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It's kind of amazing how fate throws you curve balls.

Think about, of course?

One minute you'll be crossing the street, you've looked every which way, listened—though the fact it was a busy street made that little habit moot. You step out onto the road, not dawdling, but you're not running either. You're simply crossing the road, then bam! Hello, family sedan.

It missed though—kinda, not by fucking much either. Okay, it nicked you.

You have the cliché, life before your eyes moment and you realize, fate sucks balls, because it just told you how fucked up and craptastic your whole freaking life turned out to be.

Finished high school, decided to go to university in Australia to avoid well the legacy that was my name in the states. And, you know, that was well, swimming. Until my near fatal accident.

Long story shortened.

Woman driving sedan, made me lay on the road while we waited for medical help.

Maybe I should back-track a little bit more?

When I said bam. I meant bam, I didn't fly or anything, she had slammed on her brakes and I was only bumped. Copped a S60 Volvo bumper to my right quad. No more than a major cork. Yeah, I did fall over and had to repeatedly stretch my leg and I could already see the early signs of a killer bruise, but come on.

This was the last thing I needed.

Why can life be such a bitch?

Is it like some kind of game, let's see whose life we can screw with today? Or maybe, she's already fled her home, let's send her back.

If there was one camera, one mobile phone, anything that could capture this moment and get it out on the net, I was seriously fucked.

"I am so sorry, Hon, this is all my fault. I should have seen you; I don't know what I was thinking. Word from the wise, don't babysit your brother's twins—especially when they're teething." came the voice of the small frazzled driver as she quickly checked to see if I was okay, at least I really hope that was what she was doing as she ran her hands everywhere.

"Oh, I'm Alice too; my husband rang my father to get him to take a look at you. God, this is definitely a different kind of holiday for us." she spoke again. Only when she mentioned having a husband I relaxed. It meant she was just checking to make sure that I was alright.

Looking closer, my observations starting from her ring finger on her left hand and moving up I noticed the size of the woman. She was like a sprite, small, thin, pale. Gorgeous though. She had soft blue eyes framed with some makeup that appeared professionally applied—something I hadn't seen in a long time. Her hair was jet black and true to her appearance was cut and styled like a pixie. A beautifully, artistic, fairy spikes, kind of thing.

If only she were a foot taller, she could be a model. Hell, maybe she could just apply for ads that focused mainly on the face; she could be a makeup model or something—cleansers and exfoliation products? She had perfect skin. Heart shaped face, high angular cheek bones, and full pouty lips. I would probably buy whatever she sold.

"Oh, good. Jasper did you get a hold of Carlisle?" she asked a broad shouldered blonde as he made his way toward the two of us.

And, my God, if she was his? Wow. If they ever had kids? Wow. Between his—what looked like six foot three inches, lean build, movie star looks and her maybe five foot, petite frame and the pair of their baby blues, they would make kids that could rival the Jolie-Pitt crew in the looks department.

"Just called 'em, they shouldn't be too far away, Darlin'" he drawled in a rather noticeable southern accent. Actually when she spoke too, she had an American accent. Where the hell were the holidaying from?

"Good, good. Oh, Jasper this is..."

"Right, sorry Bella."

"Jasper, this is the girl that I hit with Dick-wards car, which I am still so sorry about, Bella. And Bella, this is my husband, who right now probably thinks he married a nut case. And now that we're all acquainted, Jasper can you pick her up so we can get her off the road. This can't be safe, even if it is only Teddy's precious rental, Volvo that'll get wrecked." Alice make quick of introductions and I nearly laughed. I was beginning to wonder if she even had a word filter, because it sure as fuck didn't seem like it.

"NO! I mean no thank you. You don't need to do that, I am sure I can walk. My quad is just bruised."

"What?" both Jasper and Alice repeated in stereo.

"It's gonna be bruised and look hideous for a little while, but it is nothing I can't handle."

"Crap, the girls. They're still in the car. I'll move it. Quick Jasper, take her over there into the park, I think there is a seat near that fountain. I'll bring the car around." With that she was gone, vanished and the car was moving toward the car park inside of the park.

"She likes you, ya' know?" Jasper questioned as he effortlessly carried me over toward the park Alice spoke about. I tried to pretend I didn't notice the people staring and gawking, but an actress I am not.

"She has a funny way of showing it." I tried to joke, thankful Jasper started laughing a long with me.

"Imagine what would have happened if she loved you." he replied laughing casually. He had a pretty laugh, deep. Like a throaty chuckle.

"Um, is she always like this. The whole mowing me down and making sure I stayed put, is she always like…the mother hen?" I queried.

"Yes. It will get worse too, when my mother and father-in-laws get here. The whole family is kind and trusting to a fault. So enjoy." he just smiled and sat me down on a bench seat across from a beautiful fountain.

Alice came in like a tornado. Two girls were out cold wrapped in thin pink blankets, as she pushed a side-by-side pram that looked bigger than her. She lifted my sore leg up and sat down on the end of the bench, laying my leg in her lap.

She was by far an interesting character. Jasper was right; she appeared to be the kind who could be so kind and caring it was virtually a fault.

"So, where are you from back in the states, Bella? I know it's kind of strange for us to just sit down and chat after I hit you with my brothers rental, but Carlisle—my father should still be another five minutes."

"How'd you know I was from the states?" I questioned, what if she ended up putting two and two together. I didn't need her getting four, I would rather a total miscalculation. Like forty or fifty.

"Your accent, it's picked up some of the lingo here. There is that, the way you talk too and I don't know. I can just tell you're not Australian."

"Um, thank you. Well, I'm from Washington. State. Small town an hour or so from Port Angeles, Forks." I didn't think it would hurt to fib a little. I was from Forks. Born in the area, lived there until I was about two."

No one knew much about me there, well, they did kind of know me, I suppose. They knew Isabella. The chiefs' baby girl. That's all they called me when I went to school there for a semester when I tried to lay low. They caught on though. People always eventually do.

Phoenix was true testament to that and the small amount of time I had spent in Florida with my mother when she moved. All I wanted to try and do was live a peaceful life, but I couldn't.

My name—the Swan name was a legacy. Me being only a testament to the fact. Renee, my mom couldn't handle everything that came with the name. That's essentially why she left. Charlie hated it too, he did everything he could think of to ditch that name. He fled too, spent two years in Japan I think and when he returned, everyone had more or less forgotten about him and he was able to move into the small town; but the damage had already begun between him and my mother.

She stayed, that's when they had me; but then it all started again. Charles Swan, one of the nurses saw the name and my moms' on my birth certificate and released it to the press, for what I can only assume was a very pretty pay check. Good thing I think too, because I doubt she had a job after that.

My parents dealt with it for a couple of years, well they tried. Apparently, in the space of two years, my father cheated on my mother four times, got two of these women knocked up, one with twins and had a gay affair too. With his best friend apparently.

My mom knew the truth but it fucked with her life too much. She left and tried to take me away from it too, but people clicked eventually. Even when my mom went back to her maiden name. Isabella Swan wasn't a completely uncommon name, but they dug way too deep. Charlie was always listed as an emergency contact and come on, how many Isabella's could have the same named parents as me.

Only a few.

How many leave there home town of Forks, Washington?

Well only one that I know of.

"Bella, my father's here. He just wants to looks at your leg, but you'll have to roll your skirt up a little." I was snapped back to reality. How long had Alice been massaging my calf, never in my life could I remember it feeling that good.

"Um, okay." I blushed. She did mention he was a doctor, I think. God, it was summer in Sydney, I wasn't much of a skirt wearer, but just my luck I had worn every pair of comfortable shorts already. Well, the ones I would wear out at least. Hot pants out on George Street, yeah doesn't really keep an air of modesty, really. I think 'Bella Swan, street walker' would have been the latest tag line for me.

I rolled the floral skirt up slightly and nearly fell off the backless bench. It was more than a little bruised. My air of indifference failed miserable when I saw my quad.

Why hadn't I thought to check it out earlier?

My quad had a seriously huge bruise. It was right smack bang around the middle of my right thigh, it was deep, purpling already. Yellow around the outside and green too. It looked about the size of someone's head. Looking at it made the pain more real, not seeing made it easy for me to overlook, now. Yeah, with the pulsing purple and the throb of blood under my bruise.

"Oh. My. God. Bella you have no idea how sorry I am." Alice winced. If only she could really feel it, but I wouldn't tell her that.

"Calm down Alice, it would have been worse. You're lucky that you were able to hit the brakes in time. How are Callie and Kendal?" Her dad asked.

I could now see why Alice was so kind and pretty much why she was so gorgeous. I mean she didn't really look like him, but with his golden looks swept back, his angular bone structure, ocean blue eyes and soft gentle smile. I was beginning to wonder what her brothers looked like and if they were single.

"They're fine Carlisle, they're sleeping." Jasper answered, obviously still seeing the remorse in his wife's eyes.

"Good, now Miss...?"


"Okay, Bella, how does your leg feel?"

"Is that a trick question, I'm sure you can tell just by looking at it." I answered sarcastically and immediately. I couldn't understand why I was being so rude and quickly apologized.

"Don't worry, Bella. I can understand how you're feeling." This man was too kind, so I quickly answered for myself.

"I suppose my leg feels sore? It hurts, I think it's pretty much just brutally messed up right?."

"Hmm... I can see that, it doesn't look like any internal bleeding has occurred, which can actually occur. You will definitely want to ice that to try and prevent any swelling and you might want to maybe talk to someone, family, and a psychiatrist?"

"Oh, okay. Do you know any? All my family is back in the states and I don't really know too many people here. I didn't really want to, um... doesn't matter." Yeah, I did nearly spill the whole had to leave the states because of who I was secret, but I didn't. But that was probably the closest I had ever gotten.

"As a matter of fact I do, we all do. My son, Edward is a psychiatrist, kind of. He does have a degree in psychiatry. He's here with us on holiday. First time my whole family has done something like this, especially with Jasper and Rosalie and the twins." The kind doctor smiled." My wife Esme is here too, she was walking over form lunch with my son and his wife."

"Um, okay. So what do you think I should do? I only live a few minutes from here, I can walk home and ice it so you can enjoy your holiday. It's really different here from the states, I would know."

"Carlisle, don't you dare let that poor girl go home by herself. Edward is on his way, Alice I would break it to him gently, about the car I mean. I wouldn't expect too much of a tantrum. It wasn't his Volvo." Came from the woman I figured was Alice's mother. She was gorgeous, and almost the opposite of Alice.

Where Alice was lucky to be five foot, her mother was maybe an average five' seven. Her face, unlike her daughters had soft curves, though not unlike her daughters, it was still thin and blessed with a soft pout. Her eyes were a mix between gold and emerald, odd flex of grey and brown popping up. It was gorgeous.

Her hair was Caramel, falling gently in soft waves a little below her shoulders. And the woman with her had to be a model. She must have been her son's wife, probably a pair made in heaven too. She looked remarkably like Jasper, though where his hair was cut at a modest length befitting of a man, her hair fell below her waist, in natural waves.

It was hard not to stare, when she stood at maybe six foot wearing the six inch heels she had on, especially when her hand was wrapped around a bears. Well the human equivalent. He must have been the son, but I think that was probably where the similarities stopped. Except maybe the height.

He looked about six' two, three maybe, black hair, in curls on the top of his head. Baby blues, dimples like a child and what looked like the muscle definition of a body builder. They were like a family out of a fairy tale, every single one of them looked absolutely perfect and their attire completed the analogy.

Everything they wore, even the guys pertained to a label; from Versace sunglasses to Louboutin heels, throw in some Gucci and Prada and you had a high end boutique.

"Bella, this is my wife Esme, my son Emmett and his wife and Jasper's twin sister Rosalie." Carlisle said, by way of introduction.

"Um, nice to meet you." I said holding my hand out to them. Normally I would have gotten up and kissed their cheeks, a formal greeting even when meeting new people that was drilled into me as I grew up. I didn't have to attend too many of the gala parties that Charlie was thrust into, but I did have to go to a couple and they were still too many.

"Hey, call me Em." The big guy started, "and holly damn Alice, that shit looks brutal. What were you thinking and with my daughters in the car with you no less." He continued, jokingly with his sister.

"Can it you oaf, you neglected to tell me that your daughters were teething." She retorted poking her tongue out at him.

"Emmett, watch your mouth and Alice I raised you better than that. Keep your tongue in your mouth." Esme scolded. I even saw Rosalie, smack Emmett upside the head for swearing in front of the girls. His argument was, 'they're asleep'. Good thing he's not the psychiatrist.

Both uttered 'sorry, mom' in stereo.

"Carlisle, Esme, what's wrong? Em took the message so I didn't really understand it. Car? Girls? Alice? What's with that Em?" Came the velvety smooth voice of Adonis himself. Or maybe the better looking incarnate. He was maybe six' two, emerald eyes, thick eye lashes that brushed his cheeks as he blinked, angular bone structure and beautifully disheveled copper locks.

I think I might have stopped breathing and started sweating.

"My bad, sorry." He apologized looking a little abashed, seemed out of character from someone who appeared so brazen, but then looking at the state Edward was in, he was probably busy enjoying his holiday when a panicked and cryptic phone call came through.

"Glad you're here son. I think what Emmett meant to say was something along the lines of, 'Alice hit a woman with her car, while she was driving the girls around in your rental.'"

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, the car is fine." Alice dead panned.

"I meant the woman, she must be, I didn't see an ambulance or anything on my way over." Everyone looked shocked, almost as if he had grown another head. Wasn't that the normal question one would ask? For a little while I figured maybe it was a little different here, but they were from the states too, so that kind of blew that out of the water.

"I'm sorry can you repeat that please?"

"What, is the woman okay?" he looked at Alice, apparently genuinely confused.

"Wow, here I'm thinking I was about to get Edward in full B.F mode, but instead you're more worried about Bella." Alice said, her tone sarcastic but her face was still confused.

"If you were driving my Volvo then yes, Washington would know a completely new dictionary worth of curses, but it's a rental anything that happens to it would be their problem and damages would be coming out of your wallets, not mine."

"Alice, Jasper, Rose, Mom and Dad, you guys are witness to this okay." Emmett joked, his former embarrassment gone.

"Whatever, and who is Bella?" He asked, his masculine thick eye brow cocked rather cutely.

I was hoping they wouldn't introduce us, I mean I just sat through the whole family squabble unnoticed and I was quite happy about that, I mean they seemed like a great family. That much I gathered.

"Bella's the little Philly, Alice hit. Sucker of a mark on her now too." Jasper piped up, Emmett nodded his head in agreement as Alice bowed her head.

"I told you not to worry Alice, it'll heal, and it may take some time, but its okay. I don't have any broken bones."

"Stop saying that! Have you seen the size of that bruise. It'll take weeks just to get over the purple, then it'll probably be yellow and green for god knows how long. How can you just be okay with that?" she yelled. I was taken aback by her tone and the way it looked like she was going to cry she felt that bad.

"Alice, I'm fine. That's why I can say that. I mean you stopped, I'll heal, no blood, no foul."

"I'm so sorry Bella." Alice said as she wrapped her small frame around me, hugging me as tightly as her little body could.

All of them wrapped their arms out in front of them, gesturing for me to hug her back, which I did. Not begrudgingly either.

I tried to plead to Jasper, or Edward, Carlisle, anyone who was opposite us leaning against the fountain I tried to get them to help me. Finally someone clicked and Edward nudged Jasper in my direction to deal with his wife.

This was probably the strangest day ever. I thought I needed to be worried about having someone well find out who I was, now I had what? A friend? I don't know. I had Alice and the rest of her family too apparently.

Sliding around on the bench so my legs no longer rested in Alice's lap the rest of the family winced. Of course my skirt was still rolled up and the bruise looked worse now after sitting down.

"Bella. That looks—," a loud slap cut Emmett off as he whined, Rosalie was eyeing Emmett, Alice and rubbing her leg, trying to show Emmett something that I hope he got. I didn't know Alice too well, I still didn't even know her surname, but I knew enough to figure it would upset her if someone pointed out my injury.

Edward shaking his head made his way toward me, as I stood on numbed legs Edward caught me. Stopping me from probably another fatal fall by supporting my weight, holding me gently around my waist. "Careful, you probably have pins and needles." He tried to joke, his grip getting firmer as he tried to help me stand up right.

You know when they mention the whole cliché sparks that go off, well I felt sparks and then some. Fireworks, normally attached to the first kiss and all he did was support my weight. God, he was a God.

Beauty, brains, I think the whole family was like rich, trust fund kids probably, but the well raised kind. I was feeling some things for this man that had me thinking that there was a chance at something. But you know, you can't really start relationships especially when you know you're not going to be able to tell them your real name, and I knew that.

Yet, I still felt really good in his arms, with him helping me stand. Of course my right leg was dangerously close to every part of him and any slight shuffle he made knocked me a little making my skirt rise. I blushed and tried to slip it down but he caught my hand, making me catch my breath.

This guy was making me fucking soft. Mushy, romantic and girly.

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