To all my readers:

This is a very long and overdue Author's Note that I am sorry I have not gotten out prior. There was a long time I was considering possibly abandoning this story, as I felt I had lost Sasha's voice, and no longer knew who she was as a character. Then, as I delayed taking the story down, more and more of you have continued to read, review, favorite and follow Looking Through the Mirror, despite the fact it has been two years since an update was released. The continual showering of praise, support and love from all of you has deeply touched me and made me realize that this story is appreciated and others want to know the ending that I already know. It made me realize that even though I felt I had lost Sasha as a writer, I had to find her again in order to finish, because I wanted to finish, to let others know how the story ends.

So, I did a lot of inner searching, trying to find my connection to Sasha once more. It wasn't until a few weeks ago after I reread the chapters that have been posted that I found her again. She was screaming at me, furious that I had abandoned her, that I had not given her an ending. And so, through reediting of chapters that needed some loving and updating, as well as watching Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick for the first time in over two years, I have found my character once more and my drive to write this story. I will not lie and say that updates will be quickly coming, as I only have chapter seven halfway completed. However, I will say that I am not, under any circumstance short of dying, going to ever abandon this story. I've realized how much I love Sasha as a character, that I want to explore her even more and let others know who she is and who she will become as a person in this fandom.

Therefore, fear not dear readers! An update is coming and soon. While school lingers just on the horizon and juggling three part-time jobs with it, I will make this story a priority. You all deserve to know the ending just as I do, for your support and enthusiasm are my inspiration and motivation. Thank you so much, from the absolute bottom of my heart for all of the support you have given me. May your patience and love be rewarded in the coming week.

Until then dear readers, I bid you adieu.


Sesshomaru's Babydoll