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A small oneshot I made because I felt like it. Hope you enjoy it!

"You have read our schedule haven't you?", Sheldon asked, raising his right brow. "Yes. For the millionth time, Sheldon I have the read the schedule!", he fingers pressed to her temples. "Well, today is Wii bowling and-",

"Sheldon can I ask you a question?",

His left eye twitched.


"Fine go ahead.", he sounded impatient. Then he relaxed, his eyes sparking.

"Do you know if Leonard still likes me?"

He pursed his lips together. "Well... I honestly don't know.", his voice was soft and low, and the words seem to hurt her heart.

"Oh.", she looked down, fiddling with her fingers. "that's good, I mean.. for him..."

He sat down next to her. "Well are you in for the Wii Bowling today?"

"Sheldon, I honestly don't care at the moment."

"Why not?", he looked confused, and hurt.

She sighed heavily, and she was in tears. "Because... I'm not in the mood.", than she she wiped her trickling tears from her finger tips, and glanced at Sheldon for a moment.

"Fine... I'll try somethin-"

"Sheldon, do you still like me... as a friend?". His eyes went wide, "Penny, of course I do.", his voice sounded like it had an echoing effect to it.

"Do you like me as more than a friend?", Penny was very serious.

"What do you mean by that?",

"Like, do you love me in a romantic way? Or-", she didn't want to sound to bold, but she really was risking her words. And by the looks of it, Sheldon was emotionless, like he was still.

To Penny's surprise, Sheldon grabbed her right hand gently, and gave her a rare smile.

"Penny-", he paused looking down at his hand and hers. Somehow... they fit perfectly. "I have never expected to let you in my life, but I have these feelings that I've never felt for someone for...", he said softly. Caressing his finger tips on the back of her hand.

Penny felt like she was on fire. He was touching her. Her. He never looked so serious, sad, and tensed in his life. But, he was soothing him self on her. He needed to calm himself. "These feelings, Penny...", he gripped gently. His gaze were boring into her forest green eyes. "I feel like whole Universe has not caught up with me."

'What the frak does that even mean?', she asked her self.

"You are the most important part of my life Penny. And because of that... you are one of my best friends...", he softly smiled at her.


"Penny...", he cupped her face with his hand.

Her heart was lurching. She could feel it beat against her chest so hard, she thinks Sheldon hears it too.

"I love you...", he rubbed his thumb against her cheek, wiping away the tears from her face.

He kissed her forehead gingerly, and rested his forehead against hers. "Does that answer your question?",

A little AU me thinks so. I know I haven't been writing in a long time, but this thought came into my mind and thought, well... gee... this would be amazing? LMAO. I don't know. Hopefully this will lift up your spirits. ;)