The 47th Hunger Games.

Three years before Haymitch even came into the picture and nearly thirty years before Katniss and Peeta did. Public figures such as Claudius Templesmith, Caesar Flickerman, and President Snow are still young. There is little talk of rebellion, because there are still those people, although they are few, who were alive during the Dark Days and remember the unbelievable loss of District 13. For now, all there are is the Games, the arenas, and the yearly twenty-four tributes.

Now, why am I taking up nearly an entire chapter as basically one long Author's Note, which so many readers detest? I will tell you: this fic is going to be like no Hunger Games fic that I have found on this site yet! It will be a combination of different parts.

Firstly, this story will mostly be told from the point of view of six tributes, whom you will meet later. Each of these characters has been written by me and will have at least a paragraph of perspective in every chapter. Unless, of course, they have died.

Secondly, you, the reader, will get to watch parts of this Hunger Games as the people of Panem would, complete with commentary by Claudius Templesmith and his guest commentators! I also have plans for at least one look inside the room where the mentors meet and sponsorships are signed. (No external sponsors, sorry. You guys just get to be citizens this time around.)

Thirdly, this is also partially a Submit-Your-Own-Character Games. I do need some characters…most of whom will, regretfully, die in the bloodbath. (Sorry about that.) Here's the submission form, with a few extra requirements for certain Districts to help the plot along. Feel free to submit multiple tributes. Might I recommend that you take a peek at FoalyWinsForever's A Guide to Not Making Your Tribute Suck before submitting? Not only is it very helpful, but it is also very fun to read! I will try to choose the tributes based on quality, but I will admit that sooner is better.

Tribute Submission Form Removed. All Tributes Have Been Selected.

So, there you have it!

One last thing: this fic is rated T. If you think that Suzanne Collins's original Hunger Games series would be rated T if it were on this site, then you'll understand why I am rating this T. There will be occasional gore, sadistic actions, death, and a few other serious topics will be discussed.

For now, here's a bit of a beginning!


Claudius Templesmith: Good morning, Panem! This is Claudius Templesmith, and I simply cannot express my complete and utter enthusiasm to be back once again to help host the Forty-Seventh Annual Hunger Games! The Gamemakers have been hard at work all year to ensure that these Games are just as—if not more!—exciting as every single Game ever played. This year, I am honored to have Sartorius Mastorian, Yvanna Englass, and Calliope Pringlehopper as my guest commentators!

[The guest commentators respond enthusiastically as the camera brings them into view.]

Sartorius Mastorian: Morning, Claudius!

Yvanna Englass: Hel-lo Panem!

Calliope Pringlehopper: Ooh, this is going to be a great year. I can feel it!

CT: So can I, Calli. The anticipation is killing me!

YE: Me, too. I'd bet that the same goes for all of the folks in the Districts as well as our friends right here in the Capitol!

CP: Well, luckily for us all, today's the big day: the Reapings!

CT: Right you are, Calli! In just a few minutes, we'll get to watch the Reaping in District One. [More serious] But first, let's take a moment from all this merriment to remember the reason behind the Hunger Games. Let us recall the Dark Days, when the people of the Districts forsook the Capitol and attempted to ruin the peace and order that held a once-fragile nation together. In their rebellion, their only success was in nearly destroying themselves. District 13 is no more as an example of this self-destruction. And so, to remind the people of the Districts of Panem of the futility in trying to break the ties between them and the Capitol, and of the importance that those ties remain for the good of us all, we have the Hunger Games. Thank you. [Back to his previous excitement] Now, Sartorius, what's there to say about civilian betting?

SM: Well, Claudius, while there aren't many facts to go on yet, reports of bets are already coming in. The odds of at least half of the tributes being under fifteen years of age is nearly five to one in some of the Upper Districts. And that's a gamble, Claudius, considering that older contenders have more entries than younger ones when it comes to getting reaped.

CP: Now, that seems like risky betting! Going against the odds like that, I mean.

YE: Well, as I recall, there were quite a few twelves in last year's Games. The odds can tell a lot, but they can't predict the future. That's the thing with the Hunger Games, they're practically unpredictable!

CT: That they are, Yvanna, and that's what makes them so exciting! Well, the time has come for the Reapings to begin! Happy Hunger Games, and…

All: …may the odds be ever in your favor!

A.N.: Yeah, so their names are kind of wacky. That's the Capitol for you.