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Two weeks.


It had been two weeks since he had last been inside her. Two weeks that they continued to argue, though mainly through email these days.


Every thought that ran through Edward's head was of her. Her eyes, temper, exceptional work, how she would do as his VP, her legs wrapped around him, the feeling of her. Images of the one night they spent together torturing his already aching desire. He knew her memory of their night was spotty, but his was clear.

Every moan that escaped her perfect lips, the softness of her flesh in his hands, the shock of electricity when she first touched him; the feeling set him on fire.

Fuck. This was not working.

Edward slammed his keyboard against the desk. Any thought that sleeping with her would end his infatuation with the feisty beauty was out the window. Instead of cooling him it had only fueled his want of her.

After working with her? Well, that had only fueled his desire for her to work for him. She was damn good and any tests he gave her she passed with flying colors, sometimes even better than he would have. However, Bella was determined NOT to work for him, declining his offer daily. Sometimes with profanity as she yelled at him.

Fuck. Her yelling at him. Edward shuddered as he felt his cock grow even harder, if possible.

He had nearly spit his coffee out onto his desk when he read her name on a resume Vicki from the temp agency had sent over. Without thinking, or looking at the others, he called up Vicki and requested they send her. When she arrived he could feel the pull to her and the disdain he felt that accompanied it.

Fuck, she was gorgeous. How had he forgotten? Did she know how hot she was?

Their argument from the boardroom at Newton's nine months ago seemed to still be brewing and neither was backing down. Did she have any idea that he had been only seconds away from jumping across the table and fucking her senseless, observers be damned? Probably not.

For some fucked up reason every time she yelled at him, argued, stood against him, his cock wanted to enter the scene and say hello.

Was it because most women were throwing themselves at him and Isabella was standing toe to toe with him and keeping her distance?

Edward's eyes scanned his computer as a message from Bella popped up.

Yet another perfect assignment returned from the perfect woman.

Perfect woman? Yes, perfect for him.

He wished she had accepted a date with him, but she had pushed him away despite their evening and glorious morning.

Fuck. Thinking about her lying beneath him, back arched as she called out his name.

Their attraction was so great he could feel her in the next room, the feeling driving him insane. The office was so quite he could hear her move about in the next room. The low swishing of her skirt, the tapping of her pen, the squeak when she stretched. All sounds that were making him loose control.

All week long he was having more and more trouble concentrating on work, his thoughts being pulled by the lovely brunette. He was slowly losing his mind.

There was a slight reprieve of her presence that was long enough to clear his head slightly. Finding himself to be thirsty he moved from his desk and down the hall to the break room.

Unfortunately his head lifted to find his torture maiden standing by the coffee pot. He could not stop the sharp intake of breath as he took in her beautiful, sexy figure. She was wearing a fitted red blouse, black pencil skirt with a slit up the back, and complete with black leather 50's fuck me heels.


He could feel his body trembling with his want for her. He watched her surprised look turn to lust as she took her bottom lip into her mouth.

God that was hot. He watched her hips move in an effort to create the friction she was obviously craving. Stunned he watch as she slowly walked toward him.

His eyes grew wide as he watched her hand reach out to his collar and roughly pull him to her, their lips crashing together. After a moment Bella withdrew and he could hear her shaky breath. She wanted him as well.

"Oh, how you torture me, Miss Swan," he breathed into her ear as he suckled at the skin on her neck. The taste of Bella was like an aphrodisiac. He had to have her.

Slowly she rose and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You are the bane of my existence, Cullen." Her tone was harsh as she rocked her hips against his screaming erection. His hands wound underneath her blouse as his mouth moved down her jaw to her neck as he nipped at the flesh, eliciting soft moans from her that went straight to his dick.

He wanted to mark her like he had that night. Bite her neck and claim her.

Fuck. What she could do to him!

"Cullen, we can't keep doing this," she murmured and he could feel her hands trying to push him away. No, he couldn't let that happen. His arms wrapped tightly around her pulling her tight against him.

"Yes, we can. I'm the boss, remember?"

"We don't like each other, remember?" she snapped, turning him on more. He had to have her.

"But we want each other."


"Stop! Just stop," he demanded as he looked down at her. She wouldn't keep shutting him out. He needed her. Fuck, how he needed her."Just use me if that is what you need. Please, I want you so badly," he begged.

Her lips attacked his with fervor and he could feel her small hands pull at his belt. He nearly came when her fingers stroked him through the fabric of his pants and was unable to hold back a groan.

"Now. But we have to move from the break room," she whispered. Suddenly Edward released her, grabbing her wrist he guided her to the end of the room to a supply closet. He was about to play out one of his favorite fantasies. Closing the door behind him he rounded back on Bella. His hands slipped under her blouse and teased her nipples, causing the flesh to pebble and harden. Her breasts were the best, soft yet firm and perky.

"Edward," she moaned. His hands moved down to her thighs and pushed her skirt up to her hips. He loved that she wore skirts much of the time.

"I love when you wear skirts," he purred into her ear. It was fairly dark, but he could feel as she managed to unbutton his belt and pants and pull them and his boxer briefs to the floor.

Fuck. His erection popped out and he moaned 'fuck' as she ran her tongue along its length

"Turn around," he commanded.

She did as he asked, her hips rubbing against him as she turned. He pushed on her back, urging her to lean over. He pulled her panties to the side and placed his cock at her entrance, rubbing it along her slit, pleased to find her wet and waiting for him. With urgency he pulled her panties down her legs and lined up at her opening.

The first thrust was hard and fast and left them both crying out at the intense pleasure. His hips began to buck wildly, unable to control his need as he thrust roughly while tightening his grip on her hips, her moans spurring him on.

Fuck. She was so tight and wet. He was ready to cum and they had just begun.

"Bella," he called after a short time of thrusting in and out of her. "Cum for me."

His words sent a shiver down to her core, the added heat proved to be too much sending her spiraling over the edge. He continued to slam into her as she rode out her orgasm before his thrusts became erratic and he shot deep into her.

"So good. Never been this good," he whispered as he kissed her shoulder.

"What the hell is going on in here?" A familiar voice boomed and the joined pair swung their heads to find Emmett's through the open gap in the door. "Oh shit!"

Fuck. Fucking little brothers and their shitty timing. Office scandal here we come.

Quickly the pair straightened their clothing and stepped out of the closet.

"This is who got into your panties? Edward?" Emmett asked in disbelief.

"I..he…" she stuttered. He watched her jaw clench as her expression turned from embarrassment to anger. He watched and waited, still coming down from his post coital bliss. "This is all your fault!" she yelled as hand smacked the back of his head before storming out and back to her desk.


Fuck. Back to square one.

"Thanks, Em," he growled sarcastically at his brother and headed back to his office.

"What? What did I do?"

He was sated now, but began to worry about the addiction that was Isabella Swan. Did she not feel anything but lust toward him? Honestly he was not sure of what he wanted with her himself, but he was all for sexing her up again.

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