Yes or no. It's up to you of course. I will merely confine myself to remarking that a no will be regarded as a declaration of war.

-Vicomte de Valmont

-Dangerous Liaisons

In the moment that it came to him, Chuck Bass never felt more like himself than he ever had the recollection of having in the past. Fury and anger at one person had never been so clear and one word echoed in his head.


Before he had always identified with Dorian Gray and the like. He had never felt more kin to the Valmont so infamous in literature. He had been taken advantage of someone he never thought possible. Scheming wasn't supposed to happen in this way. But it had. And the seething betrayal made him understand this situation with perfect clarity.

"Is it possible that you still love me?"

Because it was the only thing that made sense. For a moment, he didn't even want to believe it because he knew when the truth was revealed, he would be heart broken by the only woman who would possess his heart wholly.

"How could I still love you after what you did?"

It was perfectly clear the only logical turn this could take.

"You've brought back my worst self."

He couldn't think that it seemed his worst self was always the being that loved her more than anything else. That was what this was. He had nothing left in this life. She had taken away everything. She had taken away a future that was only second best.

She had taken away her love. And for that, he would self destruct, bringing down anything he could with him.

"This means war, Blair. Me versus you. No limits."

He really was Valmont at heart.

A/N: I totally forgot that I wanted to write this and its almost half an hour before the next episode so I knew I had to get it out. This is a two shot, this is only the prologue but I wanted this to at least get started before we get side tracked by the next episode. This quote is so Chuck so I knew I just had to do it.