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Chapter 13

As the curtains rose up, the nervousness faded and confidence set in among the girls. However, when the curtains
were gone, they had a full view of their audiences. They saw weariness, despair and hopelessness were etched on
their faces, and their hearts were moved and filled with sympathy.

"They really need the morale they can get from us." Ritsu said to herself. "Well then, let's rock!"

She then struck her drumsticks to signal her band mates to get ready.

"One, Two, Three!"

Yui, Azusa and Mio strummed their guitars and Tsumugi played the keyboard as they began to play the song Tsubasa
wo Kudasai. Then Yui began to sing the lyrics.

"Ima watashi no negaigoto ga

Kanau naraba tsubasa ga hoshii

Kono senaka ni tori no you ni

Shiroi tsubasa tsukete kudasai"

The atmosphere of the camp began to change from dreariness to a lighter mood of joy and elation as the soldiers began
to cheer and show signs of enthusiasm.

"Afterschool Tea Time rocks! Whoohoo!"

"Yeah! Now that's what you call music!"

As cheers and affirmations began to fill the camp, the girls were encouraged to perform better.

"Kono oozora ni tsubasa wo hiroge

Tonde yukitai yo

Kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora e

Tsubasa hatamekase yukitai"

When they finished the song, they were met with a huge round of applause from the troops. Moreover, they saw that
the previous weary and tired looks were replaced by cheerful and smiling faces.

"Phew!" Yui thought as she saw the soldiers' ecstatic reception of their song. "Now those are the kind of faces I want
to see!"

"Let's play Fuwa Fuw Time, shall we?" Mio said to the band. "That'll definitely raise their spirits!"

"Sure!" Ritsu replied. "On my mark; one, two, three!"

When the band played the first few notes of the song, the troops instantly recognized it, and as Mio predicted, they became
more energetic in cheering.

"That definitely hits the jackpot! Way to go, Afterschool Tea Time!"

The moment Mio began to sing, their reactions became more ecstatic.

"Kimi wo miteru to itsumo haato doki doki

Yureru omoi wa mashumaro mitai ni fuwafuwa

Itsumo ganbaru, Kimi no yokogao

Zutto mitete mo ki'zukanai yo ne

Yume no naka nara

Futari no kyori chijimerareru no ni na"

"Aa Kami-sama onegai

Futari dake no Dream Time kudasai

O-ki ni iri no usa-chan daite kon'ya mo oyasumi"

"That's the spirit!" She said to herself as she saw the troops yelling with joy.

After finishing the song, the band took some time to rest, and at the same time observed the changed reaction of the men.
From downcast and tired looks, they saw happiness emanate from their faces- their job to bring back lost morale was a

Back at Okinawa, the remaining troops at Camp Gonsalves were rather surprised to hear After School Tea Time's live morale
boosting concert from the airwaves of American Forces Network-Japan.

"So they're airing a morale boosting concert? What's with those folks there doing now?"

"I don't know, but look at how the 4th Division is acting."

At the frontlines, the troops of the 4th Division were suddenly filled with zeal to fight, forcing the Filipino marines to give way.

"They want to be at the forefront? Let them be!" The marine commander said on the radio. "It's their land after all."

As soon as the 1st Marine Division halted for a while and gave way, the After School Tea Time-inspired soldiers of the 4th Division,
along with their Type 10 and Type 90 tanks, rolled over the Chinese forces like torrents of water from broken dam.

"We'll end this tonight!"

"You bet that!"

"Onwards, fellow soldiers! Charge!"

At the beachhead, the Chinese commander was exhorting his men to fight on to the bitter end on his radio.

"No one's going to rescue us! Make sure we'll make them pay, with their own blood!"

However, the fanaticism that filled the invasion force hours ago was suddenly shattered upon seeing the berserker advance of the
4th Division.

"Screw that sir; we're surrendering!"

"We don't want to die yet!"

"Maybe you can fight to the end, but not us! We're out of this business!"

As the Chinese commander banged his radio in anger, the troops under him fighting at the frontlines began to surrender en masse,
to the shock and surprise of the combined forces of the 4th Division and 1st Marine Division.

"They're waving white flags and laying down their arms to us? That's really something."

"Correction: that's something indeed. Perhaps their morale was really knocked down with the arrival of the Filipino marines."

"You've got to love the Philippines as an ally. They really know how to fight."

At 1930 hours, the vanguard of the 4th Division arrived and surrounded the headquarters of the entire Chinese invasion force
at shores of Yaese.

"Sir, it's game over." The executive officer said to the commander. "There's no more escape."

"I know that. You don't have to emphasize it, do you? Well, let's get this over with."

The commander, along with his officers, went out of the building with the Chinese Flag, White Flag and their service arms.

"We're surrendering. Where's your commander?"

Meanwhile, Team 13 was still lazing around the captured command center at Nanjo when Charlie 6 let out a small laugh.

"What is it now Charlie 6?" Charlie 1 asked

"The Chinese invasion of Okinawa has failed, and Operation Ketsana will definitely proceed as planned. Rock on,
Philippine Marines."