Siobhain Mercedes Rain
It All Started

When my friend slipped some LSD into my
drink. I was high, hallucinating. I was so high

that nobody could even try to knock me down.
That one sip destroyed me. The part of me

that still has the brain knows that I screwed
up, but my idiotic, druggie, self thinks I did

the right thing. Well, if I did do the right thing
then why am I sitting in my car, with nothing.

I am not proud about what I am about to
resort to, but hey, nobody said this was

going to be easy. I am going to regret this
but right now it is my only way to get

money. I have lost everything right now
so this, isn't going to make anything better.

But let me start you off from the very beginning
of all of this. Trust me everything will lead back to

this moment.

Yay, that was my first attempt at something poetry-ish. I hope that maybe this will go a little bit better but right now I am just proud of myself for even doing this. Hopefully you enjoyed this little part of my story. Thanks for reading people!