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Car Wash

Cloud Strife despised school, really he did. High school was chaotic best full of drama, idiocy and teenage angst. ShinRa High was no exception as there were plenty of foolish fights, stupid shit and the occasional gay bashing on National Coming-Out Day. Cloud did, however, enjoy the after-school activities and electives with his friends. He had been involved in several clubs but nothing could pry his attention away from Drama Club. Why, one might ask. The blonde teen would simply shrug and say that he liked to act and the fact that he joined the club and had been in Drama class for 3 years in a row had nothing to do with the fact that his teacher was the beautiful, charming, silver-haired Sephiroth. The stunning man always captured his attention weather he wore pristine khaki pants and a crisp collared shirt or a pair of faded blue jeans and a lazy t-shirt. No matter what the teacher simply radiated strength, beauty and a confidence that was humble yet cocky all at once.

"You're staring again," Zack Fair whispered and gave the blonde a gentle nudge in the side.

Cloud felt his cheeks tinge pink as his friend caught him in the act of admiring the older man. "Like you can talk, Zack. You stare at Angeal's ass every time he moves about the classroom." He whispered playfully.

Zack shrugged and gave Cloud a shit-eating grin. "That's cause he is one hot son of a bitch."

Cloud rolled his eyes and looked at the wood grained desk as if it was the most entertaining thing on the planet. "Then why don't you go fuck him?" Cloud teased.

"Why don't you go fuck Sephiroth?" Zack retorted without missing a beat.

Cloud felt his cheeks heat up as his blush increased and decided that Zack was unworthy of a response. He returned his eyes to the gorgeous figure at the head of the classroom who was asking about ways to raise money for their club.

"A car wash?" Suggested Zack with a lazy grin.

The girl in front of Zack-Tifa Lockheart- gave a snort and cast a glance at Zack. "You wanna see girls in their swimsuits or guys, Fair?" She asked sarcastically.

Zack gave her a cold grin that resembled the way a bird would leer at a dying animal before it began picking away at it's intestines while it still lived. "I'd prefer to see guys, seeing as I'm a raging homosexual and all, but it's because of sluts like you with huge tits and, like, no clothes that guys will come. Maybe you can do some stuff on the side to get us some extra cash; you know, like-"

"Zack," Sephiroth interrupted smoothly and sternly but his cool grey eyes gleamed with amusement.

"I think it's a good idea," Cloud mumbled to cut through the tension between his homosexual friend and the class Bitch. "Maybe we could even get another club to team up with us and split the profits. You know more people to wash the cars, the faster we work and the more money we raise."

Sephiroth nodded and gave him a light smile. "Good idea Cloud, what club did you have in mind?"

Cloud's fingers picked at the hem of his shirt nervously but he didn't look away from the handsome man. "I-I don't know-"

"Culture Club," Zack chimed in, "They're trying to raise money too."

Sephiroth nodded his approval at the spunky ravenette. "Quite true. I'll talk to Angeal-erm-Mr. Hewely about it."

Zack beamed and the club continued per usual; a few skits, some improvisation and a random 'fun-fact' but Cloud was barely aware of his surroundings, his head to full of images of the half-nude silver-haired man…


Cloud parked his motorcycle in an empty parking space in front of Starbucks, removed his helmet and scanned the crowd for Zack. He saw his spiky haired friend by the concessions stand with a few other people from Drama and Culture Club including their redheaded friend Reno (who had managed to fail his junior year twice before finally becoming a senior) and Rude who was looking like he'd rather be in his grueling college classes then hauling around his redheaded friend. Cloud hung his helmet up on his motorcycle's handles and ran his hand through his helmet-hair before joining his friends. Everything was set up and already cars had begun to form a line to be washed; it seemed as though they'd be making plenty of money, a fact that he and his friends relished in.

"Hey, Spiky," Zack greeted the blonde as he joined them.

Cloud cast him a glare (which looked pretty pathetic on the face of such an angelic boy) which was followed by an annoyed look. "Don't call me that, you know I despise it." He grumbled.

"Yes, oh blonde one," Zack said sarcastically and mock-saluted him, "Never again shall you be referred to as Spiky, from now on you shall be called-"

"Damnit," Cloud interrupted.

"Damnit? Well that's a fairly unpleasant name. I was thinking something like 'Ultimate Uke, Bottom Bitch, or-'"

Cloud rolled his eyes. "I was referring to the fact that Tifa is coming over here." Cloud said and nodded in her directions as she strutted over to them.

Zack turned and made a face as the girl approached, her skimpy swimsuit hardly containing her insanely large boobs. "Put a shirt on slut," He dead-panned.

"Grow a pair, fag," She retorted sharply.

"Honey, I will gladly drop my pants and we can compare who has the bigger pair here and I seriously doubt it'll be you," He growled in return.

Just as Tifa began to respond Aerith called out her name, cutting off whatever dumb insult she was about to come-back with. Tifa glanced over her shoulder and saw the brunette in a pink bikini that showed off her body in a similar way as Tifa's. Beside her stood Yuffie in a pair of booty-shorts and a white tank-top over her black bikini. Tifa cast Zack a finally glare before joining her friends.

Zack rolled his eyes and snorted. "Is Yuffie the only female in existence that isn't a whore?"

Cloud shrugged. "She probably would be if she had more of a figure. She's so…petite."

Zack nodded, "Good point."

Cloud sighed and looked around boredly. It was a quarter til' one so they were going to have to start washing cars soon. Cloud chewed his lower lip. Where is Sephiroth- Cloud stopped mid-thought as his blue eyes fell upon Sephiroth's shirtless form. Cloud couldn't tear his eyes away as the ivory-skinned, toned, beautiful teacher made his way over to him and Zack.

"This was a great idea, Cloud; a lot of people have already turned up." Sephiroth said lazily though his cool silver-grey eyes praised the pretty blonde.

Cloud thought his heart would explode at any moment. Cloud couldn't help but gape at the older man until Zack elbowed him in the side, snapping him to his senses. "O-oh, u-um, yeah," He sputtered nervously.

Sephiroth smiled in a way that seemed pleased and…interested as he turned and began to walk off. He paused mid-step and cast Cloud a glance over his shoulder. "By the way, you look great in those shorts."


"So, what seems to be bothering you, Cloud," Sephiroth asked and looked up from the paperwork he had been grading.

It had been almost a week since the car wash and Sephiroth's shirtless body had been burned into the back of his eye-lids ever since. Cloud looked at his desk and tried to keep his thoughts in control. "I can't remember my lines," The blonde spoke softly.

Sephiroth tilted his head oh so slightly in confusion. "You can't remember your lines. Well that is indeed bothersome. Why can't you memorize them?"

"Well," Cloud began, searching for the right words as he looked at his teacher. "It's just; I can't get into my character. He's such an egoist and an idiot, not to mention he's a colossal ass wipe."

Sephiroth smiled the same allured smile he had given Clod at the car wash. "And that definitely isn't you, Cloud."

Cloud couldn't keep his cheeks from heating up with a blush and his eyes fell to the desk again. "I just…I don't get how he can be such a jerk to people he claims to care about. It's…contradictory."

Sephiroth nodded and stood up. He stretched and sat on the edge of his desk before meeting Cloud's sky blue eyes and responding. "Well, I think that he's afraid."

"Afraid?" Cloud asked incredulously.

Sephiroth nodded. "Yes, he's afraid that by allowing himself to be close to the people he cares about he will only hurt them or wind up being hurt by them."

Cloud frowned slightly. "But that's happening anyway. I think he should take a chance. Rejection isn't any better than wasting your time longing. Anyway, she likes him a lot and I'm sure if he got up the balls to ask her out then they'd be a happy couple."

Sephiroth nodded and looked at Cloud intently. "Take a chance, hm?

Before Cloud could respond the older male had pressed his lips against the young Blonde's, sealing off his words and taking his breath away. Cloud's lips responded to Sephiroth's with a hunger and longing that he had kept inside for 3 years. His hand fisted into Sephiroth's t-shirt as the silver-haired man's tongue rolled over the blonde's lower lip, asking for permission into the unfamiliar territory. Cloud let him in with a soft moan and their tongue rolled over each other, tasting and learning the wet caverns that were each other's mouths.

The two males pulled apart several moments later when the need to breath became too much to bear. Sephiroth gave Cloud a playful yet lustful look and grinned. "I like taking chances."

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