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I feel that the worst part is that I was so used to the way I wrote ToS on FB, I was extremely stuck on what I would have to do to make the FanFic follow the guideline. After attempts at fixing, it resulted in adding extra details and description, which at times ended up having a rather parody-based or sarcastic tone to it. It was not what I wanted, but since I had to fix everything as soon as I could, that is what I had to upload. In the future I will try to rewrite and edit the chapters more. I will also try to find a site that supports chat/script format where I can upload the original chapters and continue to upload future chapters in the original format for anyone who absolutely cannot stand the revised version.

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Here is part II of the joyous idea of bringing homework and Facebook together. Enjoy :)

Fortunately for Raine, the boys couldn't help but add her back on Facebook, rather than ignoring her for the rest of their lives. Immediately after the friend requests were accepted, she messaged them their homework.

Her check-up status for them said, "Raine Sage: Mithos, Yuan, Botta, Zelos Wilder, Regal Bryant, Kratos Aurion, Anna Aurion, please notify me of whether you received your homework or not. (about an hour ago)"

Lloyd Irving took a look at his parents' homework and left a comment saying, "Uhh, Professor? I just saw the homework you sent to mom and dad, and... Are you sure Botta can do this homework?"

Kratos Aurion left a comment saying, "Lloyd, do not underestimate Botta's intelligence due to his lack of social manners or morals."

Yuan left a comment saying, "Kratos is right. All the hacking Botta does requires an in depth understanding of magitechnology which involves a heavy load of mathematics, including algebra and calculus, along with chemical engineering."

Lloyd Irving was very impressed and left a comment saying, "Wow! That sounds cool!"

Botta left a comment saying, "Because Botta is cooooool."

Being the good student she was, Colette was the first of the big group to finish her homework. She was about to message her work to Raine when she couldn't find her name in her friends list. Wondering what was going on, she asked the others.

Her status said, "Colette Brunel: Does anybody know what happened to Professor Raine's Facebook? (27 minutes ago)"

Noishe liked this.

Kratos Aurion carefully thought of how to reply, and left a comment saying, "...Why do you ask?"

Colette Brunel left a comment saying, "I'm all done today's homework and wanted to send it to her! ^^"

Yuan left a comment saying, "Let's just say it is no longer necessary for you to do homework..."

Colette Brunel left a comment saying, "Really? I thought the Professor liked giving us homework ^^"

Zelos Wilder left a comment saying, "Let's just say we took care of our lovely Professor Raine..."

Botta left a comment saying, "Botta took care of it... Heheheheh."

Sheena Fujibayashi, also not knowing what happened, left a comment saying, "Wait, don't tell me you guys deleted her whole Facebook account..."

Lloyd Irving left a comment saying, "Heheh, yup!"

Regal Bryant left an unexpected comment saying, "It was the only available method."

Presea Combatir left a comment saying, "We should not underestimate Professor Raine. She will, most likely, discover the truth behind her Facebook account and choose to seek some form of revenge for the secret termination."

Genis Sage left a comment saying, "I would like to inform you all that I am very aware of your inappropriate plan to have Botta hack and delete my Facebook. Since you are against the assignment of homework through Facebook, we will return to the traditional method of meeting in a classroom. Upon a new creation of my account, I will set up an event advising you with the information to our first classroom gathering. I expect ALL of you to attend. If you choose not to, you can expect great pain as a consequence. Have a good evening."

Kratos Aurion left a comment saying, "..."

Yuan left a comment saying, "..."

Regal Bryant left a comment saying, "..."

Sheena Fujibayashi left a comment saying, "..."

Lloyd Irving left a comment saying, "Aw, man..."

Zelos Wilder left a comment saying, "Shit..."

Presea Combatir left a comment saying, "As predicted."

Botta left a comment saying, "OMG..."

Colette Brunel left a comment saying, "The Professor is upset!"

Genis Sage left a comment saying, "How could you guys be stupid enough to delete Raine's account when she was bound to find out from seeing the news feed on MY Facebook!"

A/N: Anddddd that's what they get for messing with the Professor... Good luck to them. Speaking of professors, it is now finals time. Good luck to everyone! Must go back to studying now!

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