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Alex had spent the rest of the weekend mulling over Tom's advice. Though he hated to admit it—Tom might be right. Still, Alex wanted to hold onto that small glimmer of hope that somehow, his love with Sabina could survive. He hadn't talked to Sabina the rest of the weekend and was now back to training.

Alex was in the middle of a class when:

"Excuse me, Mr. Rider, but Mr. Blunt would like to see you at headquarters." A man of about forty with dark black hair and an expensive suite walked into the classroom.

Whispers instantly spread around the room like wildfire. Even some of these kids knew that Blunt was MI6's top. If anyone didn't know, they were told very quickly. The fact that Alex was getting direct orders from the Head of Military Intelligence Six, was shocking, to say the least.

"Hmm…and, you are?" Alex asked, giving the man a measuring look. The man in question, was surprised. Not only was a teenager addressing him so casually, but that teenager in question also had an authoritive voice that demanded respect. He was so shocked, he listened.

"Shaun White, sir." The man, Shaun, said, becoming more shocked with the "sir" he added at the end.

"Right." A small grimace passed over his normally impassive face. He said to Shaun in an extremely polite tone, "If you'll excuse me I just have to make a call. Nothing personal, of course, just standard procedure," Alex, grabbed his phone and pressed a button that directed him straight to the headquarters of MI6.

"The Royal and General Bank, how may I help you?" A secretarial voice answered.

"Hello, this is Agent Rider, number 2849284928. I'd like to speak with Blunt," Alex said, his voice calm and commanding.

"Oh, Mr. Rider, of course, I'll direct you to Mr. Blunt right away, sir," the secretary answered, tone less severe.

"Thank you," Alex muttered as the phone was redirected.

"Ah, Mr. Rider. I was expecting to talk to you when you were in my office, but what can I do for you in the meantime?" Blunt asked, unusually happy.

"Yes, an agent by the name of Shaun White arrived here a few minutes ago informing me that you wanted to see me, is this correct?" Alex asked, secretly inspecting Mr. White again.

"It is. If you'd like to check and make sure it is the same person, ask him for his I.D. number. It's 479826031. I trust you can remember that?" Blunt asked.

"Of course, I'll be at headquarters within the hour," Alex responded as he snapped the phone shut.

"Mr. White, may I enquire to your I.D. number, please." Alex asked.

"479826031." Shaun replied.

Alex finally then nodded and said, "Alright, good, let's go."

A class of open-mouthed children stared at them as they left.

"Hello, Alex. How are you?" Mrs. Jones asked as Alex took a seat in Blunt's office. Blunt was sitting across from him in his office chair and Mrs. Jones was standing next to him.

"Fine, thanks, and you?" Alex responded politely.

"Oh, I'm just wonderful. Would you like a peppermint?"

"No, thank you. Why, exactly am I here this time?" Alex asked, tired of the formalities, and becoming more suspicious.

"Well, first, we want a report on how things have been going at the school," Blunt asked, tapping his fingers on his desk.

"Honestly, I don't think they can do it. They are going to end up getting themselves killed and everyone around them. I don't mean to question your judgment…well any more than I usually do, but I would say abort this…assignment, not just for me but in general," Alex responded honestly.

Blunt and Jones exchanged an unreadable glance.

"Thank you, Alex. We will take that into consideration. Next order of business, we want you to go on another mission. Your partner is an American and is your age. Like you, she's one of a kind, working for the CIA," Mrs. Jones said, smiling slightly as she walked over to the door and called for someone to come in.

A girl Alex's age walked into the room. Long brown hair flowed down her shoulders, and highlighted her bright blue eyes. The girl had porcelain skin and a few good-natured freckles. Her straight white teeth stood out on her full red lips. She was about 5"2 and had a smirk dancing on her lips. The tight blue jeans and blouse that she wore showed off her curves. Her build was slim, but didn't look underweight or anorexic like some other girls Alex's age. A part of Alex couldn't deny that she was absolutely beautiful.

"Hi, you must be Alex," the girl responded in her American accent, smiling brightly at him, "I'm Samantha."

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