Chapter 1: Prologue

The room was dimly lit from the light above my head. On either side of the table, or I assume it's a table, were two people dress in one of those clothes that surgical doctor wore during surgery. The slender doctor, whom I assume to be a woman, gently patted my shoulder and gave me a reassured smile, "It's going to hurt a bit, but you'll be fine very soon." Hurt? Fine? What the hell is she talking about? And then something sharp perceived through my arm as the other doctor whom is a guy for sure injected some liquid into me. I whimpered and struggle to get away but was held in place by some straps that keep me tie to the table. The woman gave me another reassured smile as she helps keep me in place, "It's alright Joey. Soon you'll be good as new. There's no need to worry about anything. Everything is under control." Under control my ass! Let's try places and see for yourself lady!

I tried to struggle again, but my body felt numb and wouldn't budge. I tried again, but failed more miserably this time. I gritted my teeth and wait for the worst to come. When I'm free, I am going to kill whoever did this to me! With that, everything around me went dark and I fell into a bliss sleep.

Author's Note- I know it's a bit confusing, but i will explain everything in the next chapter. anyway, hope you enjoy this story!