Thank you all for the reviews on my first fanfic it made me soooo happy :) I hope this one is a little better it is yes once again sad, but not quite as the formatting on the last one I think that was the website because I was trying to fix that for like an hour, but I got frustrated and just posted as is. Hope it didn't bug anyone too much and hopefully this one comes out normal :)

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Ziva starred out the large rain covered windows thinking about Somalia and Tony. It was 2 am, she couldn't sleep so she came to work where she proceeded to sit in the dimly lit bullpen and just think. She loved Tony, but ever since Somalia she was a broken woman he could never love her back, she had changed, their relationship had changed. He didn't look at her the same anymore sure he still had that charming Dinozzo grin, but their was something in his eyes when they met hers something distant, and sad. She couldn't help but think that she had done that to him, that she destroyed him by being destroyed.

It was coming onto 6 am Ziva hadn't looked at the time for hours, and it was still raining so she couldn't base it on when the sun came up there was a soft 'ding' and Ziva soon felt a presence behind her, but she decided to pay no attention.

"Zi I love you that will never change." Tony whispered into her ear as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder, and kissed her cheek.

Ziva pulled her face away and continued looking out the foggy window as a lone tear ran down her cheek. "How could you possibly love someone who has been destroyed inside."

"Because Ziva your not destroyed you just need to see love, and life again. I can do that Ziva you just need to let me in again."

"I..I don't know if I can" Ziva managed to choke out.

"Yes you can Zi just give it a little more time I'm here whenever your ready."

Tony walked over to his desk and set his backpack down as he sat down and started up his computer. Ziva watched and wiped away the newly fallen tears as she herself sat down. The rest of the day just continued on as usual with a little less playing around though.

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