Ch1: Stupid Brothers and Car Rides

Author's note: so this is a story I've been working on and I hope you enjoy, also sorry if characters are ooc.

It was a normal day at the host club; all the members were all busy entertaining their quest. Well almost everyone Kaoru sat by the window watching everyone work, he looked over to what used to be Hikaru and his table, and saw Hikaru messing with Haruhi and her customers. Kaoru sighed

"What are you doing here by yourself Kaoru?" Kaoru felt his blood run cold as he turned to see his sempai starring at him

"K-Kyouya sempai I was just that is to say uh erm I'll go join Hikaru" Kaoru quickly got up and walked over what used to be his and Hikaru's table.

Kaoru felt his heart. He didn't want to see his brother flirt with Haruhi, it wasn't that Kaoru hated her he actually cared a lot for the girl; it was just that ever since she arrived the distance between Kaoru and Hikaru seemed to grow. Hikaru had also changed dramatically he had become distant with Kaoru sometimes he completely forgot about Kaoru.

Kaoru had never known what being alone felt like but he feared he would soon find out.

"Kaoru-kun what's wrong?" Kaoru looked up too see one of his customers stare worriedly at him. Kaoru let a small fake smile grace his face.

"Nothing just a little tired didn't get much sleep last night" Kaoru lied knowing his twin would take this opportunity for a brotherly love scene.

"I'm sorry Kaoru I shouldn't have kept you up all night." Hikaru pulled Kaoru closer to him his hand rested on Kaoru waist. Kaoru leaned into his brother's embrace.

"Its okay I'm partially to blame." Kaoru gazed into his brother's eyes lovingly.

'It seems this is the only time were close to one another'

Screams erupted throughout the whole club.

"Kyaaa! Forbidden love!"

"Brotherly love eeekkk!"

Kaoru sighed 'another day another act' before long the club had finally come to a close.

"Wonderful just wonderful" Tamaki said in his usual prince voice.

"Well done everyone! Okasan we have to plan the next theme day" Kyouya sighed as he glared at Tamaki for using that name.

"I thought we had already decided on that" Tamaki only smiled

"But I came up with a better theme." He wined making Kyouya that more annoyed.

"Fine but this is the last time where changing it." Once this was said Tamaki pulled Kyouya to the meeting room.

"Well bye-bye me n Takashi has training to do." Hunny said as he and the taller teen left the club. Kaoru smiled as his sempai's left.

"Hey Kaoru I'm a go over to Haruhi's house to study can you walk home today?" Kaoru looked at his brother shocked and pissed at the same time. But refused to show it instead he only smiled

"Sure I don't mind" Kaoru said threw clenched teeth.

"You can come if you want Kaoru." Haruhi said while smiling at the younger twin. Kaoru smiled at the girl.

"No I'm fine, thank you though Haruhi." Haruhi gave Kaoru a worried look

"Alright if you're sure?" Kaoru nodded.

'How it is possible that she knew something was wrong before my own TWIN brother.'

He watched as Haruhi and Hikaru walked out the host club doors. Just as Tamaki and Kyouya arrived.

"Well you could always ask Kaoru to help design them?" Tamaki said happily before looking around.

"Where's my beautiful daughter!" he looked around franticly

"She left with Hikaru to study at her house Tono." Kaoru said indifferently

"WHAT ! That evil devil will taint my innocent daughter" before Kaoru could say anything Tamaki had already left running after them.

Kaoru sat irritated on the couch; He looked up at the sound of lightning and saw it started to pour outside.

"God damn it, why of all days the one day I'm stuck walking it decides to rain aghhhhh why does god hate me so" Kaoru fell face first into the couch completely forgetting of the other presence in the room.

"Man ….FUCK YOU HIKARU!" Kaoru screamed into the cushion

"And here I thought you loved you big brother." Kaoru snapped his head towards the voice.

"K-Kyouya sempai? Hehehe your not going to tell are you?" Kyouya chuckled as he sat opposite of Kaoru.

"I have other thing to worry about." Kyouya removed his glasses and massaged his temples.

"So why are u still here" he put his glasses on to look at Kaoru, who had sighed.

"Because my stupid brother wanted to spend some "study time" as he calls it with Haruhi. So he asked me to walk home that way he could take the car to her house, and NOW there's a freaking hurricane outside… think I could sleep here?" Kyouya raised an eyebrow at the teen.

"Joking so what did Tamaki want me to help with?" Kaoru found it weird how easily he could talk to the shadow king with out others present.

"well Tamaki being the genius that he is decided to change the theme to Commoner's different clothing styles. I personally don't know anything about that so he wants you to design the looks for everyone since you have more experience in fashion then Tamaki or Haruhi would." Kaoru thought it over he did know a lot about the different styles and it could help keep him busy.

"Alright ill help but when do you need the outfits?"

"About a week from now."

"Okay" lightning flashed outside as rain poured harder. Kaoru sighed as he got up.

"Well better head home" Kaoru grabbed his backpack

"You know I could give you a ride." Kaoru paused

"I don't want to be a bother."

"If you get sick it'll be a bother."

"Your right thank you Sempai. Kyouya nodded

"Its fine just let me go get my stuff." As Kyouya got up Kaoru smiled

'Who knew the shadow king was so nice? Maybe there's more then what meets the eye.'

Kaoru caught himself starring at Kyouya and quickly looked out the window.

"Ready?" Kaoru looked at Kyouya while he suppressed a blush.

"Y-yeah oh wait Sempai for the outfits; doesn't that mean that we have to go commoner shopping."

"Yeah it seems so."

"Does that mean the whole host club has to go together to the mall?" 'Cause I really don't want to deal tono and Hikaru running around looking like idiots.' Kyouya seemed to understand what Kaoru was thinking.

"Yes Hikaru and Tamaki would be rather annoying; luckily I have everyone's measurements in my data." Kaoru stared at Kyouya

"How did you know what I was thinking and more importantly how exactly do you know everyone's measurements?" Kyouya only chuckled as he leaned closer to Kaoru

"That's for me to know and for you to figure out" he poked Kaoru's forehead as he walked ahead.

"W-Wha!" Kaoru stood shocked. 'Was that really Kyouya' but Kaoru let a smile appear on his face.

"Is that a challenge from the shadow king himself?"

"Take it how you wish but we better get going that is unless you brought your pjs." Kyouya walked away. Kaoru smiled he never noticed how different Kyouya could actually be he was actually 'fun' to be around. Kaoru ran to catch up with his sempai.

The walk to the car was quiet except for the occasional thunder and pounding of rain.

'Wonder how Haruhi is holding up?' before Kaoru knew they had already made their way to the car.

"Driver please drive to the Hitachiin estate." Without a word the driver drove off towards Kaoru's house.

"Now Kaoru which date would you like to go to the commoner mall?" Kaoru smiled

"Hmm a date? Semapi." Kaoru said in a sly voice. Kyouya only chuckled

"You sure know how to twist things don't you?" Kaoru just shrugged.

"Well tomorrow me and Hikaru were planning to go to our via for the weekend so maybe during the week?" Kyouya nodded

"That's fine with me." They had finally arrived at Kaoru's house.

"Thank you Kyouya sempai." Kaoru grabbed his stuff and ran into the house.

"Mr. Ootori sorry but you never give rides? Why the sudden ch-?" Kyouya cut the driver off and told him to drive.

Kyouya looked out the window and watched the rain pour.

"I honestly don't know myself."

Kaoru arrived home and was greeted by one of the maids.

"Kaoru-kun your mother told me to advice you that she and your father left for a business trip for the weekend." Kaoru nodded and walked off to his room and found it empty.

"Peace and quiet." Kaoru flopped on the bed and pulled his phone out; not one single txt message or voicemail from Hikaru. 'Wasn't he worried about me walking home in the storm?' Kaoru through his phone at the wall and rolled onto his stomach he switched on his ipod and let toady's event pass through his mind.

'Were becoming our own person alright." His mind wondered to Kyouya and a smile snuck its way on his face. He grabbed his phone and sent a txt.


To: Kyouya

Thx again for the ride Sempai you saved me from getting a cold (.).

-Good Nite (^-^)


Kaoru sent the txt and paled 'Wait what is he going to think this is something a girl would do AGHHH!' Kaoru messed his hair up but stopped when he saw a txt was received. 'Maybe he's going to get mad at me for being so stupid. No!'

Kaoru opened the message as if it would explode. When nothing happen Kaoru read the message and a smile appeared on his face. Kaoru felt his stomach do a flip but ignored it as he laid his phone down and fell into a deep slumber.


To: Kaoru

Your welcome if you ever need a ride home just ask.

-Good Night Kaoru (- -)


Kyouya was shocked at the message Kaoru had sent, but what shocked him more was that he had replied and even offered to take the younger Hitachiin home. Kyouya sighed as he fell on his bed. Although he hated the fact that he had replied he couldn't help but fell a warm sensation in the pit of his stomach. 'Probably indigestion.' Kyouya quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.