Jackie Hit Me Up

With a bag of his oh-so-amazing
crack. He divided it up and lined

it up in six rows. He handed me
a florescent green straw and we

snorted away. In the matter of
a half hour we were rolling on

the floor laughing and snuggling.
I looked into his blood shot eyes

then the rest was just a blur. I
woke in his arms the next day.

I Woke Up







I Looked Over

To the coffee table and saw the brass tin of roofies.
I punched Jackie.

He stared at me in confusion, holding my wrist.
I began yelling.

A cocky smile came upon his rosy pink lips.
I cried till dawn.

Instead of staying for the day, I took myself back home.
I hugged my bed.

Have You Ever

Looked in the mirror at yourself?
Staring at the monster who has taken you over?

Cried for the first person that meant something to you?
Being manipulated by the only person you thought wouldn't?

Thought about your past and the tragedies that were caused?
Reliving the pain and sorrow that have overcome your life?

Noticed that the monster was taking your life?
Destroying every little sane part left?

I know, boring. It took me awhile to firgure out something to happen to Travis, but trust me it will get better. So I will leave you with my not-oh-so-famous words...
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