Hello!(: So I am starting this story because I actually thought of something funny from the other stories I'm writing : Jane Volturi's Diary and Alec Volturi's Diary, so you may want to read those first.(:

Alec Volturi: IS PISSED AT Jane Volturi.

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Heidi Volturi: What happened now?

Demetri Volturi: You mean you didn't hear? Jane wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween, but Alec wants to also.

Heidi Volturi: Why don't they just both be Harry Potter?

Edward Cullen: you know. . .that is a good idea.

Alec Volturi: Are we talking to you Cullen? And NO I WANT TO BE THE ONLY ONE THAT IS HARRY POTTER!

Jane Volturi: See I told you, you were such a drama queen.

Alec Volturi: I AM NOT!

Jane Volturi: YOU ARE TOO!

Alec Volturi: :3

Alice Cullen: Wow, are you seriously arguing about not being a drama queen Alec? WOW.

Jane Volturi: HA.

Until Next time! :D