Lions and Snakes and Ghosts, Oh My

Just before midnight, Angel, her brothers, and her father slowly returned from the Hospital Wing. Thanks to Madam Pomfrey, the poor little house elf named Chatzy would make a full recovery. According to the mediwitch, Chatzy had collapsed from extreme exhaustion, which believed to be the result of running back and forth in the tower earlier searching for his lemon drops. Strangely enough, it seemed the sad house elf shared Angel and her honorary grandfather's love of the delicious treats. However, the poor creature was also terribly addicted to sherry, which made him a bit unstable mentally. Hence, the reason for the charmed objects zooming around the children earlier in the tower and crazed sounds from the house elf.

"Daddy, can I visit Chatzy tomorrow? I could share some of my lemon drops with him."

"We shall see if there's time."

"Well, Dray and I can take her, Dad, if you want."

Her father glanced towards Harry before inclining his head slightly. He obviously didn't seem to be too thrilled with the idea, but wasn't willing to argue in front of Angel. Waving his hand carelessly towards the portrait of Salazar Slytherin, the Founder's canvas instantly swung back to permit the family's entrance into their rooms. Harry, Draco, and Angel all walked towards the sofa and sat down. On the other hand, her father sat down in his chair across from them.

"It's always going to be an adventure with you, isn't it?" Draco said with a forced laugh. "Well, at least you're continuing the tradition for crazy Halloweens." His grey eyes then sparkled with hidden amusement. "Did anyone ever tell you about the time our Gryffindor brother decided to take on a fully grown Mountain troll?"

"No way," Angel replied before whipping her around towards Harry. "You fought a troll? Bet Daddy wasn't happy about that one."

"At the time, he wasn't my dad, El, so I didn't get into that much trouble over it. In fact, Mione was the one who got into the most trouble with Grandma."

"No way!" exclaimed Angel and Draco.

"Unfortunately, he's correct. Miss Granger attempted to spin a foolish tale that she went hunting for the troll because she had read about it. Anyone with half a brain could tell she was lying, though. As a result, she lost points for her House. However, for some irrational reason, McGonagall rewarded your brother and Mr. Weasley for their idiocy of coming to Miss Granger's aid."

"That was brave," Angel said with a look of awe in her eyes for her brother.

"It was reckless," Draco and her father argued simultaneously.

"Thanks, El," Harry replied smiling before giving his little sister a one-armed hug.

"Oh, yeah, well, second year was even better. He petrified Mrs. Norris."

"I was accused of it. I didn't do it, remember? There was that whole basilisk thing, Dray."

"A basilisk, really, wow, Harry," Angel said with her mouth slightly opened.

"During our third year, his godfather decided to attack Gryffindor's portrait so he and his housemates had to sleep in the Great Hall," Draco drawled, smirking largely.

"Lovely, Dray. Why don't we just air all the dirty laundry for her while you're at it?"

"Last year, our amazing brother decided to be a bit of a show off for Halloween. He was doing all sorts of crazy stunts and mouthing off about how awesome he was. Well, he was…until he fell on his arse and cracked his head open."

"So this year it wasn't Harry that gave us all an adventure."

"Nope, this time it was all you, Celes," Draco said grinning before he tousled her hair. "So, welcome to the family, little sis."

Looking eerily similar to her father, Angel glared at her older brother. Her brothers only laughed, though, before she huffed and crossed her arms angrily. However, her reaction only made them laugh even harder. In fact, Harry laughed so hard that he fell off the side of the couch, holding his sides as tears streaked his face.

"It isn't funny, Harry," she grumbled moodily.

"Enough, you buffoons," her father quietly spoke. "She is quite correct. It was not that funny."

"Dad, she looked just like you, though," Harry laughed while attempting to sober up again.

"I see. And is there something that you find funny about either her or my appearance then?"

"Uh…what, no, Dad," replied the young Gryffindor instantly. "Of course I don't think that. It's just she was doing a rather good impression of you. That's all I meant," he stumbled out saying.

"I am aware of that, Harry," her father replied with a relaxed look. He then sighed quietly as he glanced at the old mahogany clock on the mantle. "It'll be midnight soon."

"Mum's coming soon, isn't she?"

As if to answer Harry's question, the portrait suddenly swung open and revealed a medium height witch with thick curly dark hair in forest green robes. Somewhat disheveled from running likely, she wore a large smile just before she tripped into the room. She attempted to catch herself, but failed miserably. Slamming hard against the stone floor, she let out a sharp cry of pain.

"I think that's a yes, little brother," Draco quietly muttered as he stared at the sprawled out witch.

"Draco, bring me a bowl of water and washcloth," Angel's father said with a soft sigh. He silently walked over to his wife and gently helped her up to her feet. "There was no need for you to run, Aurora. We still have a few minutes before it's time."

"Before it's time for what, Daddy?" Angel asked, glancing with big eyes at her parents.

"Every year on Halloween, Dad lights a candle for my mum, El," Harry softly explained. "Last year, Dad and I did it together. This year, we're going to do it together as one big family. If that house elf wouldn't have scared you so badly, we would have gotten you up for it."

Watching her father gently clean the cut to her mother's forehead, she sucked her bottom lip. Both of her parents were hurt today at some point in time. However, her mother usually ended up hurt for some reason or another because she was unfortunately a bit of a klutz.

"Dad," Harry spoke. As the minute hand lined up with the hour hand, the clock chimed. The two wizards shared a look before nodding. "You want to help me light my candle, El?" He laughed when her eyes widened in surprise. Motioning for her to join them in front of the fireplace, her father grabbed a candle from the mantel. As Angel held her brother's candle, her dad and brother lit both of theirs before setting them back on top of it. "So we never forget what you gave up for us fourteen years ago."

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