Part 1

Lucius Malfoy's first thought on entering the Black's ballroom was that it looked like a cross between a fairy grotto and someone's gothic fantasy.

There were black streamers, black drapes covering every wall and silky black cloth's covering all the tables.

Only the multi-colored lights that were strung everywhere saved the effect from being overwhelmingly gloomy.

The guests were decked in a wide variety of Halloween costumes. He could see vampires, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, mummies, werewolves and many other creatures he couldn't even identify.

Some he noted with amusement had chosen to simply don traditional witch or wizard garb.

He of course hadn't deigned to wear a costume but his pale, classically handsome features, long blonde hair and pristine white suit made him look rather angelic.

A wry smile spread over his face when he caught sight of his fiancée (soon to be bride) Narcissa Black. She was dressed as an angel in a flowing empire-cut white gown with small feathery wings pinned to the back.

A gold halo sat on top of her long, perfectly straight blonde hair.

People were going to think they had coordinated outfits.

A radiant smile spread over her face as she caught sight of him. She quickly ran over, slid her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Get a room" drawled a husky voice behind them. Cissy laughed her tinkling bell-like laugh as he slowly turned around.

Standing there, looking practically indecent in a tight, low-cut, scarlet-red dress, devil horns nestled in her wild ebony curls was Cissy's sister. Bellatrix.

As usual he was struck by how different in appearance the two sisters were. The only similarity was a flawless, porcelain complexion.

Cissy was tall, slender and willowy… with light blue eyes and a sheet of silver-blonde hair.

Bella was petite… with lush curves, a mane of dark curls that always looked like she had just rolled out of bed… and large dark eyes.

Eyes that glittered mischievously as she saw him checking her out.

"Geez Trixie" he said wickedly. "Could you have found a dress more likely to make your mother gasp in horror?" he said dryly.

She laughed, a high rather crazy cackle that sent a pleasant shiver down his spine.

"And what makes you think… I didn't pick it for exactly that reason?" she purred slyly. He grinned. Though Bella was twenty-one (4 years older than Cissy) and living in her own apartment she still took every opportunity to piss her mother off.

There was a look of amused resignation on Cissy's face. He knew that while she wasn't overly fond of their overbearing mother she did think Bella could try a bit harder to get along with her.

Sweet, innocent Narcissa. Always ready to see the best in everyone and always trying to keep to the peace.

"You don't look too bad… " Bella purred, looking him slowly up and down.

"Oh your too kind" he drawled sarcastically, his blue eyes showing his amusement.

"I know. But don't get a swelled… head" she said wickedly. Cissy snorted with laughter, completely missing the double-meaning in Bella's words.

"No we wouldn't want that" he muttered, just loud enough for Bella to catch his words. She didn't entirely manage to keep a smug look of her face.

"Shall we go get some drinks?" Cissy said brightly, blithely unaware of the tension between her fiancée and her sister.

"A drink sound good" he said with a wry smile. He had a feeling he was going to need a drink before long.

"Bells?" she asked sweetly, turning to her sister.

"Sure. Why not" Bella said with a mischievous smirk.

Cissy led them over to a corner where several small, semi-circular restaurant-style booths had been set up.

The angel wings got slightly squashed as she slid in one side but she didn't seem to notice. He slid in the other side, sitting opposite her.

Bella didn't give him a chance to move over and make room for her.

He stiffened slightly as she slid past him, almost sitting on his lap as she squeezed through the small space between his body and the table. She smelt intoxicating. A dark, sweet scent like some exotic flower.

Just having her so close… smelling that tantalizing scent… feeling the heat coming of her body… made him want to pull her into his lap and kiss her till she was breathless… and the crimson lipstick she was wearing was smeared all over his lips.

But of course he couldn't. She was off-limits. Forbidden fruit. Which of course made her even more of a temptation.

She glanced at him as she took her took, a look on her face that said she knew exactly what he was thinking… and was having a great time teasing him.

A house-elf wearing what looked like a green and silver toga took their drink orders and scurried quickly away.

Lucius half listened as Cissy prattled about wedding cakes and bridesmaids dresses. He did grin though when Bella pulled a face at the idea of pink bridesmaids dresses.

Cissy pouted and pointed out that Andromeda had no problem with pink… and if it looked good on Andie it certainly would on Bella. It took several pointed comments about Andie's dress sense and Bella threatening to curse her if she made her wear pink to make her give up on the idea.

After Cissy had vetoed black and Bella had gotten a promise from her that the dresses wouldn't be 'frilly' or 'poofy' they eventually settled on green.

The conversation shifted to Bella's love life. Bella deflected Cissy's probing questions about Rodolphus Lestrange with airy nonchalance… claiming there was nothing much to tell.

Despite this Lucius still felt something like jealousy at the thought of someone else having what he had always wanted. Maybe he couldn't have her but he still didn't like the idea of that idiot Lestrange with her.

Cissy kept pestering her with questions until she told her haughtily that just because she was getting married that didn't mean everyone had to. After that Cissy wisely dropped the subject.

He tuned out again as they turned to their sister's love life… and her supposed involvement with a muggle.

They had finished discussing that and were on to the benefits of different kinds of wands when he felt a hand on his thigh.

He looked sideways at Bella.

She didn't look at him or stop speaking but the corner of her mouth curved in a slight grin.

The words 'longer wands do seem to be better' reached his ears as Bella's hand started to make slow circles on his thigh.

He wanted to tell her to stop… that Cissy was right there but the words seemed to stick in his throat.

Cissy cheerfully chattered away, not noticing the expression on his face as Bella's hand inched closer and closer to his cock.

His whole body stiffened when the tips of her fingers brushed it, making it stir slightly in his pants.

When she ran her fingers lightly down the seam of his pants he had to bite back a moan.

Cissy stopped talking, an expression of concern on her face. "Are you all right dear?" she asked, a note of alarm in her voice.

He quickly smoothed his expression into something that didn't look like he was in pain. "I'm fine" he said with deliberate casualness. Cissy's face said she wasn't entirely convinced.

Bella chose that moment to squeeze him firmly, sending an almost painful jolt of pleasure through him.

He shot a glare at Bella. She looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh.

Cissy was looking at him anxiously.

"Actually I'm not feeling terribly well. I could use some fresh air" he said quickly, moving as far away from his poisonously seductive future-sister-in-law as he could.

Both pairs of eyes followed him from the table, the blue ones full of love and concern… the dark ones glittering with malicious delight.