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A Prince of Persia Fanfiction

001 Hello, Thief

Pulling the auburn cloak down to hide my long dark tresses and bright emerald eyes, I watched as the fruit vendor talked animatedly with a customer. He gestured with his calloused hands at the tall man that stood a few feet from him. The vendor's rough voice bartered at length with the tall man who with closer inspection was quite handsome. Long layered brown hair framed his gorgeous face and as he returned the vendor's gestures with his own, sapphire eyes filled with cunning and intelligence beamed from its' depths. As they both continued to haggle without coming to a conclusion, I smiled at my good fortune. Hoping that their conversation would distract themselves, I slipped my hand from underneath my cloak and reached for the shiny red apple that sat on top of the small stack of fruits. As my slender fingers wrapped around the smooth surface of the apple, I quickly glanced at the two men. My furtive glance locked with the tall handsome man. My body froze as if an invisible force held me rooted there. Movement escaped me as I stared at him. Surprise flashed within his eyes for a moment and then was replaced with an intense interest. His hypnotizing gaze suddenly sent strange tremors through my body that made me drew in a quick breath in alarm.

The abrupt absence of his customer's attention drove the fruit vendor to turn around and I knew in that instant that I was going to get caught. Panic squeezed my insides as my fingers slowly released the apple. I stiffened as if I was ready to bolt out of there but to my utter shock, the tall man quickly grabbed the vendor's shoulder and twisted him so that his line of sight didn't fall on me. This small miracle gave me the chance to step away from the fruit stall and blend into the crowded marketplace.

Relief washed over me as I continued walking away down the dirt lane. Peeking behind my small shoulders, my gaze once again fell on the stunning man who kept on giving me clandestine looks of curiosity. I quickly turned away and proceeded through the maze of alleyways that snaked through the city. The pounding of my heart finally subsided as the distance between the marketplace and I widened.

At last, I reached the small alcove that marked the entrance to my small hovel. Leaning against the white washed stone wall, I shook my head. Although reprieve satisfied my shuddering body, hunger clawed at my stomach. It has been a day and I had not eaten. I sighed heavily and then jumped a mile in the air as a voice appeared at my shoulder.

"Hello, thief."

I shrieked and whirled around to find my stunned self staring at the man who had just saved me from an agonizing hanging. He drew back and leaned against the wall. Within his tall frame was a muscular body, broad at the shoulders and slim at the waist. Adorning this attractive structure were burgundy sashes that hung from his neck over the whites and blues of his cloth robe. A belt of leather encased his waist where a long wicked sword rested beneath its' dark sheath. I raised my eyes from his weapon up to his captivating face.

"Why did you do that?" I spluttered, trying to calm my nerves but failing desperately. An astonishing grin emerged on his lips as heat burned my cheeks.

"You mean when I scared you now or when I saved you back there?" he replied in an impish way that reflected in his eyes. Fingering my cloak, I tore my gaze away from his and tried to focus on the dirt road beneath his boots. The sudden effect he had on me was overwhelming and so strange I couldn't understand it.

"Uh, when you saved me back there," I finally uttered in a quiet voice. I chanced another glance into his clear azure eyes. The playful look abruptly disappeared, replaced with a vague glaze of reminiscence.

"I did it because I know the face of hunger when I see one," he responded and pushed away from the stone wall. Taking a step toward me, his features softened. "And you...the face of a beautiful thief hungers for this..." With that last word, he pulled from within his robes a shiny red apple. He extended his hand out, waiting for me to retrieve the fruit. The sight of the apple made my stomach churn greedily. I grabbed it from his awaiting fingers and noticed the way his brief touch lingered on my skin.

"Thank you," I breathed and diverted my gaze everywhere but his gorgeous face.

"Perhaps, as a gesture of gratitude, would you like to join me on an adventure?"

"What sort of adventure?" I queried, suddenly suspecting treachery. He smiled and took yet another step toward me. I was aware of how close he stood and yet I made no move to step back.

"A journey to the top of the palace," he answered smoothly. I wrinkled my nose and raised a curved eyebrow.

"Hardly an adventure," I said disbelievingly, shaking my head. "What is so adventurous about going up to the palace? That place is a fortress, guarded by dozens of soldiers. The main road is the only way to get there and the guards will see you approaching."

"Not where I'm planning on going," he answered, secretively. "And besides the view is spectacular."

"The view is just fine from anywhere in the city. Nasaf is built on a mountain overlooking a valley," I protested, clearly not impressed.

"Not where I'm planning on going," he repeated once again. I frowned having no idea what he was talking about. "Would you care to accompany me?"

I hesitated, not sure if I could trust this stranger. I barely knew him and here he was offering to take me to the palace where only the royal family and nobles lived. And then I thought about what he did in the marketplace and I felt I owed him a debt, and if it is humoring him by going to the palace then so be it. Maybe he will reconsider once the soldiers spy us from their perches and hiding spots.

"Alright," I agreed and nodded. He smiled and my heart flipped within my chest. The sensation was strangely satisfying.

"I'll meet you here tomorrow night," he replied and leaned forward. His handsome face was so close to mine that I could feel his breath on my cheeks. "What is your name?" he whispered, softly.


"My name is Dastan."

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