What happened to us?

Itachi maneuvered his kasa over his eyes. He had no reason to look at anything anymore. He shouldn't have strayed from the mission to come here; he knew what it would have done to him. And now that he had witnessed Anko's death, the damage was worse than it originally had been.

All he wanted to do now was find Kisame and report to the leader that "Operation: Capture Nine-Tails" was a failure so that he could get yelled at and go to sleep for a very long time.

Still, there was a new sense of energy inside him. The fact that he had kept a promise to someone he used to love was a hell of an accomplishment; even she would never know he had fore filled it.

We used to be so perfect…

Anko's door busted open with the woman herself stumbling out of it. She held on to the porch railings to gather her strength. She laughed through pants as streams of blood flowed down her cheeks. She looked ahead at the figure retreating from her apartment.

She recognized that stride anywhere; the stride of the man who walked away from her twice, the one who kept his promise gallantly to protect her from a monster who tried to break her over and over again, the man she had fallen out of love with the second his little brother was checked into a hospital barely alive because of him.

Now we're lost and lonely

Itachi felt a cold presence behind him. He stayed completely still to wait for the person to strike. But when he felt a pair of shaky arms wrap around his waist, a wave of familiarization hit him. "Anko?"

She smiled and nuzzled his neck. "Hey, Uchiha."

What happened to us?

He smiled, his fingertips grazing her blood stained hands. Her gripped around him tightened, as if she never wanted to let go.

"You don't have to hold on so tight anymore."

"But I have to." She whispered.

And deep inside I wonder,

Something sharp penetrated his chest. Oh, wait; he had forgotten the sword in Orochimaru's neck, right on top of Anko…

Did I lose my only?

She helped him fall to the ground, smiling wildly the whole time.

"Hurts doesn't it?" she sat on her knees and watched his shaky eyes blink back droplets of blood. "Wh-…"

Anko's lips clasped down on his, cutting off his last breath. Dark shadows began filling in the spaces of light until all was left was darkness and the taste of Anko's blood stained lips to his. But then there was nothing.

What happened to us?

Anko pulled her tongue out of him Itachi's mouth. She grimaced at the different taste in his mouth;

Someone else had been kissing him recently.

"So you moved on…" she said to his corpse. Despite the anger and grief, she smiled. "Another thing we have in common." She looked at the moon, so clean and pure compared to the red scene below it. "I couldn't love you, no matter how hard I tried." Her fingers slid in his hair, massaging his scalp. "You started to fade so quickly, I couldn't even remember what you felt like, let alone your appearance." Her grip tightened to the point where strands of his hair popped out of his scalp. "I forgot you…Itachi."

What happened to us?


Anko's head shot up to the unimaginably tall figure blocking out her precious moonlight. He came closer and Anko gripped Itachi's body tightly as if it were her lifeline. It had been all those years ago.

"What the Hell happened?" the man roared.

Anko's ears perked up at the tone of his voice. His speech was slightly slurred, an indication of drunkenness. She smirked at this; he'd be so easy take down. With her eyes on the man, his hazy eyes and slightly pink cheeks, her fingers curled around the forgotten sword by her side…



Yep this here's just a 'what could have happened' fic of Anko and Itachi. Sorry to the Orochimaru fans out there who are blessing me out for beating the Hell out of him. It just felt right at the moment. I had a lot of fun writing this.

What happened to them? They went crazy as hell.

Do they still love each other? Yeah, in their own sick ways.