Ch 5: The first step

Author note: here is the next chapter hope you enjoy it. I know the story is not written well and it has a lot of mistakes and it might not go into micro detail but I'm writing for fun because I wanted to share this story with others. I respect and appreciate the complements and the critism although some were hurtful and plain mean. I just hope you will understand I'm creating this story for fun. Also with college it might be hard to update I'm currently trying to find my notebook that hold all my ideas and plans for this fanfic I misplaced it while moving into my dorms.

The next morning Kaoru woke up warm and surprisingly still in a bed. Kaoru sat up his hair resembling that of a wild fire.

'Hikaru must have not kicked me off for once'

Kaoru's eyes opened he looked around at the strange surroundings he felt his heart skip a beat, there next to him laid the sleeping form of Kyouya. He felt a small blush spread on Kaoru's face at the sight of his sempai.

'He looks so peaceful'

A small smile formed on his face. He looked at the clock and sighed sadly.

'It's 5:20 am I should head home before Hikaru. I'm sure Kyouya won't mind if I

borrow his driver'

With that thought in mind Kaoru silently got up and turned to older teen a small frown adorned his face.

'Why did I have to be the stupid devil that fell for the shadow king?'

Kaoru looked at Kyouya's porcelain face as he slowly pushed back the boy's bangs.

'Who knew that you the shadow king would open my world and show me the light?'

Kaoru let a small chuckle escape he quickly wrote Kyouya a note and left it on his dresser. He picked up his clothes from the floor and placed a chaste kiss on his sempai's forehead before leaving. Kyouya stirred a bit in his sleep mumbling the name of the little devil.

Kaoru arrived to his house and from the looks of it he seemed to arrive home before Hikaru.

"I guess I'll shower and get ready." Kaoru walked into the mansion and although it was still early in the morning the servants were already doing their daily routines Kaoru smiled at a couple of maids before heading up to his room. he stepped into the shower and let the warm water spill over his body letting his mind wandering back to Kyouya and how the older teen hugged him and comforted him. Kaoru remembered the boy's body and how close it was to his.


With every thought of the shadow king Kaoru felt heat rush into his lower body. Slowly Kaoru's hand reached his member. Kaoru let a soft moan escape his lips as his hand moved up and down the hardening member. His hand sped up as his voice rose in volume Kaoru could feel his climax approaching.

"Kaoru where are you?" Kaoru gasped at the sound of his brothers voice

'fuck Hikaru you have horrid timing'

Kaoru ignored his brother's call for him and instead chose to imagine his sempai. He could see Kyouya's hair sticking to his forehead his deep onyx eyes engulfing Kaoru's own amber ones. Kaoru moaned softly as his sempai slowly moved against his body, with a final pump Kaoru let a long moan escape his lips. The water washed away all evidence of what happen, the younger twin leaned against the wall and gasped trying to catch his breathe.

'What did I just do'

The teen groaned as he hit his head softly against the shower's wall. Kaoru quickly finished showering and stepped out to his room to find his double smirking at him.

"What is it Hikaru?" Kaoru snapped at his twin not really in the mood for his dumb games.

"Aren't you going to ask how it went at Haruhi's" his smirk widen if possible. Kaoru sighed at his twin's behavior.

"How was it?" he asked not really anxious to know, however it went unnoticed by his brother.

"It was awesome we spent a lot of time together and I even helped her make dinner. But the best part was during the thunderstorm she let me hold her that is until her dad came" Hikaru said bitterly. Kaoru nodded not really paying attention. "So Kao who were you imaging in the shower?' Kaoru froze he felt his skin turn crimson as he turned to his other half.

"W-what are you talking about Hika?" the younger twins voice cracked a bit. Hikaru's smirk only grew.

"Oh come on Kao anyone with ears knows what happen in there" Kaoru walked to his closet ignoring his brother. "Awww Kao are you embarrassed its okay its normal I do it all the time" Kaoru rolled his eyes at his brother as he dressed for school

"Whatever just get ready for school Hikaru" Kaoru walked away from his twin and headed towards the kitchen for breakfast.

At the Ootori's mansion after the fifth alarm clock went off, a very grumpy shadow king wakes from his slumber.

" I hate mornings" Kyouya sat in his bed his hair resembling that of a crows nest. Kyouya looked down on his bed and noticed the absence of a fiery red headed teen, he reached for his glasses and noticed a note on his desk.


Hey Kyouya thank you for inviting me and letting me spend the night, I promise to return the clothes I borrowed I'll have them washed and dry cleaned. Also thank you for being there when I broke down. I feel like I can finally move on and finally step into your world. I'm sorry for leaving early but I didn't want to wake you, you looked cute and I also know how much you hate the mornings - ~ -. Well ill see you today at the club thank you again ^ - ^.


Kyouya chuckled "you really are something Kaoru" Kyouya looked over the letter once more before raising an eyebrow "cute?" he dismissed the thought. The older teen got out of bed throwing the blankets to the side, he heard a small 'Thud' he looked down to see a cellphone on the floor. "Must be Kaoru's" he opened the phone to see a picture of said boy modeling shirtless Kyouya smirked "yeah definitely Kaoru's" he placed the phone in his book bag before heading to the bathroom for a really cold shower.

If Hikaru was annoying before Kaoru swore it was nothing compared to how he was now all the way to the school all he herd from his brothers mouth was Haruhi this Haruhi that and I cant wait to see tono's face. Kaoru almost sang to the heavens as they pulled up to the school. Kaoru reached into his pocket and felt his blood run cold.

'where is it…did I have it this morning? Fuck"

Kaoru searched his pockets and his bag frantically.

'damn it I hope Kyoya has seen it'

Kaoru sighed and walked out of the car

'I cant belive I lost my phone'

Kaoru walked into his first period class it was evident that the whole school was over the picture incident.

"well that's good at least" he smiled and relaxed a bit that was until his brother opeaned his mouth.

"Hey Haruhi thanks for letting me spend the night at your place." And the awkward silence had returned Kaoru swore under his breathe from the corner of his eyes he saw people texting. Haruhi smiled at Hikaru.

"No its cool sorry about my dad" Kaoru made his way to his desk.

'wonder how long itll be till Tono hears'

A loud yell erupted throughout the halls and soon was accompanied by the sound of running feet.

'that was faster then I thought'

Kaoru looked up just as a panting Tamaki busted through the door.

"y-you devil!" Kaoru looked at his brother who held his trade make devil smile on his lips

"yes milord?"

"How could you spend the night at Haruhi's house?"

"Well she invited me for dinner and then the rain made me spend the night." Hikaru said matter of factly which only seemed to anger Tamaki more. Said boy was about to explode with rage when the bell rang signaling the start of class.

"Sempai you should go to class" Haurhi said finally making her presence known. Tamaki looked defeated and left. Kaoru chuckled.

' I wonder how Tono would react if he knew I slept with Kyouya'

Kaoru blinked and blushed

'I mean if they knew I spent the night over at Kyouya's'

Kaoru pushed the thought out of his mind, however he kept getting dragged into the memories of last night.

"Kaoru? Earth to Kaoru school is over" Kaoru blinked and looked at his brother shocked.

"What?" Hikaru laughed at his younger twin.

"Dude where have you been schools over we have club." Kaoru smiled sheepishly

"Oh sorry guess I spaced out for a bit" Kaoru walked behind Haruhi and Hikaru, he watched as they laughed and talked together not even noticing him. Kaoru let a small smile adorn his features, before he would have felt sadness but now he looked at his brother and Haruhi and was happy for them.

"I guess this is the first step" he smiled

"Did you say something Kaoru?" Hikaru turned to his twin.

"Nope nothing" Kaoru smiled and walked with the pair. Once they arrived to the club Kaoru noticed that Kyouya wasn't around. "Where's Kyouya?"

"He said he had business to attend to he told us to set up for today, he'll be back in a bit" Kaoru nodded.

"Oh I almost forgot I'll be in the back working on the costumes" he excused himself and went to the back. He was kind of glad he was able to get out of helping set up. After working on the costumes and being at least somewhat satisfied he headed back into the club which had already opened its doors to its guest. Kaoru saw everyone was busy entertaining their guest. Kaoru looked around and found Kyouya with a crowd of his usual guest, the older boy was motioning Kaoru to join them. Kaoru smiled his host smile as he made his way to Kyouya and the girls.

"Yes Kyouya?" the girls all blushed and giggled when Kaoru used his sempai's first name.

"I believe this is yours" Kaoru's eyes widen and blushed, Kyouya smirked as he held out a small blue phone "you left this in my bed after you left this morning." The whole club went deadly silent all Kaoru could do was blush madly as all eyes turned to him he felt his heart thumb against his chest.

"I guess it fell out when I undressed" Kyouya leaned in closer to Kaoru, onyx eyes met amber and the whole room was empty except for them.

"I loved the picture Kaoru" Kaoru blushed madly his face matching his hair. Behind the couple a furious Hikaru stood.

"You slept in his bed!" Kaoru turned shocked at his brothers out burst.

"Well he invited my over for dinner so I wouldn't have to eat by myself since you went over to Haruhi's" Hikaru smirked at his brother, his eyes held a dangerous glint.

"So in order to thank him you let him have his way with you" Hirkaru approached his brother looking utterly disgusted with him. "You really are a slut Kao~chan" he let Kaoru's nickname dance off his tongue in a taunting manner. The younger boy stood utterly shocked his whole body felt like it had been dumped into icy cold water. Kaoru opened his mouth to respond but before he could even muster a syllable he saw a fist fly straight into his brother's jaw making the older twin fall straight on his ass. Kaoru turned slowly to see that the fist belonged to the shadow king himself, he glared at the older twin.

"Kyo-"before he could finish his sempai cut him off.

"Don't you fucking dare talk that way to Kaoru besides I herd you slept over Haruhi's house how do we know something didn't happen between you to" he looked at the older Hitachiin as if he was a worthless piece of dirt. The whole club was shocked at seeing Kyouya not only cuss but actually hit someone. Hikaru glared and lunged forward ready to punch the older teen, Kyouya stood ready to fight him back the room was filled with gasps as the sound of skin hitting skin filled the room. Hikaru looked shocked to find his double in front of him blood spilling from his mouth.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru's voice broke with panic the younger twin however didn't flinch.

"We did sleep together but we didn't have sex, if you weren't such a child you would have let me explain before jumping to conclusions" Hikaru looked away from his twin's glare and looked ashamed. Kyouya glared murderously at Hikaru which would make even the devil shudder. Kyouya grabbed Kaoru's hand and lead him towards the back.

"Come on Kaoru let's go get that cleaned up" Kaoru allowed himself be pulled along by his sempai, he fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

'I wont cry not in fornt of him'

Kyouya looked over at Kaoru he sighed, he pulled him into the back room closing the door.

"Kaoru you can cry he won't hear you" Kaoru looked up at his sempai his eyes resembled that of a glass doll.

"Kyo-" Kaoru's voice cracked as his tears cascaded down his face. He quickly covered his eyes not wanting his sempai to see him in such a weak state. Kyouya however pulled the teens hands away and pulled him into a comforting hug.

"Its okay Kaoru just let it out," the teen sobbed into the Ootori's chest.

"Why would he say that?" Kaoru mumbled through sobs as he clenched onto his sempai shirt. Kyouya hugged the boy his eyes held malice towards the older twin.

"Because Kaoru its just like you said your brother is a child he never thinks about his actions don't let that imbecile get to you" Kaoru looked up at Kyouya shocked.

"Kyouya?" The older boy looked down and sighed.

"I'm sorry its just he is such a child he even out does Tamaki and that's saying a lot" Kaoru chuckled but stopped when he felt warm liquid drip down his lips. Kyouya looked at the boy and quickly sat him down on a chair.

"Here" Kyouya quickly cleaned the excesses blood.

"Thank you Kyouya for everything especially for standing up to him." Kyouya shook his head.

"It was nothing Kaoru I already told you I'm here for you besides he had it coming." Kyouya slowly opened the boy's mouth trying to see the damage done. "Kaoru I need you to run your tongue over the cut and tell me how deep it is." The younger Hitachiin just stared at the boy with a confused look.

"What?" Kyouya sighed and opened the teens mouth again.

"Sorry about this Kaoru." Kaoru looked puzzled for a moment until he felt his sempai's tongue explore his mouth. Kaoru closed his eyes losing himself in the feeling of Kyouya's warm tongue.

'I shouldn't be enjoying this.'

'I shouldn't be enjoying this.'

Kyouya's tongue skillfully moved over the cut he smirked when Kaoru let a small moan escape. He pulled away from the younger teen. A look of disappointment flashed through Kaoru's eyes

'calm down Kyouya don't let your imagination get the better of you'

Kyouya looked down at Kaoru and smiled at the picture. Kaoru sat fidgeting in his chair his cheeks tinted a soft pink and his eyes were glazed over.

"I don't think you will need stiches." Kaoru nodded not trusting his voice to answer.

'did Kyouya just kiss me…. Why is my heart pounding so loudly oh god I hope he cant hear'

"Kaoru are you okay your face is flushed?" Kaoru mumbled softly under his breathe "what?" Kyouya looked to the teen not catching what he said.

"I said it was weird"

'there is no way I can tell him that was my first kiss'

"Oh yeah sorry about that I just needed to make sure the cut wasn't too deep." Kaoru nodded and blushed more. Kyouya raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Kaoru was It weird cause I'm a guy or because that was your first kiss." Kaoru face lite up a scarlet red.

"What?" Kyouya suppressed a laugh.

"That was your first kiss wasn't it" Kaoru nodded and looked down completely embarrassed. "Sorry for stealing your first kiss" Kyouya kneeled down in front of the boy. Kaoru looked up a bit shocked but also happy.

"No its fine, I'm glad it was with someone I trust" he smiled shyly Kyouya smirked.

"But that wasn't a proper kiss" Kaoru looked at the boy with mild confusion "this is"

Kyouya leaned in and captured the younger teen's lips in a soft and warm kiss. Kaoru's eyes fluttered closed as he felt the way his sempai's lips moved against his, every movement sent sparks of electricity throughout Kaoru's body. Kyouya pushed lightly on his lips asking for entrance Kaoru slowly opened his mouth letting his sempai once more explore his mouth. Kaoru let a small moan escape as Kyouya's and his tongue danced together.

Kyouya loved the sight in front of him. The way Kaoru's face was lite in a soft pink light, how his eyes were half lidded, the way he kissed him back awkwardly, the way his lips tasted of vanilla and syrup. He looked so fragile as if one wrong move and he would shatter. Kyouya softly cupped the boy's cheek and pulled away earning him a moan of disapproval however just as he had pulled away the door was opened.

"Kyo-chan how is Kao-chan?" Hunny asked from the door looking at the two a bit strangely.

"He's fine nothing serious" Kyouya said as he returned to his normal calculating self and removed his hand from the boy's cheek. "How's Hikaru?" he asked though he could really care less how the boys was.

"He has a big bruise" Hunny looked over to the blushing teen. Kaoru softly touched his lips. Hunny smiled "well I better go and tell Takashi that Kao-chan is okay." He quickly left leaving an awkward silence in the room.

"We should head back Kaoru" Kyouya was about to stand to leave when Kaoru grabbed his sleeve.

"Why did you do that?" he looked up at Kyouya onyx met amber. Kyouya turned away from the teens glance.

"Look sorry if it freaked you out lets just forget about it." Kyouya moved to get up but was stopped once again by Kaour's hand.

"It didn't freak me out. I uh…I liked it." Kaoru whispered as he looked away, finally let go of his sempai's shirt. Kyouya didn't move. The silence in the room grew deafening. Kaoru quickly got up and walked to the door.

"Let's go back sempai" Kaoru was going to open the door when Kyouya slammed it close before putting both hands on either side of the younger twins head. Kaoru turned slowly to face his sempai, he was trapped in between the shadow kings arms. Kaoru looked up slowly to his sempai, his body shaking in fear. "I-I'm sorry sempai please don't be-" Kaoru was cut off by Kyouya's lips. Kaoru eyes widen before he melted at the older teens touch. His hands moved up and wrapped around the teens neck intertwining in the soft black locks of Kyouya's hair. Kyouya slowly pulled away from the boy.

"Don't be sorry" he smiled his rare honest smiles.

"Your not mad?" Kaoru asked worriedly making Kyouya chuckle.

"No I'm not mad I'm actually happy" Kaoru looked at his sempai

"Why happy?" Kyouya smirked at Kaoru.

"You're pretty dense aren't you" Kaoru only pouted "Kaoru why would I kiss someone I hate?" the boy said nothing "what I'm saying is that I like you Kaoru" Kaoru blushed and looked at his sempai's chest. He felt embarrassed to look at his eyes

"I uh I like you too Kyouya." Kaoru hid his face under his bangs. Kyouya lifted his chin and stared into the younger boys eyes.

"Do you want to -"

" KYOUYA!" the door was swung open causing both Kyouya and Kaoru to fall onto the floor. Kaoru groaned and looked down to find his sempai under him.

"Oka-san is ka- you little devil you're trying to seduce my Kyouya." Kaoru turned and glared at Tamaki

'what he seduced me and he is not yours stupid tono'

"He isn't seducing me we were about to go out when you smacked open the door" Kyouya said matter of factly however a dark aura surrounded Kyouya as he glared at the idiotic prince.

"je suis desole mon ami, but the girls wanted to know how Kaoru was and if he was okay." Kyouya sighed as he looked to the younger boy and smirked.

"Kaoru as much as I love having you sit on my lap we really should go check in with the girls and make sure they are alright after the show we put on." Kaoru blushed madly as he clumsily got off his sempai "s-sorry" Kyouya just smiled before holding Kaoru's hand and walking out of the small room. They had barely entered the main room when they were surrounded by a bunch of worried girls.

"Are you alright Kaoru?"

"It looks like it hurt?"

"n-no it's fine, I'm alright" Kaoru smiled sweetly at the girls. Kyouya looked away from the girls and Kaoru to stare at the older twin. Hikaru sat next to Haruhi sulking as he held a giant ice pack to his swollen cheek. Kyouya smirked as the older twin glared at him from across the room Kyouya only smiled as his thumb ran along Kaoru's hand in a comforting gesture, the younger twin return the gesture and smiled softly.

"That was so cool Sempai" one of the girls next to Kyouya smiled brightly.

"Yeah come to think about it this is the first time I have ever seen Kyouya Sempai get mad let alone hit someone."

"But you have to admit Hikaru deserved it" all the girls nodded.

"But you know I can definitely see Kyouya as one of those cool bad boy Delinquent types" one girl blushed as she looked away from Kyouya. Kyouya smiled

"Then you ladies should make sure you come tomorrow" all the girls turned to Kyouya with wide eyes. Kyouya chuckled before excusing himself to the back room.

"What did he mean by that Kaoru?" all the girls looked at the younger twin.

"Well tomorrow the host club is having a theme day so to speak, everyone will be dressed as certain street wear". The girls giggled

"So then Kyouya will?" Kaoru nodded.

"Yes he will be dressed as a cool Deliquent" the girls squealed and hug Kaoru

"Kaoru you're an absolute genius" Kaoru smiled

'who knew girls could be so fun.'

"Hey Kaoru what are you and Hikaru dressing up as?" Kaoru bit his lip nervously as he looked at the group of girls.

"Uh actually about that you see Hikaru and Haruhi are hosting together and they decided to dress up in modern hip hop styled clothes. As for me well I'll be hosting with Kyouya so we'll be more of the Delinquent type." Kaoru blushed as the girls let out a fan girlish scream making the other guest turn as well.

"Omg you and Kyouya as delinquents I can already see it" the girls chatted among themselves as they discuss the topic further Kaoru smiled as he watched the girls chat among themselves.

"Looks like tomorrow is going to a day full of interesting events" Kaoru chuckled to himself as he caught the eyes of the demon king they look at each other knowing things would only change further from then on.

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