1. The glasses

They've been grating on Draco's nerves since he first met Potter at Madam Malkin's so many years ago. Why do they have to be round? No one wears round spectacles anymore. Potter seems oblivious to that fact, though, just as he seems oblivious to how vulnerable and fuckable he looks whenever those bloody glasses fall off during Auror missions, and for those few seconds after he wakes up, as he searches blindly for them on the bedside table.

They press into Draco's cheek when he and Potter kiss. (Draco especially hates this during winter, when the rims get even colder than the biting wind.) Then Potter berates him for getting the lenses dirty. Worst of all, Draco always comes a little too soon if Potter happens to take his glasses off before a shag.

2. The scar

Draco has always envied that scar. It peeks out from under Potter's fringe, calling attention to itself as if it, not Draco, were his trophy. Sometimes Draco can't resist the urge to trace its lightning bolt shape with the tip of his finger while Potter is asleep. A shock goes through his arm then, and he lies awake for hours, wondering what his life would be like – what the world would be like – if Potter hadn't survived.

3. The hair

It always looks as if Potter just got out of bed after a Sunday morning shag. (Those are Draco's favourite.) Potter is constantly running his hand through it in attempt to appear presentable, but that never helps. And there's more…

The faint fruit punch scent of Potter's hair often reminds Draco of sex at the most inopportune moments, like when his parents are visiting. His thoughts inevitably drift to silky black strands tickling his thighs and getting tangled around his fingers as he pulls Potter's head down on him.

4. Potter is too lazy to shave

Draco's grooming is immaculate. His fingernails are always manicured, his hair neatly slicked back, and his face as smooth and soft as an infant's. So, naturally, it embarrasses him when Potter goes out looking like he forgot to shave for two days in a row. The rough stubble scratches Draco's skin when they snog before work, leaving him with more than one kind of itch for the rest of the day. It also makes Potter seem crude and barbaric, and the sex so much dirtier.

5. And he's obsessed with coffee

Whenever they have a day off, Potter insists that they visit a certain Muggle café, where he buys them both drinks called lattes. Draco tells Potter that he only likes going there during autumn, when he can buy a pumpkin-spice flavoured one. He says it's the only thing that reminds him that he's a wizard, and a pure-blood, while sitting surrounded by Muggles. He hates that that's a lie, and that he enjoys going to the café during winter, too.

Some days, instead of chatting at one of the small tables, they go for a slow walk around London, holding hands and sipping their steaming drinks. Draco secretly wishes there'd be more of such days. But he won't tell Potter that, because he likes pretending he isn't head over heels in love with him.