Harry Tenge

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Prologue: Learning How to Fight and a Letter from No One


In the peaceful suburbs of Privet Drive nothing was amiss. The birds were singing the grass was neat and trim, and a six year old boy was being chased by his lump of a cousin and his gang. This was an everyday occurrence however unfortunate it is. Dudley Dursley the leader of this gang can be found chasing his younger cousin Harry Potter on a daily basis. Now none of the adults ever seem to care, but why?

The answer is quite simple, his aunt and uncle spread so many horrible rumors about him that, to the minds of others, he is the devil incarnate. Thus they see no problem with Dudley and his friends attempting to put the young man down.

Soon young Harry was tired out from all the running he was forced to do and collapsed. He was mercilessly beaten by his cousin and his gang leaving him with a bloody nose and numerous bruises. Eventually they all got tired and left him there, lying in a pool of his own blood half lucid.

"Why do you let them do that to you" asked a voice from beside him. Harry turned his head and saw a strange sight. It was a girl his age with long lilac hair. Her hair was split in half and tied at the ends. She wore the strangest cloths he had ever seen; it reminded him of someone from Japan. Standing beside her was a girl maybe two years younger with long brown hair. She wore cloths that seemed to be more current. One thing that Harry noticed was that both were pretty even being as young as he was.

"What else can I do" he asked half bitterly. It had been happening to him for years now and he eventually stopped caring. He didn't even thing there was something he could do.

"You could fight back" said the lilac colored haired girl.

"And how do you think I should do that? I don't know how to fight, and I don't have any money for lessons" replied Harry.

"I can help you. I know somebody that can help, and he will do it for free" said the girl again.

"Really who" asked Harry as he tried to sit up.

"I'll show you. My name is Maya by the way and this is my little sister Aya" said the girl indicating the brown haired girl.

"My name is Harry" he replied finally standing.

"Come on you'll love Bob, he's really nice and so is his girlfriend" said Maya as she grabbed Harrys hand. She led him all the way to a house in another suburb. The sign said Allison Road. Leading him all the way to number 13, she knocked on the door. Not even three minutes later a pretty woman with shoulder length brown hair opened the door. She looked down and smiled as she saw Maya and Aya but her smile turned to a look of horror when she saw Harry.

"Oh my god what happened to him" she asked as she frantically yet gently wiped his face off with a handkerchief.

"He was chased and beaten by a group of boys" said Aya speaking for the first time around Harry.

"That's awful, you three come inside and we'll get you fixed up in no time" said the woman as she ushered them inside.

"Who was at the door Chiaki" asked a tall black man from the kitchen. His hair was black and styled into dreadlocks that were kept out of his face with a headband.

"Maya and Aya and their new friend. Bob get me the first aid kit, their friend was hurt pretty badly and he needs some medical attention" said Chiaki as she sat Harry down on the couch still assessing his injuries.

"Little man seems to have a bully problem" said Bob as he returned looking over Harry with a critical eye.

"Yeah, it's always been like that" said Harry dejectedly.

"So I assume Maya brought you here so I could teach you" said Bob as a smile grew on his face.

"You bet I did Bob. He needs help but doesn't have any money to get lessons himself" said Maya.

"Then why don't his parents pay for them" asked Chiaki.

"Because they died…a long time ago" replied Harry.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to bring up any painful memories" said Chiaki as everyone grew solemn.

"It's not a big deal. They died before I could ever remember them" said Harry.

"Who are you living with now" asked Bob.

"My Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon" said Harry.

"I think I understand. Alright kid, I'll teach you how to fight. You are going to learn my favorite style of fighting Capoeira" said Bob as he stood up.

"Really? What exactly is Cap…Capoeira" asked Harry as he tried to pronounce it.

"Capoeira is a style of martial arts from Brazil. It uses both fighting moves and dancing at the same time. It works really well when you know how to do it properly. It'll take you a long time to learn, but when you do it will be worth it" said Bob.

Thus began Harry's training in the art of Capoeira. Bob started out with physical training to help Harry get up to the proper fitness level for the style. He had Harry come over every day and trained him from morning until night oftentimes letting him spend the night. The Dursleys never questioned his absence, and in fact were quite glad to be rid of the freak. While spending time with Bob and Chiaki he was given real food, three square meals a day instead of the near starvation he faced at the Dursleys.

After Bob got him fit enough, he began teaching harry the style itself. Consisting of numerous kicks, flips, handstands, twists, and jumps. Harry took to it like a fish to water, becoming stronger, faster, more agile, and above all more focused. Harry became a force to be reckoned with in only three years. Spending every day after school and every summer working with Bob turned him from a weak cowardly little boy, into a strong confidant young man. During the fourth year of his study he became even stronger with Maya teaching him what she learned about Ki. Eventually Harry could control Ki to the same level as Maya.

During his four years of training Harry garnered a crush on the lilac haired girl. She was strong and confidant, just what Harry knew he would want. That all soon changed with the arrival of a letter in the mail three weeks from Harry's 11th birthday.


(Time skip four years)

"Boy go get the mail" shouted Vernon Dursley to his nephew. He couldn't help but notice how much Harry had changed over the last four years. He and his wife had tried endless times to keep him weak and under their thumb, but he just wouldn't. He had become far too independent and it scared Vernon.

"Yes Uncle Vernon" said Harry as he got up and went to the slot. Harry had changed dramatically. No longer was he a skinny little shrimp of a boy. Three square meals a day from Chiaki, and countless hours of sparing and physical workouts had made Harry lean and muscular. He was a respectable height of 4'9" and weighed 100lbs of pure muscle. Bob often times said that Harry would be a real lady killer in his teen years.

As he moved to get the mail he couldn't help but be grateful he had met Maya and Aya all that time ago. It had saved him from being forced to go with the Dursleys on Dudley's birthday. So instead he had spent the whole day sparing with Bob. They also discovered that Harry had the ability to talk to snakes when Bob brought home a new pet. Unfortunately he had to take it back soon after, as Chiaki beaned him with a frying pan. Still it was interesting to see Harry chat with it for the hour or so it was there.

His attire had also changed dramatically. No longer did he wear the oversized hand me downs from Dudley. Now he wore a black muscle shirt and dark blue baggy cargo pants. Both were given to him by Bob so he could practice easier. His hair had grown out over the years and now laid flat on his head, pulled back into a low ponytail that almost touched his mid-back. His glasses were discarded and replaced with contact lenses by Chiaki. All in all he was unrecognizable with the boy Maya found four years ago.

Harry picked up the mail. In it was a post card from Vernon's sister Marge who was vacationing on the Isle of Wight, a bill, and saw to his surprise a letter addressed to him. But it had no return address. What scared him even more was how exact the address was.

Mr. H. Potter

The Cupboard under the Stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


He had no idea what to make of it, but decided to deal with it after he read the contents. He strode back into the kitchen and handed the letters to Vernon keeping the one addressed to him.

"Hey Dad look Harry has a letter" shouted Dudley as he moved to snatch it from Harry's hand. Reflexes honed by practice allowed Harry to intercept Dudley with ease and keep his letter.

"Hands off my property Dud. It's a federal offence to tamper with someone else's mail" said Harry nonchalantly.

"Yours it's ours. Who would be writing to you" asked Vernon smugly.

"I hope to find out while reading it. There was no return address" said Harry holding it up so they could see the address. Once Vernon saw it his eyes widened and his face turned ashen.

"PETUNIA! DON'T LET HIM READ THAT LETTER" shouted Vernon as he scrambled to take it from Harry. Harry however would have none of that and dodged them to head for the door. Vernon chased after him getting into his car to run him down as harry bolted to the only place he would be able to read in peace; Bob's home. Vernon sped as fast as he could trying to head harry off, but the boy was free of some of the limitations that Vernon was forced to endure, like roads for example.

Harry cut through a yard that he knew would bring another person to the chase. As he passed the front door Maya opened it and leapt beside him.

"So Harry what's up" she asked as they ran.

"Oh the usual, I got a letter with no return address, my uncle is trying to run me down with his car, oh and my lump of a cousin gained ten pounds" he replied making Maya chuckle.

"So you got a letter too" she asked holding hers up to show him. It was just like his.

Miss M. Natsume

2nd Bedroom, Top Floor

2 Allison Road

Little Whinging


"Huh, did you open yours yet" he asked.

"No, I wanted to read it with you to see what you thought. Besides it may be from the same sender it's written in the same handwriting" said Maya. Harry looked and saw she was right.

"Well I guess we'll see soon enough" said Harry as both of them leapt the last few meters to Bob's home. They rushed in and closed the door just as Vernon was pulling up.

"Hey you two what's the rush" asked Chiaki as they kept going to get to the dojo Bob had built.

"My psychotic uncle is chasing us and will most likely try to break down the door to steal my mail" said Harry as Bob came down the stairs.

"Well we can't have that now can we" said Bob as he opened the door before Vernon could start knocking.

"I'm very sorry to disturb you good sir, but my deranged nephew has stolen a very important letter. I saw him and another person enter your house, and I must come inside to bring him and the letter home" said Vernon attempting to play up the good Samaritan card.

"I don't know any deranged boys around here. The only people who have entered my house today are my student and his friend. Your nephew wouldn't happen to be named Harry would he" asked Bob as he looked down on Vernon.

"Yes that is him" said Vernon not catching what Bob was saying.

"Ah, so you're the child abusing bastard" said Bob with a scowl. Vernon sputtered and tried to not be intimidated by the man, but it just wasn't possible. Bob stood a full foot and a half taller than Vernon and was unquestionably more muscular. Vernon wouldn't last two seconds against the man.

"Now see here, I don't know what lies the little freak was spreading, but I have never abused my child" said Vernon.

"But that doesn't say anything about your nephew. Get off my property, before I make you" said Bob glaring at Vernon. He had no choice but to relent and got back into his car to head home.

"Thanks Bob. Now harry let's open these letters and see what they say" said Maya. She and Harry opened the letters, pulled out the parchment and unfolded it to see writing just like the addresses.


Hey guys, thymistacles here. I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for a little while and decided to try it out. I always wanted to make a stronger more independent Harry and this was my chance. I decided on the crossover because, well I just like that anime. Those who are fans will see that it is an AU for both Harry Potter and Tenjho Tenge. I decided to make it a Harry Harem, with the girls being Maya (obviously), Hermione, Fleur (Sp?), and maybe Tonks. I'll put up a poll to decide later if I want to add any others. Now I still haven't given up on my other fics, I'm still in the process of rewriting many of them. However of you look back on some of them you will find I have replaced older chapters with revamped ones. Some of the changes are subtle so you have to keep an eye out for them, and others have whole parts rewritten. I'll hopefully have some other chapters finished so I can post them soon; you know my drill flame or review, ja ne.