Because I Still Love You: SONGFIC

A/N: Hey readers! This idea came to me one day while listening to Still - Frankie J. Enjoy and review. Laguna x Julia, Laguna x Raine

I got a call late last night

From I number I didn't know

It was so strange, I knew who it was

From the moment she said hello

Laguna yawned and stretched before reluctantly getting out of bed to answer his cell phone, careful not to disturb the sleeping Raine next to him.

Who was calling this late anyways?

"Hello?" Laguna said sleepily into the phone, walking out of the bedroom.

"Hi." An enchanting voice spoke through the other end. Laguna's eyes opened in shock. It couldn't be her could it? They had lost all contact almost two years ago. But here she was...Julia.

And I paused for a minute

I couldn't believe it

I kept my cool so my girl just wouldn't see

She said "I'm sorry, but there's something you should know."

"Hey." Laguna tried to keep his voice as calm as possible.

"Laguna? There's...there's something I've wanted to tell you..." Julia's sweet voice sounded over the phone again. Laguna gulped.

"Go ahead...I'm listening."

"I know it's late, and we haven't talked in awhile...and you're probably far off from me and Deling City but..."

"I can't let you go

No I can't let you go

I'm having such a hard time

I can't let you go

I just can't let you go

I think I'm losing my mind."

"Laguna...I know it's been years, but I..I can't get over you. I've tried forgetting you but no matter what I do, when I go to's you I wish was laying next to me..." Julia's voice cracked over the phone, as if she was holding back a sob.

Laguna took in a sharp gasp of air. Did she just say what he thought she had said? That was impossible right?

"'Cause I still love you

This I must confess

I guess I still need you

I feel I have to tell you this again

Yes I still want you

Oh these words I did not plan

So if I've interrupted anything

I promise I won't call you again"

"Julia." Laguna started but stopped. How was he supposed to respond?

"Laguna, just listen. Every night at the bar, when I saw you watching me, it made my heart race. I wanted to sound good...for you. I wanted you to talk to me. And when you did, it was like my dreams had finally come true..."


"The truth is... I still love you. I don't know why I picked today to call you, but I can't go through life knowing that you don't know my true feelings. I still love you Laguna...I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. If you don't feel the same way, I won't call you again..."

So I told her my heart felt

The same that it did before

Its never changed

My feelings never went away girl

My heart never closed the door

Then I stopped for a minute gotta think about my lady

And what we have going on

She's about to have my baby

Girl, you waited much to long

There was a long pause on the phone. Laguna mustered up what courage he had and spoke.

"Julia...I still feel the same. Ever since I went away, I've never once lost my admiration and love for you..."

Laguna stopped himself, looking towards the room he shared with Raine.

Raine, the woman who had taken him in; given him aid, shelter, food, water, clothes. He owed everything to her.

And sweet little Ellone. Was he going to leave both of them for Julia?

"Laguna? Are you...alright?" Julia's voice stuttered through the phone.

"I'm sorry, Julia. But too many things have happened...I don't think we can be together anymore."

Was he really saying this? Laguna found it hard to believe. Two years ago, he would be jumping for joy if Julia had confessed to him. But now...

I gotta let you go

I'm hanging up the phone

This conversation can't go on no more

I gotta let you go

'Cause if I don't let you go

I fear that I met let you know

"I'm sorry" was the last thing Laguna uttered before hanging up the phone. She would never know his true feelings...

'Cause I still love you

This I must confess

I guess I still need you

I feel I have to tell you this again

Yes I still want you

Oh these words I did not plan

So if I interrupted anything

I promise I won't call you again

And all he would have for the rest of his life was "what if" and "what could've been."

But maybe that was for the best...Laguna climbed back into bed, knowing that he had made the right decision.