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The girl gave a quick, soft curse in French, and glared at him with such ferocity that Butler took a single step away from her side. He looked at her with something like shock, though he was not completely discomposed. Artemis cursed so rarely that he had almost forgotten that gaining a filthy vocabulary was part of any normal child's rite of passage into adulthood. Of course, this girl wasn't what one would consider "normal," being far too much like Artemis, but Butler suspected she had enjoyed at least a bit more social interaction with her peers than the missing Irish boy.

Butler felt his heart pull again, the ache almost forgotten while he planned their escape from Taiwan. Artemis...gone...no, missing. He had to keep telling himself that. He'd get home and contact the People and see what they thought. Then he would find out when he could expect Artemis back. It was just a matter of waiting. Surely.

Eventually, Minerva managed to switch back into English, her face red from both a lack of air—which made her words somewhat divided, as she tried to regain her breath—and her quite apparent rage. "You will say no such thing! That is...will you stop doing that! You'll ruin it!"

"Hmmm?" Butler looked away from the ancient cinder-block wall they were passing, along which he had dragged each edge of the passport, leaving an almost invisible line as the border was worn away. He pressed harder when he came to the bottom spine corner, sanding away an eighth-inch wedge before complying with the girl's order. "Stop yelling, Minerva. A lot of the people here have studied English, and I'd rather we kept a low profile until we're back on the jet."

"What. Are you. Doing?" Minerva insisted, reaching up to snatch the passport away.

Butler allowed it, his work done. As the girl inspected the damage, he stepped from the sidewalk and into the gutter, barely avoiding a dam of trash that held back a murky brown lake. He raised a hand in the air, waving vigorously whenever he spotted a taxi. "Weathering your passport," he finally said. "It's four years old, by the issue date, and there's plenty of stamps inside, since the General is known to travel regularly. My passport is a bit worn, but you're a teenager. Or almost one. Yours should be abused."

"If you're my father," Minerva scowled at the switched paternity, "shouldn't you keep my passport, so it won't get like this?"

Butler narrowed his eyes at a cabbie, who met his gaze and nodded. "You are a stubborn child who thinks she is more mature than she actually is, and who won't give me a moments peace unless she has her way. That is why you carry your passport, and because you are completely immature, like all children who think they should be considered adults, you've ruined it."


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