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In The Darkness

Mystic Falls, 1861

Damon chased Mia around the halls of the Salvatore estate until Samuel stopped then.

"Amelia, be careful. Mrs. Salvatore just cleaned and wanted me to warn you that the floors are wet," Samuel said in a husky tone.

Mia frowned at her older brother. "Sam, you know I hate my full name."

He nodded and walked away.

Damon tapped on Mia's shoulder. They were both young, only 18,but he knew her by heart. In truth, the only secret that he didn't know was one no one was aware of at the time. Mia looked at him, blue eyes bright. She faked a smile and Damon saw right through it.

"Mia, is there something you aren't telling me," he asked hesitantly.

She bit her lip and nodded…

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Bonnie woke with a start, sweating. Who was Mia and how was she tied to the Salvatore's? She jumped out of bed and went to the shelf that held Emily's grimwar and pulled it off its normal spot. She flipped through it till she got to a entry.

February 2nd, 1864

Damon and Stefan were supposed to be with Miss Katherine today and they abandoned her to look for a girl they called Amelia or Mia for short. She had gone missing in the night along with her brother and their belongings. Guiseppe didn't put them on the streets; we all know it. He adored them like his own children.

Katherine was not pleased when they went to look for this girl and her brother. "I think I know them, Emily. Something about them makes me wary. This could be very bad for us," she said and went out into town to watch the Salvatore boys in the shadows.

I had looked up things in my ancestor's journals for clues as to who Amelia was but came up blank. What was Amelia Saunder's?

She starred at the grimwar as she came to a realization: she needed to pay the Salvatore's a visit.

Damon sat in the living room of the Salvatore Boarding House, skulking as he downed scotch. Elena hated him, Katherine didn't want him. And all of, right then, Stefan and Elena barged through the front door like an army. Elena stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"I thought you weren't killing anymore, Damon? We both know whomever made Katherine trained her better than to be sloppy. So obviously there's another vampire or poor-little-rejected you," she hissed in between her teeth.

Damon glanced over at Stefan and nodded as Stefan raised his shoulders and made a look like' don't look at me. I think she's crazy too'. Damon stood up, putting his glass down.

"Elena, I'm doing the Stefan-diet now. I kill Bambi's remaining family members as he watches," he said sarcastically.

A look of shock passed over her face and as she was about to speak, Bonnie stormed in. Everyone looked up at Bonnie as she came in like a bat outta hell, hair messy and hands clutching Emily's grimwar like it was a subjection. Damon rushed over to her and looked down at her.

"What brings you to our vamp-cave, Ms. Bennet," he asked menacingly.

She looked up at him with confusion. "Amelia Saunders, is who brings me here," she said unsteadily.

Damon and Stefan stumbled back, faces grim. No one had mentioned her in over 140 years. Elena looked at them all like they were crazy. Stefan sighed and motioned for them to sit down as he closed the door. He sat next to Damon as Bonnie and Elena sat down in the soft armchairs. For once, Bonnie didn't look at Damon with hate. No, today she looked at him like he was the key to her answers. He ran a hand over his face before getting up, racing to his room, grabbing a journal, and racing back down and handing it to Bonnie. She flipped through the entries, seeing Mia's name in all of them. At one point in the journal it became about both Mia and Katherine. In the back of the journal held a picture of Katherine. In the front, was a picture of Damon and Mia and Stefan, the brother's arms around Mia in a loving gesture. She looked back to an entry as Elena came up next to her, reading it aloud with her.

September 13, 1860

Mia told me her secret today. It was overwhelming and scary but I couldn't help but still love her the same amount. Later that night, I watched as she came into the kitchen in one of my shirts and her pantaloons. Mother and me were washing dishes as she went up to Stefan and kissed his head. She was like a sister to him and I could tell she could be trusted with him. Mother kissed Mia's head, Stefan's, and mine as she retired for the night. Stefan looked softly up at Mia and she smiled down at him.

"Good evening, honey. What are you looking at," she had said to him, compassion in her tone.

Stefan hugged her waist. "Math. Father wants me to start studying harder like Damon and you. You are both so educated," he replied solemnly.

I went up to them and looked at his problems. Mia was more the mathematically genius of us so I told him to have her help as I said I was going to bed.

Little did they know, I was watching them. Mia had Stefan bring his things into the living room off the dining room and they sat on the couch. After a while of studying and her coaching him on skills, he fell asleep next to her. She sighed softly, chuckled, and picked up the boy as if he weighed nothing. I followed her upstairs, staying in the shadows as I watched her lay him in bed and cover him with the heavy blankets. Before exiting the room, she kissed his forehead and whispered, "Never knowing is a virtue, Stefan. I hope that you are always kept in the dark from all of these horrible things. Lord only knows what will happen to your brother for his knowledge."

What on Earth could she mean?

The girls looked at Damon and Stefan in shock. Bonnie frowned at Damon.

"How does this tell me what and who Amelia Saunders was or is," she asked skeptically.

Damon sighed and leaned his elbows against his knees. "Do you want the long or short version?"

Instead of Bonnie speaking, Elena piped up. "The long version."

"Well," Stefan mused, "I hope you don't have plans today. This story is long."

Damon nodded in agreement and started.

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