A.N FUCKKKKK! You guys I am so so soooooooo sorry for this long wait, but I had the most severe case of writers block I have ever had in my lifetime. It was like, whenever I sat down at my computer, and would try to write something, my brain would just like shut down and I would have no ideas, no motivation for this story chapter WHATSOEVER! It SUCKED so much, so finally I sat down at my computer today for a half hour and like worked my brain to come up with even a little bit of inspiration for this story, and I got this teeny-tiny bit done, just so I could post something so you wouldn't think I was dead or anything, and I know it isn't much but it's all I could get right now, so just bare with me and I SUPER DUPER PINKY SWEAR that there will be a longer chapter for this story when my writers block is gone, I don't know when it will be, but I hope it will be soon, because I hate it as much as all of you guys do.

So without further ado, let's get on with the story shall we?

Silence. Nothing but complete and utter silence filled the dark clubhouse until "Y-you're gay t-to?" was uttered so quietly that Sasuke and Naruto had to strain their ears to make sure they heard right.

"Yep!" replied Naruto with his trademark smile. And then… "R-really…you're really…gay." "Yes Sai, we're really gay." Silence…again. "Oh…well then I'm…not alone." "Nope, you'll always have us!" "Really?" "Yep really, but only if you promise to not tell anyone about us." "…I promise."

-Lunch time on the playground at Konoha Elementary School was usually normal and like any other lunch at any other school. That is, until Sakura and Ino interrupted that is. "Hey faggot!" "Yeah hey faggot!" Sai sighed (gosh that sounds weird, seriously say it in your head) "What is it that you want Sakura-chan, Ino-chan." They snicker, "Hehe, he responded to faggot!" "Yeah, well anyways we just thought that since you like guys we would, you know…help you out…yeah that's it." "W-what do you mean by that?" "Well…we mean this!" And with that being said Sakura and Ino pushed Sai into Naruto, to make them almost kiss…now I said almost…Sasuke was there just at the right time to see his boyfriend and this new boy he thought was his friend almost kiss. Shit…this can't be good…

"SAI! JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? Naruto's my boyfriend not yours!"…fuck, well…this won't end well.

"Oh," "Mah," "Gawd." Said Ino and Sakura, "Sasuke…is…gay…" …and…queue angry fan girls…NOW.

"And Naruto is dating him…girls…get…Naruto…now."

Well, just fuck it all.

A.N Again, I am SO sorry for the shortness (and crappiness) of this chapter but my writers block is killing me slowly and I just really had no…ideas I guess for this chapter, but I must thank Sasunarufan101 for the idea of Sai kissing Naruto, if it weren't for her suggestion I would have literally had ZERO ideas for this chapter so THANK YOU SASUNARUFAN101 –throws her a yaoi cookie- YOU WERE MY INSPERATION FOR THIS CHAPTER!