"Fuck you, Edward Cullen!"

Just before I slammed the door in his face, I saw his full lips pressed into an angry line. The lips that kissed me three days ago. The lips that refused to admit anything was happening between us.

I stomped down the hall toward the stairs. As I passed his sister's apartment, Alice peeked through her door.

"Seth," she called out in a shaky voice.

No matter how furious I was with Edward, I did not want to take it out on Alice, who'd been nothing but good to me these last three confusing days. Still, I couldn't wipe the scowl off my face when I spun to face her.

"What?" It came out sounding very harsh.

She tiptoed into the hall and took my hand. "Give him some time."

I kissed her forehead and slowly slid free from her grasp. "He said all he needed to say. I've got to go."

As I turned away and headed for the stairs, Alice began to sniffle. "Where are you going?"

I kept walking, afraid ooking at her again would make me lose my nerve. "You know where, Alice. I need to find someone who actually wants me."

Her pleas floated down the stairs as I continued to walk away.


I loved this club. The lights. The pounding music. The alcohol. The men.

On the dance floor, they could touch me all they wanted. I was 21, tall, thin, and dark-skinned. They all wanted to touch me. It instantly made me feel powerful, attractive...just like Alice had said it would. Here, I was the one who was unattainable instead of the one pining. I never went out back with them or home with them. I might let them stroke me off in my pants, but I didn't let them blow me or fuck me. I was saving all that for Edward.

There wasn't any point in saving anything for him now.

I went straight to the bar and ordered two shots of tequila. I hadn't needed courage assistance in a while, but tonight was different. I ignored the burn rushing down my throat, but I couldn't ignore the big hand cupping my ass. I'd know that hand anywhere.

"Hey, Emmett," I said without even turning around.

"Hey, yourself. I see you didn't bring the baby girl with you tonight." His hand continued to move over my ass.

Despite my mood, I was starting to get hard. "I know you get off on her watching us, but you think you could maybe get it up without the audience?"

His deep chuckle made me shiver. "Fuck, baby, I got it up the minute I saw you walk in."

I turned and looked down. He wasn't kidding. There was no way we were fucking, but there were other things we could do.

"Let's go out back."

"That's new. You don't go out back with anyone."

I took his hand. "I'll go with you."

He didn't say another word. He led me through the crowded club to the back door. When we walked outside, I blushed like the amateur I was. In the alley, there were a few couples, each in some stage of foreplay, their moans filling the air. Hands shoved in jeans. Men on their knees. I wondered if they even fucked back here.

"Seth," Emmett whispered. "Don't worry. We might do a lot of things, but I won't fuck you in this dirty alley."

I looked up at him, my eyes wide. "How did you know I was thinking that?"

He walked me over to a dark area and gently pushed me against the wall. "I was you once, you know. I didn't always know the ins and outs, no pun intended." He laughed, and it reassured me. "As long as we don't go crazy, the club and the cops let us do want we want. Public fucking, on the other hand, will get us arrested."

When he leaned down to kiss me, I turned my head and offered him my cheek. "Emmett..."

"Still no kissing I see. Something must have happened, though, for you to be here with me." He nudged my head to expose my neck and kissed me there, his tongue running over my jugular. "Things not going well with college closet boy?"

I moaned when his hand ran under my shirt and his fingers pulled at my nipple. "I don't really want to talk. I just want to feel something."

Emmett's mouth closed over my earlobe and bit it softly. "How about feeling my hand around your dick? Will that do?"

Fuck, I loved a man who talked dirty. "Yeah, that's a start."

His hand brushed over my abs and barely made it to the button on my jeans when I heard footsteps behind Emmett. I looked up and saw Edward's beautiful face, twisted in disgust. His auburn hair was standing in every direction; it was obviously he'd been tugging at it again. Alice was standing by him, and her smile seemed very out of place.

Edward took another step forward, and he shoved Emmett away from me.

"Get your fucking hands off my boyfriend!"