Epilogue – 12 Years Later:

Hermione Snape smiled gently as her two children bombarded their father with questions. Their eldest, Marilla Diane, was eleven now and headed off to her first year at Hogwarts. Their younger son, Mathias Drew, would follow his sister in two more years. The last twelve years had the best of Hermione's life; being with Severus, building their family, and growing in their love more and more with each passing year.

Severus never had gone back to teaching at Hogwarts, as Hermione had once guessed he might. All those years he worked at Hogwarts he had saved nearly every galleon he'd earned. That money had set them up for life, though they both did still work. Severus did some contracting with St. Mungo's to make potions they needed, as well as doing the occasional lecture at various schools. Hermione had gone into writing full time; her line of textbooks were now the standard for several classes at Hogwarts. The family was not hurting for money, and they doubtful ever would be.

"Dad," Marilla said with a smile. "When I'm in Potions do I have to call Aunt Debra 'Professor Snape?'".

Hermione smiled at the question. To the childrens' knowledge, Debra Snape was their father's sister. When they were older, the three adults agreed to tell them the truth, but for now, this was more simple. Debra, despite having every right to hate Hermione's guts for more or less stealing her husband, had requested from the beginning to be a part of the childrens' lives. She had told Hermione that she held no ill feelings about the situation, but as she had never been able to have children with Severus, she wanted a chance to be involved in Marilla's, and later, Mathias' lives. Hermione had not objected, and Severus had been positively gleeful at the prospect that he would be able to maintain a relationship with his ex-wife.

"Hey, Hermione! Severus!"

Hermione turned to see Harry Potter, with he and Ginny's eldest, James, in tow. James and Mathias were the same age, and after Marilla was on the train, James would be coming home with them to spend the afternoon.

Coming up right behind Harry and his family was Ron and Neville, along with their daughter, Emilee, and son, Ethan. As Neville had promised, he had proposed to Ron the summer following their coming out. Ron's family, for the most part, had taken it all quite well. Emilee and Ethan had the same surrogate mother, Luna Lovegood, who had never married, now ran a wizarding animal shelter, and stayed up to date on her son and daughter's lives, though she was not really an active part in their family. Emilee was Marilla's best friend, and Ethan was also the same age as James and Mathias.

"Hey everyone!" Hermione replied, waving.

Severus looked up to see the crowd of people. He spotted Ethan and James quickly, and knew that any minute, Charlie Weasley would be here with his brood. Charlie had married a woman he worked with at the dragon preserve, Arianna, right after the War had ended seventeen years previous. He had nine children. Charlie Junior was a seventh year now, Maddie was a sixth year, the twins Eva and Ali were fifth years, Danny was in fourth year, Becky was the third year, Kenny was the second year, Jennie was starting this year with Marilla and Emily, and the surprise baby Toby, was Mathias, James, and Ethan's age, and the fourth of what Severus feared would become the new Marauders. His son Mathias was as close as close could be to James Potter, Ethan Longbottom, and Tobias Weasley than friends could be. Severus just hoped that if, Merlin forbid, they were the next generation of Marauders, than none of them would become a Peter Pettigrew.

As Severus has predicted, there came the Weasley's. – all eleven off them. Severus imagined that it must be quite nice for Charlie and Arianna to be able to send off every one of their kids this year – the older eight off to Hogwarts, and Tobias off to spend the day with the other three boys at the Snape house.

Charlie grinned when he reached Severus. "Severus, I can't tell you when the last time Arinna and I had the house to ourselves for more than an hour. I really appreciate you and Hermione taking Toby for the day."

"He's my godson, it's no problem," Severus said. Tobias – Toby – had been named for Severus. Each of Charlie's children had different godparents, and Hermione and Severus were Tobias'.

Charlie smiled. "Well thanks, anyway."

Severus elbowed Charlie in the ribs. "Just do yourself a favor and don't get Arianna pregnant again while you have all this time to yourselves."

Charlie chuckled. "She threatened to cut my balls off when she found out she was pregnant with Toby. I promise, we're done. No more Weasley's from these loins."

Severus smiled. Something he'd been doing more and more since the day Hermione walked into his office. But hey – he had known even then it was going to be a weird year.

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