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This story is based on a Wolverine story arc called Old Man Logan. A look at a world thirty years into the future where the villains have won, how has the world changed? How has Naruto changed? What dark secret does Naruto hold that haunts him to this very day?

Old Man Naruto

Chapter 5: The End of All Things

The Mikido Tavern was one of the many bars that had sprung up in the desolate new world created from the ashes of the old. It however shared the notorious distinction of being the establishment that was the Uchiha Clan's unofficial headquarters. While the clan compound was both home to the numerous Uchiha offspring and their family's as well as a modern day castle lording over the lands, the Mikido Tavern was where many of the younger, more rowdy clan enforcers liked to stay and drink. Farther removed from the eyes of father and mother who thought such commoner behavior was below the Uchiha's.

While good for business seeing as the Uchiha's were the only family with money to spare thanks to the sweat and backs of their tenants, it was not without its drawbacks. One such problem was that whatever the Uchiha's wanted, they got. Food, drink, entertainment, women, it didn't matter. If it caught the attention of those red eyes then it was as good as theirs. The owner, Isao, had learned that lesson the hard way when his daughter had been working as a bar maid. She had just turned fourteen when a group of the head Uchiha's sons had asked if she would join them for a drink. Not wishing to cause her father trouble, she obliged them for the evening eventually agreeing to accompany them back to the compound. She returned the next morning beaten, raped and crying. One of the bastards had cut her across the face leaving a deep and nasty scar in the shape of the Uchiha Clan crest. After that night she had refused to leave her room and had remained hidden from the world ever since. And now Isao had to pour them sake with a smile on his face and the utmost of respect in his voice. But what was he to do? Refuse them at the door? Try to avenge the loss of his daughters honor? Nothing at the end of that road except two dead bodies lying in a burning tavern that would serve as their funeral pyre into the next world. No, smile and pour sake that was his lot in life.

And so it was he poured another dish each to a group of four whose very presence had cleared the other patrons out into the night. They drank and laughed at nothing in particular, musing something about a job well done. In all honesty Isao didn't want to know what they were so happy about and had kept a safe distance all night. Not too close but also not too far as to draw their ire. However, he could not stop himself from staring at the one at the end who seemed to be holding a small doll meant to be held by a little girl and not some drunk and depraved enforcer. The others caught the stares and decided to have a bit of fun at their expenses.

"Moto", one said shaking his head, "what on earth does a grown man need with a doll?"

"Yeah, it isn't natural", another piped in; "if father catches you with that thing he'll disown you."

"Besides", Fugaki said slapping the doll out of Moto's hand, "you're giving the bartender the creeps."

"Then the bartender should probably mind his own business", Moto huffed picking up the doll. "It's pretty and I like to look at it."

"Whatever", Fugaki said finishing his sake", you need to get a piece of the real thing. Like that bar maid that used to work here, now she was something to look at. Whatever happened to her anyway old man", Fugaki said tapping the counter indicating he was ready for another round.

"I don't really know what happened to her", Isao said nervously pouring the sake and trying not to make eye contact.

"Oh really", Fugaki asked taking the bottle from Isao.

"No idea, she just didn't come back. I'll get another bottle from the back", Isao said turning quickly to leave. An arm shot out and grabbed a hold of Isao's spinning him back around.

"Why so nervous grandpa", Fugaki said activation his sharingan, "you wouldn't be lying to me would you?"

"Please", Isao squirmed, "I pay my rent on time and treat you guys well. I don't want any trouble."

"And you won't get any if you're telling the truth", Fugaki said tightening his grip on Isao's arm. "Now, do you know where that little whore is or not?"

"No", Isao said sweating.

"You're lying", Fugaki screamed grabbing Isao by the neck. Fugaki was about to reach for a kunai on his belt when the lights suddenly died. "What the hell is this", Fugaki yelled into the darkness. "Moto go find the fuse box", Fugaki ordered still holding Isao. There wasn't an answer or movement in the darkness. "Dammit Moto stop messing around", Fugaki said dropping Isao and pulling out a lighter. The flint sparked and the bar was cast in a pale light and Fugaki's eyes widened at the horror in front of him. Moto was pierced by a kunai just under the jaw, the steel going clean through his mouth and into his brain. His eyes were open but fluttering, blood and a stifled gurgling noise coming from his mouth. His body was off the ground and dangling like a fish on a hook. Fugaki's eyes traveled from the kunai to the hand that held it and continued to the owners face. He had blond hair, a Konoha symbol on his hitai-ate, his eyes blood red with slit irises and on either cheek a set of dark whisker marks. In his hand was the doll Moto had been playing with.

"You", Fugaki managed to choke out.

"You'll have to speak up son", Naruto growled, "I'm an old man."

Fugaki snapped from his trance and shoved the other two enforcers next to him. "What are you waiting for, kill him", Fugaki ordered. The one he shoved bent forward a thin cut appearing on his neck. He continued to fall forward and the flesh gave way as his head fell forward leaving a bloody and squirting stump. His body knocked into the one next to him who turned and fell as well revealing a kunai buried almost to the end of the hilt in his eye. Fugaki backed away, falling over a stool as Naruto threw Moto's still twitching body to the ground.

"Guess I was too fast", Naruto said admiring his handywork, "I didn't even get their names."

Fugaki was stumbling in the darkness trying to get to his feet. This was not happening. He was the man who refused to fight, the man who never went back on his word. That was what father had told them and now his brother and cousin's lay tangled and mutilated. He needed to get away, to warn the others. Fugaki's thoughts of escape turned to pain as Naruto brought a foot crashing down on Fugaki's shin, the snap of bone echoing through the tavern. Fugaki's arm instinctively shot out ot grab hold of anything to prevent him from falling which Naruto grabbed, twisted behind Fugaki's back and shoving a kunai through his wrist pinning it to his back.

Fugaki was grabbed roughly by the back of his neck and lifted off the ground his legs just touching the floorboards. He could feel a kunai being removed from his belt as he weakly struggled in vain. Suddenly, the lights came back on momentarily blinding him and halting his attacker. His eyes adjusted and he saw standing by the fuse box was a young girl with the Uchiha crest carved into her face. A look of hate and joy etched into her eyes. Naruto looked up to see the girl and her father who was slumped on the floor with his face in his hands rocking back and forth and wimpering.

"Perhaps we should take this somewhere more private", Naruto said looking towards the exit.

"No", the girl quietly yet firmly demanded.

Naruto looked at her face and then her eyes, the entire story told in just one look. "This is not going to be pretty miss", Naruto said politely. The only response was the girl simply pulling a chair in front of Naruto and the sobbing Uchiha and folding her hands in her lap, sitting patiently as if she was waiting for a play to start. Naruto nodded in understanding and the night was filled with the sound of breaking bones and cries of suffering.

The Uchiha Clan Compound, the next morning

The Uchiha compound had once been a castle occupied by a feudal lord long since dead and had become more or less a tourist attraction. It now once again would serve its purpose as home to a king and his court which by now was quite numerous. In addition to Karin, Sasuke had a harem of concubines to further the Uchiha Clan and his sons and even his grandsons had taken their own wives some from Sasuke's own collection. Truth be told, only males were allowed to live with any female babies killed immediately. The idea of non-Uchiha men taking Uchiha women as wives was an insult and the idea had perished with the many newborns that were slaughtered over the years. The population of Uchiha men was almost up to one hundred with almost two hundred women to service the clan kept on the premises.

But despite the immense size of the compound, there were little too no guards on duty, one or two to watch the gate and maybe a few to guard the concubines. The truth was that no one would dare to attack the Uchiha because such an action would be suicidal. No sir, there wasn't going to be any trouble today. It was that thought that went through the guard's minds as they ate breakfast and lazily scanned the horizon. It was the thought that crossed their minds right up until a body came crashing through the compound gates.

The sound of splintering wood was followed by the harsh thud of Fugaki's body hitting the ground. For the Uchiha who thought they themselves to be invincible and Fugaki one of the strongest in the clan, to see him in such a mangled state sent a wave of panic through their numbers.

"Quick get some help", one said rushing to Fugaki's side.

"Someone get father", another yelled out.

"Search the grounds for whoever did this", someone called out into the confusion.

"FUGAKI", a shriek echoed through the courtyard. Karin rushed to her boy's side and backed away in shock. His arms were visibly twisted and broken with several of his fingers seeming to have been ripped from his hands. His knee was turned almost completely around and bent backwards in a sickening position with large cuts and gashes covering his body. The worst was a long cut that ran across his eyes and slicing the bridge of his nose.

Karin recomposed herself and began basic first aid trying to see if he was at least alive although she doubted it. Ripping open his shirt she saw a strange bundle taped to Fugaki's chest.

"Oh my g…"


The bundle of explosive notes Naruto had attached to his parcel detonated in a plume of fire, blood and limbs. Fugaki's body and Karin were vaporized from the heat and fire, with those clan members closest to the explosion flying back covered in skin melting burns some having their arms or legs torn from their bodies due to the immense shockwave from the bomb. It was then that Naruto entered into the chaos his body blazing in the fires of his pure Jinchūriki form. Quickly he moved from one to another slicing their eyes followed by their throats. After today there would be no Uchiha or sharingan left to plague the earth.

The Uchiha's themselves tried desperately to fight back but their beloved eyes simply could not keep track of this new enemy. Years of praying on farmers and foot soldiers had left them arrogant and confident in their abilities. They had never before faced an enemy as fast or as powerful as the one before them and the will to fight turned into a mad dash for survival.

The chase did not last long as Naruto crossed his fingers in a familiar seal. "Shadow clone jutsu", Naruto called out summoning fifty clones that scattered to every part of the castle. His clones easily carved up the remaining Uchiha as Naruto began searching for his final target. He kicked open a set of heavy oak doors to reveal the concubines chambers, the women were huddled in the corner some whimpering and crying. Each one had a tattoo on their cheek of the Uchiha crest in much the fashion as that bar girl from the other night. For a moment he stared at them his hands still dripping with the blood of their charges.

"Where is Sasuke's chambers", Naruto asked coldly. He received no answer until one of the younger girls slowly lifted her hand and pointed in the direction further down the hall. Turning on his heels he headed down the hall calling out over his shoulder. "There is nothing left for you here. If you value your lives you will leave." Not even waiting for a response Naruto headed into the darkness of the hall.

Outside Sasuke's chambers

Naruto found himself before two large doors with a mural of Sasuke defeating Madara carved into the fine cedar. Releasing his Jinchūriki form he summoned chakra to his hand swirling it into a ball of light.

"Rasengan", Naruto cried out slamming his attack into the doors. The wood creaked, moans and splintered exploding into the room in a shower of destruction. Naruto scanned the darkened room for movement when a voice called out to him.

"Was that really necessary idiot", Sasuke said lighting a candle. "You'll wake the baby."

In the dim light Naruto could see Sasuke's shadowy form standing next to a small crib, a little bundle with black hair sleeping under a blanket. But in an instant, Sasuke vanished and appeared right in front of Naruto kicking him the gut sending the blond crashing back down the hall.

Naruto quickly regained his feet and watched as Sasuke slowly stalked towards him. Sasuke had not changed much over the years, his hair still black save for a few gray strands here and there. His face had a few lines of age making him look more like Itachi than ever. Sasuke seemed to almost be casually strolling over to Naruto his hands in his pockets and a smirk on his face. Naruto took the time to calm himself and sat down to prepare for sage mode. Sasuke's smirk grew as he half expected Naruto to simply charge straight at him once again.

"It seems old age has finally taught you some patience", Sasuke said coming to a stop.

Naruto remained silent, standing and opening his eyes revealing their new yellow color. "What, no speech Naruto? No loud declaration of victory", Sasuke said removing his hands from his pockets. Naruto said nothing and charged Sasuke in a burst of speed. Sasuke activated his sharingan and dodged a punch aimed at his face, pivoting his body and sending a kick towards Naruto's skull. Naruto blocked Sasuke's foot and tried to sweep his legs from under him. Sasuke kicked his leg up, landing on his hands and mule kicking into Naruto's chest. Naruto erupted into a cloud of smoke revealing it to simply be a shadow clone. Sasuke stood and began clapping and laughing.

"Oh I missed having a real challenge around", Sasuke cooed removing his sword and searching for movement in the darkness. "I haven't had a decent fight in years and for the first time in ages I feel alive." Sasuke saw the glint of steel from the corner of his eye, twirling and meeting Naruto's kunai in a shower of sparks.

"You bastard is this some big joke to you", Naruto screamed.

Sasuke released a current of lightening around his body shocking Naruto followed by a hard spinning kick to the face sending him crashing into a wall. Sasuke sheath his sword and walked over to Naruto forming a chidori in his hand.

"I told my sons that killing your family was just a way to send a message to everyone else. But the truth is I wanted a Naruto who was willing to fight me. I'm bored with being nothing more than a landlord. I wanted a real fight and I wasn't going to get it from the pacifist loser you had become."

Sasuke swung his chidori only to have his wrist caught by Naruto's hand. The lightening blade was pushed aside embedding in the wall as Naruto delivered a crushing uppercut to Sasuke's jaw and a vicious right cross to Sasuke's face. Sasuke flipped away tasting the blood in his mouth and smiling, blood pouring from a nasty cut on his cheek. Naruto licked a bit of Sasuke's blood from his fist and began to channal chakra until he was again enveloped in his pure Jinchūriki form.

"I did once make a promise to never again raise my fists in anger. But I realized that the man who's nindo was to never go back on his word died a long time ago. All that's left is the man you see before you…and he is going to kill you and your clan once and for all", Naruto said gathering chakra in his hands creating a maelstrom of fiery red chakra over his head.

Sasuke's smile vanished as he activated his mangekyō Sharingan and called upon the purple haze of susanoo to protect him. Naruto completed the forming of his attack which looked more like a small hurricane of chakra rather than a shuriken just as susanoo had completed its full transformation.

"Demonic Rasenshuriken", Naruto screamed throwing the massive disk of chakra towards Sasuke.

At its master's command, susanoo fired a chakra bolt from its crossbow to intercept Naruto's own projectile. Both attacks screech towards one another meeting in a blinding flash of light as the energy exploded outward in a tempest of wind and fire.

The dying winds saw Sasuke on one knee, panting with blood coming from his eyes. Susanoo had absorbed most of the backlash but it had left Sasuke weak and very low on chakra. Using his sword as a cane, Sasuke rose to his feet and observed the devastation. Both walls on either side of the hall had been blown away and they were now standing in the center of a fifty foot opening that stretch out into the castle. Sasuke could see the stars and moon through the hole in the ceiling as he stumbled through the wreckage.

He found Naruto lying on the floor, his jacket sliced and torn and several burns covering his body. Sasuke activated his sharingan and found the demonic presence of the fox meaning that this was indeed the real Naruto and not a clone being used as bait. Sasuke began to laugh hoarsely as he raised his sword over Naruto's heart.

"You are still the same fool you have always been. The Uchiha Clan will never die. You may have killed my sons, but I can always make more", he said smirking. "Say hello to Sakura and Kakashi for me", Sasuke whispered before plunging the sword into Naruto's heart.

The triumphant smirk Sasuke sported immediately vanished as he released his sword and clutched at his chest. Removing his hand he saw it was covered in blood that was pouring from a fresh wound. Sasuke stumbled back gasping for breath crashing to the ground. He turned and watched as Naruto pulled the sword from his chest and stood as if nothing was wrong with him.

Naruto dropped the sword and step out of a triangle surrounded by a circle drawn in blood on the ground.

"What..did you...do to me", Sasuke choked out.

"It's a trick I learned from an Akatsuki member named Hidan. You never met him, but long story short whatever you do to me happens to you", Naruto said removing an exploding tag from his pouch.

"I know who…Hidan was", Sasuke said spitting up blood, "that was…some religious…ritual. How could you…perform it?"

"Actually it was only a jutsu", Naruto said crumpling the tag into a ball, "and I don't have to be a religious zealot in order to use a jutsu."

Whatever retort Sasuke had was silenced as Naruto stuff the tag into his mouth. Naruto activated the tag and walked back towards Sasuke's chambers stopping only when he heard the explosion ring through the hall. In the distance, the sound of a baby crying could be heard and Naruto again headed for Sasuke's chambers.

One Month Later

Naruto and a few others had gathered at his family's gavesite. He had buried them on a cliff overlooking their home and the ocean. It was a wonderful view and he couldn't think of a better place to lay them to rest. He was kneeling before the three small wooden crosses saying a silent pray. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small doll and laid it at Yumi's grave.

Naruto stood and turned to see Toshi and his family as well as a few other friends of the family that had come to pay their respects. He thanked them for coming as Toshi's son brought a horse that Naruto had traded the case of gold to Toshi for.

"Why can't you stay here with us Naruto", Toshi asked placing a hand on his friends arm.

Naruto looked into Toshi's eyes and smiled a small smile before embracing him in a hug. "My family is gone Toshi. All I have left of them are memories and those I can take with me anywhere", Naruto said climbing onto the horse.

"But you're going out there alone to do what? Take back the countries and restore the villages? It isn't that same world anymore, that kind of dream is impossible", Toshi pleaded.

"Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy", Naruto said grinning, "besides I won't be alone. I have little Sasuke with me. Isn't that right buddy?"

The small boy wrapped in a buddle strapped to Naruto's cooed and laughed clapping his hands together. Naruto smiled and turned back to Toshi. "See, he's even more excited than I am."

"I still say you're crazy", Toshi huffed crossing his arms.

"That may be true friend", Naruto said turning to leave, "but all I know is that I've had my head in the sand for far too long."

Naruto waved goodbye and headed out once again into a setting sun. But for Naruto it was the beginning of a brand new day.


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