mac, and how I was going to save her if Eddie exposed me to the world.

"Well, well, well. Look at what we have here Tom." I attempted to sit up but Bill shoved me down, making my back pop in three places. Bill's giant head blocked the moon as I looked up. Tom's meaty hand wrapped around my ankle and ripped me off the bench.

I kicked at them but Tom nailed my jaw. It didn't hurt, just made me more angry. I dropped to the ground then stood up, but not for long, Bill's hand contacted with my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I regained my breath quickly and stood up again, but Bill slugged me in the eye. I could feel the bruise forming as I covered it with my left hand. "What's your problem?"

The two answered at the same time, "You are." The two shoved me onto the ground, the crowd was growing, and I could hear someone yelling at the people to let her through. Tom stomped on my chest reminding me of when D'Ablo broke my ribs. My fangs slit into my already bleeding tongue, making my throat dry. Then I saw Mac jump on Bill's back, somehow planting her feet to the ground and flipping him over, making him scream in pain. I jumped up and punched Tom in his chest then bolted for the crowd.

I stopped when the sound of Tom thudding on the ground then turned around. Mac was looking at me then at Tom. Henry had managed to push his way through the crowd the raised an eyebrow. Mac walked over to me. "You ok Vlad? I had a feeling something bad was happening to you." I nodded as brushed off my black jeans.

Matthew's mom came out as Bill and Tom ran off, both bruised and beaten. Mac was grinning ear to ear as we walked into the house. We all plopped down on the couch, Henry on one side, Mac on the other. Matt's mom handed my a towel full of ice and I placed it on my bruised eye, then she called Nelly.

Mac and I were in the car, as soon as Nelly came stomping in, fuzzy slippers and all. I listened to her rant in the car, Mac was fiddling around in the back seat. Her legs never stopped moving, but then again ADHD does that to a person.

Mac and I walked into my room, she was already getting undressed, the blue tail and ears gone, which if I cared I'd wonder what happened to them. Hades started to bark as she kissed me. She mumbled something, then pulled away, falling onto my bed, sleeping.