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Lloyd couldn't have been more thrilled to now be a part of the ever-growing massively popular social network called Facebook. Upon creating an account, he spent the first hour exploring the many many many features and apps on the site before deciding to update his status for the very first time.

He spent the next while playing around with some more apps before going to his page to take a look at the status he uploaded earlier.

The very first post on his wall read, "Lloyd Irving: FACEBOOK IS AWWSUM! (about an hour ago)."

Lloyd saw that Colette Brunel and Genis Sage liked his status.

Genis Sage left the very first comment on his status saying, "Lloyd you idiot. You spelled awesome wrong!"

Lloyd Irving replied with a comment saying,"Oh... Heh heh. My bad."

Genis Sage replied with a comment saying, "Well aren't you gonna fix it?"

Lloyd Irving replied with a comment saying, "Nahhh."

Genis Sage didn't bother replying properly, and merely left a comment saying, "Sigh."

Genis not only cyber-sighed through his comment, but sighed in real life, too.

Raine was second among the whole gang to update her Facebook status.

The very first post on her wall read, "Raine Sage: Facebook is a magnificent development of magitechnology! I MUST DO SOME RESEARCH! (41 minutes ago)."

Lloyd Irving left the very first comment on her status saying, "Uh oh..."

Genis Sage left a comment as well saying, "Raine Sage is in ruin mode again... Everyone watch out!"

Unfortunately for Genis, he is to live under the same roof as Raine until he is old enough to live on his own. Therefore, in order to stay clear of Raine's unpredictable and horrific phase when discovering an item of interest, he had to leave the house for the rest of the day.

It was a genuine shock to everyone when they discovered that the third person to update their Facebook status was quiet Presea. No one had expected her to have any sort of interest that would make her actually use the site, but she proved them wrong.

The very first post on her wall read, "Presea Combatir: I do not comprehend the existence of Facebook... (20 minutes ago)."

Genis Sage was the only one who liked her status.

Genis Sage also left a comment saying, "Awww Presea, lighten up! This is a great way for all of us to stay in contact with each other! (insert huge smiley face)"

Immediately after, there was a small notification that said, "Presea Combatir is now offline."

After seeing that Presea Combatir logged off without another word, Lloyd Irving left a comment saying, "HAHAHA REJECTED."

Genis Sage replied rather angrily with a comment saying, "Shut up, Lloyd!"

Presea's interest in Facebook was short and sweet. For Genis, it was just short.

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