All the Decepticons were haggard and injured. Their energon was almost completely out. Only 5 could still transform, half the Stunticons were bedridden, and the Constructicons were gathering cobwebs. They were all only getting a fifteenth of an energon cube a a day. They were soon going to die if no new energy was found. Megatron decided to make a quick and temporary fix. It wouldn't last long but, it might help them thin k of something better. And this was so hasty and stupid that no Autobot would ever suspect it.

Megatron ordered the 5 that could still transform, being Starscream, Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, and himself, to go and pull an oil tanker above their base. Once they had shut of power to the engines (Rumble and Frenzy sneaked aboard and blew it up) and dragged it over their underwater base, they tipped it. They caused an oil spill. Once the news teams were gone and the sailors rescued they cleaned the spill and siphoned it into energon. It was a very full ship (a large one at that) and they now had enough energon to repair themselves and still had 10 cubes left over. Megatron told the Constructicons to use it to make a Ray to go tear through the Autobot's spark chambers. A death ray basically. They set to work and cranked out the ray in a record time of 4 hours. When they brought it to Megatron saying they had no idea how to test it he just said "Is it done or not?" "Yes, with 7 cubes to spare." replied Long Haul. "Then we're off to visit the Autobots! We have no time to waste. We're desperate as it is!" Megatron was usually very persnickety about testing but his army was so bedraggled that he had no other option.

The entire army flew off to the Ark with the plan of only making cover fire and to let the Death ray do all the work. That is, if it even worked. They arrived with a welcoming committee of orange energy bullets flying in their direction. A few were hit but it was only superficial... so far. They got in range and The battle ensued. The Autobots were going down alright, but not with screams of pain. They were shrinking. When Megatron went over to Hook (who had the gun) he said. "Well that didn't go as planned... at all."

Now, From the Autobot point of view, or rather, mine. I was in Optimus' head. As usual. Waiting for the Decepticons to land so I could help out. They never did. They started firing with that ray thing. People seemed to be... shrinking? Next thing I know, Blaster is down 100 feet away. Then Wheeljack 60 feet away. Then Sunstreaker, right next to us! We were both distracted watching him shrink, not knowing what was happening or how to help, and in that second Hook saw his opportunity and shot Optimus. He started to shrink and I panicked because My little control room was shrinking and I didn't want to get smushed so I used the emergency exit in the back of Optimus' head and jumped out just before the door would've been too small. I smacked into Jazz's Shoulder and paused on his hood. I started to slip so Jazz put his palm by my feet and I used its support to crawl up onto his shoulder.

I grabbed onto whatever I could on the side of jazz's head, whipped out my gun and we just started shooting. We seemed to be missing, it's really hard to hit airborne targets. Their ray eventually ran out of power and they flew away.

Jazz presented his palm so I stepped on and he carried me over to where the tiny Optimus sat. He set me down next to him. He was about my size now. When Optimus turned both our hearts froze. I didn't know what happened, but Jazz quickly cleared it up. "OH MY PRIMUS! HE'S A SPARKLING!"