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It was September 20th and Clare was sitting at her bedroom window sill overlooking her backyard where her wedding was going to take place in just a few days. The weather report has said that it was going to be sunny with only a small chance of precipitation. She thanked the Lord for this considering the entire ceremony was going to take place outside and they hadn't ordered a tarp to cover them and their guests.

Clare met Landon during her third year at college. Her roommate Taylor had family visiting her during her birthday and Taylor's cousin Landon showed up at their dorm while Clare was studying for her math test. The two got to talking while waiting for Taylor to come back and three hours after Landon showed up, Taylor finally came and saw that her cousin and her roommate were about to go out to dinner.

"We're hungry," Clare said nervously. "There's no food and you hadn't come yet and we didn't think you'd come soon so I thought I'd show him around here…and eat some dinner."

"You kids have one," Taylor told them. She watched as Landon opened the door for Clare and gave a sweet smile at her direction and mouthed "thank you" along with a thumbs up. Taylor replied with a shoo-ing wave and laughed once Landon closed the door behind him. "Oh those two. They'll be getting married before I know it."

Just two years after graduating college, Clare and Landon were already living together and were already engaged for eight months. Clare always imagined being engaged for at least two years before actually getting married but when Landon's job was going to relocate him several hours away from her childhood home, they decided to get married before they moved.

Clare enlisted her best friend Alli's help for the wedding. Alli was always a sucker for weddings and after her own wedding to Dave, she found wedding planning to be a passion. She started up a wedding planning business and her first client would be Clare Edwards.

Being the religious girl that she was, Clare wanted her wedding to be in her church. Landon wasn't a religious person at all, he was actually an atheist, and refused to be married in a church. Clare still wanted to keep the wedding close to her home so when Alli suggested they hold the ceremony in their large backyard, Clare and Landon finally agreed on the location.

The colors of the wedding would be white and olive green. Clare's favorite color was green but Landon didn't want the wedding to be so bright. Clare found inspiration for the color when she was browsing through bridesmaids dressed and found the perfect olive green color and the perfect bridesmaids dresses in the process. Darcy, Alli, and Taylor all approved of the dress style but were a little skeptical of the dark color. They didn't imagine Clare wanting such a bland and warm color but Clare seemed to be happy with it so they didn't bring it up.

Landon Tarver had a business trip to New York that began a week before his wedding and he would be returning morning before the ceremony. So when Clare and Alli were scrambling to finish the final details of the wedding, Landon was away and wouldn't be able to give his approval.

"I'm sure that it'll be great Clare," Landon said reassuringly as he held his fiancé in his arms. "All of your decisions for the wedding so far has been fantastic. I can see it now. It's going to be wonderful and we'll be married in front of our family and friends. It'll be perfect."

Clare couldn't hold back her smile and leaned up to kiss Landon. "I guess you're right. Don't turn off your phone though. I'll probably call or text occasionally to ask you a question."

"Promise," Landon answered. When he heard a car honk outside of the house, he sighed and pressed his lips to Clare's again. After a few seconds the car honked again. Landon groaned and picked up his two suitcases and carry-on and headed for the door.

"Don't forget about me," Clare said at the door frame as Landon walked down the stone path.

"I couldn't do that," Landon said sweetly. The driver took his suitcases and opened the back door for him. The window rolled down and Landon blew a kiss to Clare who was trying her hardest to hold back her tears. "I'll be back before you know it, Clare. I can't wait to come back and make you my wife."

Clare waved slowly as the car started down the street. The last thing she heard from the car was a loud "I love you" and then it turned the corner and disappeared. Clare sighed and went back into her house and went into the office. She and Landon each had desks in there along with their respective computers. Clare's side of the office was very neat and tidy while Landon's was slightly messy but was, as Landon put it, "an organized mess." Clare turned on her computer and went to her E-mail. She was waiting for an e-mail from her publisher discussing meeting times.

After graduating from college with a degree in English and creative writing, Clare wrote her first novel and was in the process of being published. It was about a high school romance about polar opposites, going through trials and tribulations of getting in trouble and almost dying, and deciding that they would both be better off separate from each other. Whenever Clare proof-read her story, her mind could not help but go back to the boy that inspired her story.

Looking through her e-mail, she froze when she saw the name of the sender of an E-mail titled "Long time no see, Edwards." Elijah Goldsworthy, which was the name on the email rather than Eli, had sent her an email. Anxiously yet nervously, she clicked on the e-mail and began reading what it said:

"Dear Clare,

I received your wedding invitation and I'm sorry for the very short notice but I will certainly be attending. I was away on a trip and just got back to a full mailbox, many dying plants, and your wedding invitation in the midst of the chaos. Although it said to R.S.V.P a month ago, I'm hoping you'll let me come and won't have me kicked out if some usher says that I'm not on the list."

Clare scoffed and laughed. Eli was still the same.

"Anyways I wouldn't miss this day for the world. I called Adam to ask if he was going and when he said he would be attending with his girlfriend, I almost crapped my pants. When I left for my business trip, Adam was literally spending all of his time at my apartment whining about not having a girlfriend and now he has one. In just two months I find out that he has a girlfriend that he's crazy about and that you're getting married. I really should not leave town anymore. I miss too much.

This e-mail is getting quite long and I must be getting off now so I guess I'll end it here. I can't wait to see you Clare and I'm so happy to see that you'll be getting married. You deserve all of the happiness in the world. I also cannot wait to see everyone from Degrassi. It's been a while since we've all seen each other eh? It'll be one big, happy, Degrassi reunion. :)




Morty says he misses you. He always liked you more than me. ;)"

At the end of the e-mail, Clare immediately scrolled up and re-read it. When was he coming? Where will he be saying? Will she see him before the wedding? Was he dating anyone? Clare's mind was racing with questions about the boy she last saw two years ago at Adam's big bash. He finally became an actual he when his final surgery was finished and he and his family threw a gigantic party to officially say goodbye to Gracie and welcome Adam for real. Clare's relationship with Landon wasn't serious at that point and Eli had just broken up with his most recent girlfriend. Adam secretly hoped that this would be the time that his two high school best friends would get back together but that certainly wasn't the case. They barely talked to each other at the party and when they did, Adam was there to witness the awkwardness.

Clare sat at her computer staring at the email blankly and her attention finally turned when she heard her desk phone ringing. Shaking her head, she reached for the phone and didn't even bother looking at the caller I.D.

"Clare Edwards speaking."

"Nice to hear your voice again, Edwards."


"The one and only."

Clare felt her face flush and her lips turning into a bright smile. She probably shouldn't be this happy to hear Eli's voice but she was and she couldn't help it.

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