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Burning Up

Genesis woke up because his body was on fire, but not a painful fire; more of a pleasant searing in his body that could only be called lust. The lust-he knew for sure-was directed at a certain silver haired Drama teacher with whom he had been roommates with since college. Said teacher and roommate was currently sitting in the living room of their cozy two-bedroom apartment watching television blankly.

The auburn-haired librarian decided that he would grace his long time friend with his presence and entered the living room silently. The TV cast a ghostly light on Sephiroth's porcelain skin making him appear almost angelic yet demonic at the same time; a trait that Genesis had admired in Sephiroth for years. Sephiroth's eyes found Genesis' mostly nude form even in the darkness. The auburn haired male had cunningly wore a pair of simply black boxers which were beginning to tent due to his arousal. Genesis knew Sephiroth would never reject such an obvious invitation for sex.

Genesis knew the game they were about to play, the dance they were about to take part in, the delicate process that was nothing more than release for the two males. He knew by now just what to do, never saying anything but moaning and touching just the way he knew Sephiroth liked it and the Drama teacher would return the favor by screwing the Librarian senseless. The dance was hot and they knew all the moves. Like a game they had played a thousand times, beaten over and over but never really paid it any mind. Neither understood the dance, the game but they knew how to reach the end. They tap-danced gracefully on a thin line, sex partners at night, friends in the day, lovers but not in love.

Yes, when their two bodies met in their tango they understood nothing but pleasure as moans fell from their spit-slicked lips. The acts they committed were dirty and sinful, they never spoke of it; ever. They had often told themselves this is the last time but in future nights their bodies' would meet in a flurry of bites, licks, and thrusts though they never connected in any way other than physically. Their lips had never met, even after four years.


Genesis shelved the books lazily into their correct position, stopping only to rearrange the things the students of ShinRa High put in the wrong places. He scowled as he re-shelved yet another book. How hard is it to put the damn book back where you found it? He thought bitterly. He often spent hours with the books and sometimes read books that he enjoyed which were usually books containing poetry or plays. Sometimes the Librarian would even stay after hours and rebind books that were falling apart with gentle hands.

"Seph, not here!"

A hushed whisper snapped and drew Genesis' attention away from his duties. He slid a few books over and peaked through the space; what he saw shocked him to his very core.

"Why not Cloud? It's just a kiss," a certain silver haired man said and placed a sweet kiss on the small blonde's rosy lips. The way their lips met, so sweet, so kind, so loving, sent a sharp jab of envy through Genesis. Cloud's thin, feminine hands tangled themselves in the long silver locks of Sephiroth's hair.

"Love you," Cloud whispered against the older man's lips, his own pink lips swollen slightly from the passion of the kiss.

Sephiroth gave him a smile that Genesis had never seen on the lips of such a stoic and sarcastic man as he replied, "Right back at you, Blondie."

Cloud lightly thumped his chest at the nickname but he smiled anyway and leaned in to place a quick kiss on the Drama teacher's lips.

Genesis turned away and stared at the floor, his mind almost hazy as he processed the sight he had just bore witness to. His body was consumed with so many emotions that he had never known before all at the same time and he thought he would vomit due to the emotional distress. He was jealous! Oh, Gaia he was so fucking jealous of the blonde! Never before had Genesis pondered his feelings toward his co-worker but now as his mind replayed the scene he had observed he felt the emotions grip him right to his soul. He liked Sephiroth, ore than he would ever admit to himself let alone the other man but that feeling was swallowed by the envy that burned through his dainty body.

That damn blonde will pay. The bitterness of the thought mildly surprised the rational part of Genesis, the same part that was wondering what the blonde would pay for, it wasn't as if he had done anything wrong. The thought had crossed his subconscious but was instantly cut off by the anger the auburn haired man felt.


"Okay students, today we will be discussing the ins and outs of sexual intercourse." Genesis announced to the room of males as he stepped into the science class and dropped a stack of papers on the desk.

A student raised his hand and Genesis nodded, silently asking him what his question was. The teens hand lowered and he asked, "Where's Mr. Hojo?"

"Tied up in a closet. I'm your substitute for the next day or so." Genesis replied casually. The class laughed at the joke but the truth was the stalker Science teacher really was locked up in his closet and would remain there till Genesis had all the information required to make the blonde's life hell.

"Okay, let's say we begin with the basics, eh? How many of you have ever had sex?" Genesis began casually. As expected a bit over half the class raised their hands. "Dirty boys," The class laughed. "Okay, how many of you used protection."

Three hands went down and Genesis cocked an eyebrow. "Cloud, Zack, and Reno. Care to explain?"

Reno shrugged. "I'm clean and the bitch I'm sleeping with better be clean to or I may just kill her. Anyway, I usually don't think about wrapping up my little bundle of joy till later."

The class snickered and someone high-fived Reno. Genesis shook his head and looked at Zack. "Fair, care to explain?"

Zack seemed complacent when he responded. "I've only done it once, it was spur of the moment and my partner is clean as am I. We're also both males, no worries about getting anyone prego, ya know?"

Genesis nodded absently before turning his grey eyes to Cloud. The teen shifted uncomfortably before responding. "Well, I uh, I don't think I need it. I mean, like Zack said and all. I'm gay and I don't screw everything and my, erm, partner is clean."

Genesis nodded and continued with his lecture though his mind never strayed far from Cloud and Sephiroth. He had slowly formed a plan in his mind that was simple enough and would forever break the blonde's fragile heart. All he needed was to drop a note in Cloud's locker and the rest was simply timing.


Genesis moaned as Sephiroth's fingertips brushed against his weeping head. His hips thrusted upward on their own accord and Genesis felt like his entire world had exploded into colour. He was trembling with desire, as he often did when Sephiroth pleasured him like this. His mouth working steadily at his chest leaving marks in the ivory skin while he stroked Genesis with one hand and teased a lubed finger in his entrance with the other. It wasn't enough though. It was just past ten, Cloud would be arriving any moment and damnit Genesis wanted Sephiroth buried in him.

"F-Fuck me, damnit," he moaned out.

The silverette looked at him through lust hazed eyes and he shrugged before flipping Genesis over so his upper half was draped over the table before hastily stretching this redhead then entering him. Genesis let out a loud moan as Sephiroth hit his prostate dead on. "Th-there Sephiroth," he cried, "Again! Right there!"

Sephiroth obliged and managed to hit the slighter man's prostate dead on a few more times before, right on cue, Cloud came upon the scene.

"What. The. Fuck!" He screeched. Sephiroth instantly ripped away from Genesis like he had some sort of disease and turned to his young lover. For a moment Genesis saw horror in those Sephiroth's eyes and it surprised him. Sephiroth said noting, what could he say after all? Instead he stood there, fumbling for words while tears fell down the blonde's face.

"Fuck you Sephiroth," he hissed and ran out the door.

Sephiroth flinched as if struck but Genesis hardly noticed. Instead he was sneering, he'd won. Sephiroth was now all his!

Or was he?

Author's note the second: well…that was a lovely cliff hanger. I do apologize for that but the next chapter Seph tries to make it up to Cloud and kills genesis. Not really. I love Genesis way to much to off him.