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My Fair Lady

9a.m., the T hotel

Sango knocked on the door to her precious star's suite. It was precisely 9 a.m. according to the brand-new Rolex she wore on her wrist. There were things to be done, places to be seen, and people to meet with. Of course, none of the hoopla was for her. It was for her star… and maybe also for her salary.

No response.

She furrowed her brow. Readjusting the breakfast tray she carried, she knocked again. "Kagome?"



Utter silence.


9a.m., Café Rendezvous, top floor of the Roppongi Uptown shopping complex

"She looks familiar."

"I swear I've seen that girl somewhere before…"

"She's the one in those perfume commercials!"

"Isn't she the one on that new drama on TV?"

Whispers ran rampant through the café, swirling in the air like dandelion seeds on a windy day.

The center of the commotion was a doll-like girl in a big hat and sunglasses perched on a chair by the enormous windowpane, taking in Tokyo's morning skyline. She had paired a casual cotton dress with too-tall wedges, perfect for the summer heat. A large white handbag was draped over the corner of the chair. The glamorous space was half-filled with people, and quiet morning conversation buzzed through the venue.

"Your yogurt parfait has arrived, Miss," a handsome waiter addressed her politely, bowing as he set her breakfast in front of her.

"Thank you," she replied sweetly.

He smiled at her, nodded, and then slipped away to check on another table.

I wonder if Sango's found out yet… she wondered. Kagome checked her cell phone for the time. It read exactly 9a.m. Yes, she decided, giggling to herself. Sango had most definitely discovered that she was missing.

"Shiroi bara no hana—"the small machine sang out as caller ID popped up. UMI SANGO, it flashed. A picture of her manager grinned out at her from the screen.

"Hello," Kagome picked up before two seconds had passed.

"Kagome." A dreadful, icy tone promising death came through the phone.

"Today, I'm Yuuki," the starlet replied, perfectly chipper in the face of her imminent demise.

"No, you are not," Sango growled back. "You are Higurashi Kagome, and you are scheduled for a dress fitting at two p.m. after lunch with that up-and-coming director Rika at one—"

"It seems like Higurashi Kagome has a very busy day," Kagome grinned into the receiver. "But don't worry, because I'm sure that she'll be on time for everything. After all, I've heard that she's got the most amazing manager that keeps her under tabs. It was really nice talking to you, Sango."

"Higurashi Kagome, you had better tell me where you are this instant. I'm going to send a car for you."

Click. Kagome pressed the END CALL button, ignoring her manager.