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Daytime Discoveries

7:00a.m., Miura household

Today was the day. Today, he would find out. Today would decide how his weekend would go.

Today was the day he got his math test back.

Inuyasha pushed his way out of bed, knocking down the towering mountain of pillows that he surrounded himself with at night, and disturbing Ryuu, the big black-and-white checkered dog sleeping at the foot of the bed.

"Rrr…" a low, half-hearted growl came from underneath the heap of dislodged pillows.

For emphasis, Inuyasha dropped an extra pillow on top of where Ryuu used to be.


Inuyasha laughed. "Buddy, I feed you. Can't growl at me."

Ryuu shuddered slightly, causing the pillows to shake a bit. A couple of the topmost ones came toppling down, landing on the floor with a faint thud.

Inuyasha ignored Ryuu, instead discarding his pajamas and pulling on his favorite jeans and T-shirt. The shirt blared its message to the world with pride and a picture of a lemon: WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS… SQUEEZE THEM INTO PEOPLES' EYES.

A faint buzzing came from his desk. The poor thing looked like it was on its last legs already – the middle part was beginning to cave in from the weight of at least ten textbooks, a desktop computer, a printer, various knickknacks, and other miscellaneous items.

He went over to investigate the source of the buzzing, not minding the dirty clothes he stepped over on his way there.

It was his cellphone, emitting a rude white glare as it buzzed to alert him that he had a call. Shooting the little piece of machinery a dirty look, he picked it up and answered the call.


"Hello, is this Miura Inuyasha?" A cool, measured tone came from the other end.

Inuyasha was puzzled at who would call him this early. "Yeah, why? Who is this?"

"This is Kobayashi Sango, Higurashi Kagome's manager. I'm calling to tell you that a car will arrive at your residence at four o'clock in the afternoon, sharp, to take you to her residence."

He froze. "What?"

7:30a.m., suite 2101

Sango placed the phone back in its receiver, almost giddy at the looming prospect of meeting this lucky winner. Her impulse was turning out to be quite the successful headliner. Every major news network had done something on this sweepstakes given out by Higurashi Kagome.

Except, Higurashi Kagome wasn't the one who gave it out.

But that wasn't her problem.

Sango sat back at the desk and allowed herself a few moments to gloat internally about this new victory over her star. Of course, it would only last until said star returned home, but until then, this was her win.

8:00a.m., the T hotel

Kagome was pissed.

She was not spending her weekend with some kid who would only get underfoot.

Today, she was determined to be with one less manager.

Except that that manager was doing a hell of a good job. And was the only manager who she actually trusted not to embezzle from her.

Bloody hell.

Kagome marched into the hotel's elevator, unlocked her floor, and jabbed the button that read '21' with as much force as she could muster.

The headache that was starting to grow somewhere around her left temple and was being severely aggravated by the soft elevator music.


She stepped out of the moving box into her foyer and took a deep breath. In, out. Those specially designed yoga classes? Bullshit.

Kagome threw down her coat and bag violently, not bothering to kick off her heels as she stormed down the hallway. Her maid, Ayu, nodded and bowed as she went by, scurrying to pick up and put her discarded belongings away. It wasn't long before Kagome reached the door labeled Suite 2101.

Another deep breath.

Mental note to fire the yoga teacher.




With a loud boom, the door to Sango's private rooms burst open.

8:10a.m., suite 2101

Sango looked up from her romance novel as a very angry, very disheveled little star burst into her room.

"Kobayashi Sango, explain yourself. Right now." Kagome stood on the threshold, one arm keeping the door open as the other lay at her side. Her fist was clenched so tight that the skin on her knuckles had turned white.

"Explain what?" Sango asked, bored. "How it happens to be that you're not wearing a single thing that's yours? Whose shirt is that?"

If possible, the dark cloud above her idol's head grew larger. "Explain WHY there is a FUCKING SWEEPSTAKES to spend the WEEKEND here."

"Oh," Sango shrugged. "That."

"Yes," Kagome growled back. "That."

"It's an excellent publicity move, especially since that other girl Ayame is coming back. You'll sweep her off the front pages for sure."

That silenced Kagome. She stood perfectly still as she mulled this over for a moment.

"Cancel it."

And with that, she turned on her heel and waltzed out of the room.

3:35p.m., Miura household

Inuyasha was stuffing the nicest clothing he owned into the best duffel bag he could find. This consisted of a grand total of ten items: a blazer, a pair of khakis, three pairs of clean, dark jeans, four shirts, and a red cardigan his mother bought him that he'd never used. Plus the necessities, like underwear, socks, and his toothbrush.

Oh, and of course a box of cookies. Girls loved cookies. This time, he had made coconut macaroons in the shape of cats. They seemed to fit their recipient: fluffy, light, innocent, and cute. Plus, she had stated on live TV that she loved cats.

Ryuu walked into the room at leisure, hopping up onto Inuyasha's bed. He spun around in circles for a while, twisting the comforter into a nest, before plopping down and licking himself.

"Hey, boy," Inuyasha sat down next to the dog and scratched him behind the ears. "You'll be OK without me, right?"

Ryuu stopped licking his back leg and nosed Inuyasha's hand, putting his head in Inuyasha's lap.

"I've left the dispenser on, so there's no food worries. And the water jug is filled, so your water bowl should be topped up too." He petted Ryuu's giant head. "Keima will be around twice a day to walk you."

Ryuu sighed, lifting his head only to drop it back into Inuyasha's lap.

"Good boy. Good Ryuu. Sorry to leave you like this."


"I'll be back in two days."


"Don't worry, I'll befriend her for sure."


"And then Kikyo might notice me, don't you think so?"


Bzzt-bzzt. Bzzt-bzzt. The buzzer in the hallway rang, alerting him that there was someone downstairs that wanted his attention.

"Yes?" he answered, nervous and excited.

"Is this Miura Inuyasha's residence?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is your chauffer. Your car is waiting for you outside the building."

"Be right down." Inuyasha released the button and stood there by the intercom for a moment, paralyzed by the excitement of it all.

But it was only a moment. And then he ran back into his bedroom, skidding on the floor, before grabbing his jacket and bag and dashing out to the hall again.

"See you, Ryuu! Don't chew up the apartment!" He called over his shoulder as he jammed his feet into his shoes. He had dashed down the stairs from his fifteenth-floor apartment all the way down to the first floor, sometimes jumping down onto the landings and skipping the steps entirely.

"Hello, Miura-san. I am Nakamura Misaki. It is a pleasure to meet you." The chauffer bowed to Inuyasha. He motioned towards the bag Inuyasha was carrying. "Is this all your luggage?"

Inuyasha was slightly shocked and taken aback. Never before in his life had someone bowed to him. Well, except for the mâtré'ds in restaurants. And the service people in hotels. But then they bowed for customers, not for him specifically.


"Oh, yeah." Inuyasha snapped out of his daze. "That's it."

"May I take it for you?"

"Um," Inuyasha looked down at his bag. "Yes, thank you."

Nakamura took the bag, opening the door for Inuyasha and seeing him in before putting it away in the trunk.

Inuyasha marveled at the inside of the car. Its seats were buttery leather, and it smelled like fresh air. None of Tokyo's pollution contaminated the air around him. A control panel to his left let him adjust the internal temperature of the car. Discreetly placed vents would carry out these functions. A drop-down mini TV appeared at the touch of a button, with selections from movies to music videos. He was a bit awed at the all the fancy things in the car.

Nakamura got back into the driver's seat and began driving, pulling out from the curb and into the busy street.

4:00pm, suite 2100

The car would be picking up the winner any moment now.

Sango tapped her fingers on the side table impatiently. It would take half an hour with traffic for the car to arrive at the hotel.

And thank god for that, because her star was nowhere near ready.

Kagome was currently taking an afternoon nap, dead to the world and covered in a rejuvenating sea wrap.

There were ten minutes left before Sango could storm into the super-humidified spa room and dump cold water over her star's head.



Seven. Sango went to fetch a bucket.

Six. She filled it with ice.

Five. She added water and stirred to melt the ice.

Four. Still stirring.

Three. Still stirring.

Two. Moving bucket and self to door of spa room.

One. Waiting for the minute to end.

Zero. Sango burst into the room, bucket in hand, and was immediately hit with a blast of wet air. It stuck to her clothes and cheeks, and she cursed internally. Her makeup would be ruined.

Kagome was lying out on a waterproof, cushioned bench, an inflatable pillow under her head. She had been rolled up in a plastic sheet with whatever materials went into a wrap. A bright orange facemask was smeared onto her face and cucumbers had been placed over her eyes. Butter had even been massaged into her feet to make them soft.

Sango marched over without any further hesitation and unceremoniously dumped the freezing water over her head.

"Holy shit!" Kagome shot up like a rocket, arms glued to her sides from the wrap. Sango let out a tiny snort. The girl looked like a vaguely plastic worm with an orange face.

"Time to get up. You have an important appointment in twenty minutes. Shower and then go get dressed. If you're fast, Sakura may be able to give you a blowout." Sango rattled off instructions to her charge.

"What the hell? You just dumped a bucket of freezing cold stuff on me, and you want me to get ready to deal with the problem you created?" Kagome narrowed her eyes at her manager. "You're fucking insane." Nonetheless, she moved to unwrap herself, spinning until the sheet fell away. She left it crumpled on the ground. Cecilia, the maid, would deal with it.

Sango eyed Kagome for a moment. "Do it quickly. I'm going to check on the final preparations."

"Good-bye, Sango." Kagome dismissed her with a wave of her hand. She turned on the shower in the corner of the room and began lathering shampoo into her hair.

"Be ready in twenty."

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