Hi guys,

I know it's been awhile since any of you have really heard from me. Because, in all honesty it has been forever since I've looked at FFN. But, I've decided to pull everything and re-edit before posting it up again. I'm not promising timely posting, though I kind of hope I can get this all up in a pretty timely manner, however I'm currently going into my exams for uni and they're bound to kill me. Can you believe my exams have been scheduled the day before and the day of BD P2 premiere…? I about died. Anyway, if anyone was wondering what was happening with my fics—if anyone was interested that is—this is the deal.

That is all.



I have also decided that in the editing process I will be removing all A/N's for no other reason that I can't stand them. Sorry, another side note.

Oh, and I have appreciated any and all support you may have given me during the writing process, however, I'm most appreciative of all of your reviews. There weren't many, but I loved that for those of you who did, you took the time to do so. So, thank you.