Hope you all like this. This is for misswhiteblack's Well this is S t r a n g e Challenge.

I gotten Theodore Nott and Tracey Davis, trying to find the Room of Requirement. Though its not purely based on this I hope you all like it.

I actually got this idea from a small fire that happened in my own house. So hope you all appreciate it. Enjoy :)

The fire licked her house as it hungrily ate her house. It was all an accident, no one was meant to be hurt, but it's only her now standing there watching the flames lick her once beautiful house. Tracey hung her head as the Aurors tried to control the fire. It scared her and all she could do was watch, she didn't know what to do but somebody knew how to comfort her, but she wasn't going to be comforted now, she would have to wait and be strong until that somebody came. Before anyone went over to her she looked up at her house and began to cry, she was barely 10 and both her parents were killed in the fire also all her possessions were destroyed.

Tracey didn't do anything wrong, she was being herself and her siblings got her angry so she accidentally set the house on fire with accidental magic. Now she was the only one left who lived.

Her life was in shambles and no one could help her, no one. A couple weeks Tracey comes back to her house, to find what was left of the house. As she was rummaging through her parents things she found a note, it said:

You're not alone,

You're not standing alone,

One day you will have a young man

Standing by your side forever.

Several years later Theodore walks up to her in the Slytherin common room, his face has a look of knowing on it. It was the anniversary of the fire and all she could do was stare out into space, her blank stare as she remembered the horrible memory but this time she wasn't alone looking out into space, thinking about her past.

She wasn't alone

She wasn't standing alone,

And today was the day that she had a 'young man'

Standing by her forever.

Then as the two were trying to find the Room of Requirement that was when they finally knew they were meant to be together. As they stepped through the door, comfort enveloped the two until their worries were gone.

Hope you all like it.