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15 years later...


"Jocelyn Carlie Whittlock!" I yelled up the staircase. That daughter of mine acts more and more like me everyday. Jasper came up behind me. I felt him put his arm around my waist.

"What did she do this time?" He asked with a slight chuckle. I loved Jasper, to the bottom of my heart. We got married the valentines day after I had Jocelyn. She was born on Christmas day. We have been so happy ever since. After a few years of saving we were able to buy our very own home together. Jocelyn was about 5 and her brother Jacob Emmett Whittlock was 2.

Jasper and I now have 4 beautiful children. He has always considered Jocelyn his and treated her the same as the others. Our last 2 were the twins. They were quite the trouble makers. Hannah Alice Whittlock and Abbigal Rose Whittlock.

We all lived in this big house. Jasper and I are so happy together. We still work at the same high school and remain no more than 30 feet away from each other everyday. I loved that because we always had something to talk about.

"You daughter decided it would be better to not tell us about her little boyfriend." I said to Jasper. That was all it took. Now she was in trouble with daddy.

"JOCELYN GET DOWN HERE!" Jasper yelled. It was effective because Jocy walked out of her bedroom and looked down. She was a stubborn girl just like her mother. She was only turning 15 in about a month. I couldn't believe how fast she grew up. Jacob was now 12 years old too. Hannah and Abbigal weren't far behind at the age of 9. I felt so old now.

"Yes daddy?" She asked pulling the innocent card. I stiffled a giggle. I used to do that to my dad all of the time.

"What is this I hear about a boyfriend? We talked about this. I said you weren't allowed to date until you are 30." He said. The sad part was he was serious. I laughed.

"What he means is 16." I said. Jasper gave me a look. The girl needs to experience somethings and she never will if he hovers like this.

"Well he just asked me if I wanted to study with him. No big deal." Jocy said. Jasper will beg to differ. I loved how he was with Jocy, when he needed to be strict he was. But most of the time he was a big softy.

"If there is any studing it will be done here with me in a 20 foot radius." Jasper said. I laughed.

"What your father means is he will be in the house and you can study here." I told her. She smiled at me and nodded before walking back into her room.

"What's with you taking away my thunder?" He asked. I kissed him on the lips.

"Oh I don't know. I just think that you needed to be reasonable. I hope you know that it's going to be harder with Hannah and Abbi." I told him. He moaned.

"At least I have Jacob." He said. I laughed and began to walk away.

"But you have to worry about him knocking another girl up." I said. I could hear him curse under his breath and then walk off to find Jacob. Such an overprotective fool sometimes.

I'm glad the way my life turned out though.

Rose and Demetri ended up getting married. Rose owns a garage and Demetri works at a law firm. They are still Uncle D and Auntie Rosie. They had 2 children over there own that were my first nieces. There names were Emily Ann and Nicole Elizabeth. I loved them so much. They were twin and the same age as Jacob. They now lived in the house across the street and we see them all of the time. Rose and I remain best friends.

Emmett and Vicki got married about 3 years after Jasper and I. They ended up with 6 children. To add to the drama, they were all boys. They would be heart breakers one day that's for sure. There names were Paul, Sam, Jared, Embry, Quil, and Seth. They were the cutest little boys.

Paul is 14 years old because Vicki got pregnant before the marriage. Sam is 12, Jared is 10, Embry is 9, Quil is 6, and Seth is 4. They were quite the handful. Emmett and Vicki both have great jobs and they own a big house about 5 minutes away. Emmett still checks up on me at least once a week. We see each other quite often now.

Alice and Marcus got married a few months after Jasper and I. Alice now owns a successful fashion magazine and Marcus owns a chain of popular bar and grills. They have great money coming in. They also have 3 children. There names are Rachel who is 14, Kaden who is 12, and Rebekah who is 8. They live near Emmett and Vicki.

I was happy for all of my friends and family. We all stayed in touch and got together at least once a month to catch up. Our lives were moving along the fast lane. The best part was getting all of the kids together. We had 7 girls and 8 boys. There was always something happening with the family and I had to say it was fun.

I liked to sit back and see my kids grow. I decided that if I gave them some freedom they would make more mistakes. Therefore I give them a lot of freedom. I want them to learn at an early age what took me years to figure out. I have to say that I do step in sometimes because I am afraid that Jocelyn is going down the same path I was, but she usually straightens herself out.

We were all one big, happy family. And I was loving every minute of it.

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