I'm not sure why my first reaction is to call Paul, but the moment that I see that girl's picture on the TV screen I practically dive for my phone. By the time that Paul answers his phone I'm hysterical.

"Paul she's dead!"

"What?! Who's dead?!" he panics.

At this I vaguely hear the sound of someone in the background but I don't know who it is and I don't care.

"The girl!"

"What girl!?" Yells a different voice.

"The one on the TV," I sob as I sink into the couch. This is just too much, after everything that's happened this week, this is just too much.

I don't pay attention to Kim or Emily as they try to calm me down enough to talk. By this time Tommy and Carry have woken up and Tommy is in front of me trying to figure out what is going on.

The only thing that keeps playing through my mind is, 'It could have been me...'

It's Calvin... I know it is... Whatever it is...

Paul, Jared and Sam get to the apartment in record time, none knock as they just burst through the door. Paul rushes to my side and pulls me into his arms. There I cry, and I don't stop until there is nothing left to cry. I cry for everything... I cry for Tommy whose parents couldn't love him for the wonderful person he is, I cry for Carry who has lived in neglect, I cry for Paul who just wants someone to understand him and I cry for that girl whose life ended for no reason.

I just cry... and when I'm all cried out I just lean against Paul and let him rock me.

I can hear them murmur around me.

"...started when she saw the news..."

"...something about it being her..."

"I can smell her fear..."

"So afraid..."

"...Of what?"

"Who is the girl?"

Finally I just fall asleep, unable to take being conscience anymore...

Maybe all this is just a bit too much for me...

Maybe I made a mistake...

When I wake up I'm in my bedroom and my phone is on my nightstand ringing loudly in my ear. Groggily I reach over and pick it up. The number on the caller id is unfamiliar and I hesitantly answer it.

"Hi Miss Grace? It's Mrs. Roberson, my husband and I would like to take Carry out into town today."

I didn't want her to go... I was afraid of what might happen to her.

"Today isn't a good day... she has homework..."

"Well surely she can do it tomorrow? Especially since she may not be at that school much longer."

My heart clenches, I know what she is doing. She is trying to bully me into getting what she wants by holding this over my head. Well I won't have it.

"If you want to see her tomorrow, after she has her homework done that is fine. Personally, I would rather her not go into a city where a young woman was just murdered." With that I hung up the phone. I didn't want to deal with her, plus I don't like them, not one bit.

I clamber out of bed, angry and annoyed, before making my way toward the shower. After I find myself presentable I head into the living room where I can hear the low murmur of voices.

The moment I step into the room Sam is in front of me. He's tall and intimidating, whether or not he's trying to be, and that isn't what I need right now. Paul is in front of me in a minute pulling me toward him. I happily follow him over to the couch where I settle down beside of him and try to dissolve into his side as his arm slides around me. I take a deep breath and look around at everyone.

"That girl who died... I saw her the other day talking to Calvin... She seemed weird..."

"Weird how?" questions Paul gently.

"Like she was in a trance..."

"I don't understand..." states Sam.

I take a deep breath.

"When I first met Calvin he always wore sunglasses...always."

"Wait... how long did you know him?" questions Paul as I feel his muscles tense.

"I formally met him the day before we went and got coffee but I saw him for two weeks before that. Now that I think about it... he was probably watching me... it was when you all weren't around very much."

I feel Paul get even more tense, I don't have to look up to know that he's angry.

"When we went for coffee he had his glasses off and they made me feel weird... Plus the one other time I talked to him he took his glasses off and looked into my eyes and told me to do something. I don't know what he wanted to happen but it apparently didn't work on me since I was able to tell him 'no' which confused and frustrated him."

"That day you smelt like him..." muses Paul from beside me a deadly look marring his handsome features.

I nod, "I don't know what it is... but I think he hypnotizes people, women, with his eyes... when I saw that girl she looked... lovesick... it was weird."

"How so?"

"It didn't seem real...Like he was making her love him."

Silence encompasses the room as each person is trapped in their own thoughts.

The door down the hallway opens suddenly and Carry comes stumbling out of her room, her eyes are red and puffy from where she sat and cried all night. She looks likes she is about to fall over at any point in time from exhaustion. I can definitely relate...

She looks embarrassed as she walks into the living room to see everyone sitting there looking at her.

I just get up and make my way into the kitchen, "Pancakes anyone?"

The armor has returned and the mask is firmly set into place. No one needs to know just how upset that I am, especially Carry.

I'm not surprised when Paul is by my side in a second.

"You want help?" he asks hesitantly.

I just shake my 'no' as I rush around the kitchen gathering the ingredients to make the pancakes and other breakfast food. It isn't long until Kim and Emily are by my side helping me. No one says a word, but I can hear the men in the other room talking in a low murmur. I know that they are worried and planning something. This went from being just a nameless and faceless uncertainty to an actual threat.

I'm pretty sure that after making as many pancakes as I just did, I could give the short order cook at Waffle House a run for his money. If you include Emily and Kim then I'm pretty sure that we could win a national contest. Sitting on the countertop are an assortment of plates each one piled high with a different type of pancake. On one plate there is Seth and Collin's chocolate chip, Seth prefers his with bananas so there is a bowl of banana slices beside of the plate. Brady, Tommy and Paul like my banana nut pancakes. Carry prefers blueberry and she likes blackberries and strawberries on the side. Apparently Sam and Jared prefer buttermilk pancakes. In the middle of the pancakes circle is a can of whipped cream as well as an assortment of sausage and bacon.

I call everyone to the table, letting the girls get their food first of course, before leaning back watching the men devoure the meal. I'm surprised when Tommy and Paul walk over to me with a plate of pancakes, just the way I like them.

"You need to eat," states Paul as he gives me a pointed look.

"I'm not hungry," I murmur as I shrug and continue to stare off into space.

"Come on Meg..." pleads Tommy giving me puppy dog eyes. I roll my eyes vaguely wondering where he learned that.

I then glance back over at Paul to see his own puppy dog eyes and I know where Tommy got it from.

I roll my eyes before I take the plate out of his hand and walk into the living room where I can be alone with my thoughts. However, I'm not surprised when both Paul and Tommy follow behind me. They sit on either side, their warmth and presence comforting me. Nobody says anything as I just sit and stare off into space, eating the pancakes but not tasting them.

I know what I need to do now...

I have too many people to protect not to...

That night as everyone is in bed I sit up at the table trying to make sense of the information that I know about Calvin. I frown as my search brings up yet another dead end. I've been at this for hours and yet I can't seem to figure out precisely what Calvin is.

All of a sudden the song on my iPod changes to one from days long past. I don't pay too terribly much attention to the song at first, but then I recall a day long forgotten when my curiosity got the better of me. With renewed vigor I begin typing that's when I know I had figured it out.

'That's it... that's precisely what he is,' I think with a shudder as I look at the thing of nightmares.

I grab my phone and dial the one number that even in the darkest of times makes me feel better...

Pardon me...
While I burst...

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