It was one of the first things to go on her desk in London. She found it wrapped in tissue paper on her Mode editor's desk with a note, 'For all your BIG decisions.' She of course knew it was from Mark even though the note wasn't signed. It was his way of showing he was happy for her.

She would ask it questions sometimes, occasionally big ones.

'Should I go to the pub tonight with my colleagues?' The answer was summoned from it's dark, murky depths, Yes - Definitely. She Went.

'Should I order Thai for lunch?' she thought as she jostled it and turned it over to discern the path she should follow. It replied, 'My sources say no.' and she wandered why it's sources wouldn't want her to eat Thai food, but she was unwilling to risk it's wrath.

'Is Belinda the best person for my assistant position?' she paused briefly thinking she may have lost her mind due to lack of sleep. In the past week she's pretty sure she got 10 hours total. Before she can consider this too closely, or fall asleep at her desk again, she turns it over and reads, 'Signs point to yes.' Belinda was hired.

'Does this ad need to be in front of the feature?' It took longer than usual to respond with 'Concentrate and ask again.' She decided her exhausted brain was too foggy to read, so she stopped what she was doing and asked again. This time she was rewarded with an 'It is decidedly so.' She moved the ad.

Did I do the right thing coming to London?' Reply hazy, try again. It responded. This, of course, is the reason she trusts it, she's still not sure herself. It seems to know this is a loaded question and though she has asked it several times it will never commit to a yes or a no, just a 'Cannot Predict Now' or 'Ask Again Later'. So she waits.

A few days later, she runs into Daniel in Trafalgar Square. They sit on the steps and talk for awhile, until she has to run to a meeting. She is smiling at the idea of dinner with Daniel when she gets back to her office. She sends Belinda to pick up a dress and shoes at her flat for tonight so she can get everything finished at the office and still look nice. Has she mentioned Belinda is working out great!

As she is sitting in her office dressed for her night out, she picks it up and asks one more time. "Did I do the right thing coming to London?" 'Without a doubt.' she reads and smiles as she puts it down.

She hears Daniel laugh and looks up to see him standing in the doorway. He smiles warmly at her, "I always wondered how you made all of your decisions."

"You laugh, but this thing has been a life saver more than once since I moved over here." she smiled

Daniel reaches for it with mock seriousness, "Can I ask it a question?"

"See it's tempting to know, without a doubt, the path you should take, isn't it?" Betty answers Playfully.

"Okay," he looks deep in thought for a couple of minutes before asking, "Will I get a kiss hello?" he asks it, though his eyes never leave Betty.

She blushes and leans in to read the response, "Outlook not so good." she reads aloud and laughs.

Undettered, he questions, "What about a kiss goodnight? " "Very doubtful." she reads smiling at him expectantly.

Daniel looks disappointed for a moment, but this only makes him more determined now, "How about a kiss good morning?" he questions with a smirk. He turns it so Betty can read it first. "Don't count on it." she reads trying unsuccessfully to suppress her giggle.

"Okay," he says, "How about hand holding." he says quirking his eyebrow at Betty and crossing his fingers.

Betty's smile softens as she reads aloud, "Outlook good." She stretches out her hand. He laces their fingers together and he sets it back on the desk. Then he leads them to the elevator. London was looking promising. "So is that magic eight ball channeling your father?" he questions as the elevator doors close.